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Sunday, December 17, 2023

Celebrate Christmas! On-The-Go And At Work!

Not Sponsored: Ever heard the song, "There's No Place Like Home For The Holidays!" Unfortunately with hectic schedules, work hours and extracurricular commitments, less and less time is being spent at home. And when you do get home, you probably eat, relax a little bit and then go to sleep. As I was driving home one evening from work, I thought I would write a post about how one can celebrate Christmas while on-the-go. Meaning, you may not have time to do these things at home. Why not take the Christmas spirit with you!?! It will make you feel good.

 Image by Engin Akyurt from Pixabay

Christmas Music

I think all of us like a bit of Christmas music during the holiday season. Why not take it with you, while you're out and about? Find out what local radio station plays Christmas music 24 hours a day. For me it's Magic 101.9 FM.  They play a great selection of songs from Christmas past and present. This merriment will entertain you on your way to work and coming home from work. This station also has an app (Audacy App) in which you can also hear and play music on your phone while you're at work (of course, if your boss allows you to listen to music at work). You can find Christmas music channels on other music apps like Pandora, Sirius XM, Apple Music, iHeart, Soundcloud and Spotify, to name a few. If you're Old School, do you have Christmas CDs? I have a treasured few and bring one-a-day to listen to in my SUV. 

Christmas Tree, Cards, Decor & More

I know you're saying, Kim? How do I haul a Christmas tree to my office :) One of the best Christmas gifts I received from a co-worker was a table top Christmas tree. She included all the decorations and star that sits atop. It really cheered up my office and I received so many compliments. Every time I step into my office, it makes me smile. It doesn't cost much. You can get them from drugstores or a dollar store, but its affect on your heart and spirit will carry you through the month of December. If you don't have room for a table top Christmas tree, hang Christmas greeting cards you receive from co-workers in your office. Many will write beautiful messages, that will put a smile on your face. Do you know those red cups you drink out of? Well a co-worker had one with a Santa belt on it. She was going to throw it away! I asked her if I could have it, washed it and repurposed it. I'm using it the entire month of December as a pen holder. So, whatever you consider festive ... place it in your office. It will put a SMILE on your face. 

Christmas Movies for Lunch

By the time I come home, I rarely want to watch a movie. Maybe I'll get 1-2 in on the weekend. But what about ALL of those Christmas movies? Why not play them on your phone at work? Most channels have apps. You can watch 1-2 movies a week, while you enjoy your lunch (30 - 1hr) increments. Close your door, put on your ear pieces and have a really good giggle. You can do this on a much larger scale with other co-workers if you have the television connections & equipment at work. Lunch doesn't have to be boring. Put on a movie.

Christmas Clothes

Our Christmas luncheon was last Thursday. I have these navy corduroy Santa pants, that I wear only once a year. I must've received about 20 compliments on my pants the other day. Kim, I love your pants!!! They're really small Santas, so I didn't think anyone would notice. But they did! I was going to give them away, after this year, but I thought to myself, why not wear one piece of holiday cheer a day from Dec 1 - 24th  every year. For women, this might be a little more challenging and take several years to collect. Be sure to catch end-of-the-year holiday sales. For the guys, EASY! If you wear a tie everyday, why not make it a festive one!?! Build up a collection of festive ties and wear one each day, leading up to Christmas! You will get so many compliments. And compliments will make you feel good. 


So I hope these ideas will elevate your holiday season. If not this year, definitely the next. Incorporate them into your celebration :) Be sure to check out my other Christmas posts: Co-Worker Inexpensive Gifts That Will Impress, 10 Inexpensive Christmas Gift Ideas and 5 Ways To Do Christmas On A Budget.


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