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Sunday, December 10, 2023

Co-Worker Christmas (Inexpensive) Gifts That Will Impress

Not Sponsored: Christmas is just around the corner! You've purchased the perfect gift for your significant other. You've bought toys for your children. You've bought Christmas gifts for your friends and family. So, what about your co-workers, hairdresser, mailman etc.? I've put together a list of fantastic gifts, that will make you look like a superstar, but not break your piggy bank. Also be sure to check out my posts from last year to get some great Christmas gift ideas: 10 Inexpensive Christmas Gift Ideas and 5 Ways To Do Christmas On A Budget.

Image by Rosy / Bad Homburg / Germany from Pixabay

Bag Or Box Of Treats

Always remember! You cannot go wrong with food :) If you have A LOT of coworkers, Christmas gifting (at least financially), is not your friend (or at least for your purse/wallet). So what can you do!?! I'm in this situation currently. Here's the solution. Amazon will be your best friend.  You can buy mini gift bags or gift boxes. I purchased these. Also on Amazon, I purchased some miniature Reese's peanut butter cups, Ghirardelli chocolates, Christmas candy mix, mini Pillsbury Soft Baked cookies, and mini Keebler Fudge Stripe cookies. I'm going to take a little of all and sprinkle them in each box ... POOF! I now have Christmas gifts for about 20 people. All for $60. That only comes to $3 a person. Plus, Amazon will deliver all of these things to your house probably the next day. So easy! For my boss, I'm slipping in a gift card to one of her favorite stores.

Local Bakery Box Of Sweets

If you have 10 or less coworkers, stop by your local bakery. In their smallest box, ask them to fill it with 2 cookies, 2 brownies, 2 pettifors, 1 turtle or cupcake. You now have a great gift, that will cost you less than $9 for each coworker.


Everyone LOVES MONEY!  Nowadays, it doesn't matter how much! $10, $20 (it doesn't matter). Trust me, your coworkers will appreciate whatever you give them. With the cost of gas, lunch etc. they will be most appreciative. Use leftover Christmas cards (mix and match them) to hand them out. On Etsy, there are cute little money holders, like these, that you can put the money in. They will absolutely love it!

Local Snacks

Have you tapped into local businesses for your Christmas gift giving!?! For Halloween, I purchased cases of Halloween themed Elmer's CheeWees for not only my Halloween Trick-or-Treaters, but also I handed out bags to my coworkers. They loved it! Elmer's is a local New Orleans small business. Zapps Potato Chips is another. Community Coffee is another. Consider buying Christmas gifts from local businesses in your area. You can probably by a CASE of items inexpensively! Shipping will be QUICK, because they are in your area.

Gift Cards

Throughout the year, I've been asking my co-workers where they like to shop? Make a note of it. Compile the answers and write them down. This is great to know, not only for Christmas but their birthdays as well. Again, just like money it doesn't matter how much. The gift card will be appreciated when they make a purchase. Whether your gift card covers the entire amount or is an excellent amount off, they will think of you and really appreciate your gift.

Office Decor

I have a new job and one of my co-workers gave me the best gift! A tabletop Christmas tree and all the decorations to go with it. How nice was that? I had no decorations for my office, so I really appreciated this gift from her. Everyone now comes in my office and tells me how cute it looks. It puts a smile on my face everytime I walk into my office. I love it!



  1. What a thoughtful and creative approach to Christmas gifting for coworkers! The variety of options, from personalized treats to local snacks and even office decor, ensures a delightful and meaningful gift for each colleague. The effort you've put into considering different preferences and incorporating local businesses adds a special touch. Your coworkers are sure to appreciate the care and attention you've invested in making the holidays brighter for everyone. Great ideas!

  2. Thanks Melody!!! I really try and love sharing my ideas on my blog. Thank you for your beautiful comment. It means so much. My work hours and travel time are really long, so I don't get to personally blog like I use to. It's always lovely to read your thoughts :)


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