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Sunday, December 17, 2023

Christmas Is Not A Happy Time For Many People

Not Sponsored: I want to prelude this post by saying, I am not a therapist, psychiatrist or social worker. So, I am in no way trying to give professional advice. I'm writing this post mainly based on experience. My own experience and experiences I've learned from others. Christmas is supposed to be a time of joy, happiness and merriment. But that is not the case for many people and for many reasons. During this season, I want you to be mindful and attuned. I would like to touch on a few.

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Losing loved ones and friends near the holiday season, can be devastating. One year, I lost my grandfather in November and my grandmother in December. I was devastated. To plan two funerals within one month of one another really took a toll on me. Others have told me their stories about losing family members, friends etc. near the holidays. It's very sad. The sadness is not only there that holiday season, but for many more. It's a constant reminder. So please be mindful of that, when talking to people. For me, it happened when I was in high school. I remember receiving a beautiful box of heartfelt messages from friends at school. Reading each message, really warmed my heart. It made a difference to know, that someone cared. What can you do? Write a heartfelt note or letter to the person. Let them know, you are there for them. Put a care package together. Do something to let them know you are there for them and give them heartfelt wishes. 


Illness can take place anytime, but around the holidays when people are out and about having a great time ... this can be hard on an individual that is sick Also consider the degree and severity of the illness. What can you do? If someone has a cold or flu, why not put together a little basket of juices, soups (better yet, make some homemade soup), a book, favorite magazines, cough drops etc. Your sentiment will really go along way and possibly shorten their illness. A phone call or text even helps. For issues with mobility or older adults, why not volunteer a few hours of your time and bring them to their doctor's appointments. Sit with an individual if they are in the hospital. These are some of the things, people need help with. Bring Christmas to them! Buy a pot of poinsettias for their hospital room or a fruit basket to enjoy.

Single and Break-ups

It's hard being single or going through a break-up during the holiday season. There are countless engagement ring commercials and people getting engaged. What can you do? Include them in your Christmas plans. Invite them over to dinner. If that is overwhelming for them, ask them to see a movie. Ask them out to dinner. Bring merriment and cheer to their holiday! Your actions will show them, they are not ALONE. Call them. Check on them! Be there for them. Introduce them to some of your friends. 


The holidays each year become more and more commercial! Many people can't afford to keep up with all that has been placed on us or "expected". What can you do? Help those in need! Put some money in a card and slip it in their mail slot. Give them a gift card! Anything you can spare, give it to someone in need. Do you know their PayPal account? Send some money that way! For many, it will be a Christmas blessing and miracle.


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