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Sunday, December 10, 2023

What Is The Cheapest Car Rental Company For A Family Getaway?

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Nothing beats a long-awaited family vacation when you can finally put things aside, grab your kids, and go on a road trip across the US. Yes, with a set of wheels on hand, you're free to head to your favorite national park, cruise along scenic roads, or visit a nearby amusement park. The main thing is to rent a family car from a reliable and at the same time cheap company because the budget is often a priority when planning a journey.

But which company should you choose among hundreds of providers on the car rental market? For example, you can consider Alamo rental cars which are available at an affordable price on, or opt for Enterprise to find the cheapest way to rent a car. Still, these may not be the best options for budget-friendly travel.

So, we did a little price research and identified the top car rental companies for family travel. From large international suppliers to smaller local firms, find the most cost-effective assistant for your next ride.


Owned by Enterprise Holdings, National is a quality-focused company that favors family travelers. It offers spacious 7-passenger minivans such as the Dodge Grand Caravan starting at $70.59/day or $494.13/week. Also, you will enjoy other pleasant bonuses including skipping the counter and additional discounts. Plus, the company's Emerald Club reward program provides extra perks, for example, free rental days and no second-driver fees, which allow you to further reduce the total reservation cost.


With nearly 10,000 locations in 100+ countries globally, Enterprise has the largest coverage to help you find a car in your desired location. The company's rates range around $67.77/day or $474.39/week, which would get you a 7-passenger Dodge Durango. Other family car rentals in their vehicle fleet include full-size sedans, standard and full-size SUVs, and passenger vans. In addition to an affordable price, Enterprise promotes a customer-friendly approach and offers a wide selection of optional extras. Particularly interested travelers can join the Enterprise Plus/Silver/Gold/Platinum program which provides even more bonuses in the long range.


As an expert in the car rental market, Hertz knows how to make your family trip better - they provide a rich assortment of deals to suit every taste. For example, the full-size Chevrolet Impala, available for $65.34/day or $457.41/week, guarantees comfort for parents and 2-3 children. The company also features a special collection of family cars - the Hertz Family Collection. Customers can also select a modern portable GPS navigator and a child seat(s) as needed. For those who are often on the road, the agency has developed a mobile application and a loyalty program. By the way, Hertz is the best car rental company for under 25 drivers as it offers additional discounts and fee waivers.


The word Alamo is synonymous with a successful family trip. The provider strives to make your rental experience smooth and therefore introduces convenient, utilitarian services. You can enjoy fast online check-in at corporate locations and receive a 5% off base rate. The agency's average price for family-sized vehicles such as the full-size Ford Fusion or Chrysler Pacifica minivan is about $61.01/day or $427.05/week. By the way, Alamo is among the few car rental companies that allow border crossing, which gives one more reason to choose it for your family ride.


The agency lives up to its name and offers budget cars for travelers with children - from 5-seater sedans to 7-seater SUVs and larger passenger vans. For example, their full-size Toyota Camry will cost you $48.16/day or $337.13/week, which is an excellent price for a car in this class. What's more, Budget has various affiliate programs (Budget Fastbreak), special rates, bonuses, and discounts. A great package for a smooth travel experience, isn't it?


You won't regret choosing Sixt as the company specializes in an outstanding level of service along with fresh-looking cars and cheap prices. Yes, their 7-seat Chrysler Voyager will cost you $40.79/day or $285.53/week, not including optional extras. You can add a child seat, ski rack, snow chains, GPS navigator, Wi-Fi access, and other items for an additional price.

Also, Sixt has a flexible drop-off policy and allows you to return the car to a different location, enjoying a one-way trip. Unlimited mileage and a variety of fuel options add to the list of the company’s advantages.


Operating as part of the Avis Budget Group, Payless caters to family roadtrippers in hundreds of locations in the United States, Canada, and Europe. You can pick up their full-size Ford Taurus or minivan Ford Galaxy for $38.30/day or $268.11/week, with plenty of alternative models within those categories. Also, the company provides bonuses in the form of free extra options (additional driver) with selected deals, which allows you to save money and thereby reduce the total rate.


If you are going on a family getaway and are looking for cheap rental cars, this agency will be the perfect choice. Dollar breaks into the TOP 3 affordable vendors, offering the 7-passenger Dodge Caravan for $36.14/day or $253.00/week. At the same time, cars with a smaller passenger capacity, suitable for 2 adults and up to 2 children, will cost 10-20% less. Despite the low price, Dollar strives for high-quality service and fully corresponds to the status of an international company. Therefore, each family member will feel care, comfort, and support throughout the trip.

Final Words

On the whole, each of the above-mentioned providers guarantees you reliable service at a reasonable price. Keep in mind that rental car companies may periodically change their pricing approaches, which will change the rates as well. Plus, the cost depends on the location, seasonality, and items such as unlimited mileage or insurance included by default. So, compare deals carefully and research what you're paying for to make the most balanced decision!

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