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Friday, April 9, 2021

VSHRED Weightless Jacket

PR Sample: Hey Everybody! If you're looking for cute, sleek, modern activewear ... look no further! I have to tell you about a company called VSHRED. VSHRED is a fitness, nutrition and supplement brand. They have recently started an activewear apparel collection. PR for VSHRED reached out to me and asked if I would like to try a product from VSHRED's new apparel line. After looking at their website and what they offered, I said SURE! I really loved what I saw. VSHRED sent me their Weightless Jacket. I LOVE IT! Its form-fitting, sleek (nothing bulky about it), smooth, seamless and modern. I love the details. It has a functional hood, pockets (and the zipper is strong and durable; nothing flimsy), thumb holes (what I love about them is if you don't use them you can't tell they're there), feminine ribbon drawstrings, side mesh vents, moisture wicking to keep you cool and dry, and reflective detail on the front and back for nighttime visibility. I LOVE MINE! This jacket is offered in sizes XS - XL. The Weightless Jacket comes in 8 different colors: Black, slate grey, red, royal navy, sky blue, sage green, lilac and maroon. And guess what!?! This jacket doesn't show sweat! I was very impressed with the jacket I received and plan on purchasing more apparel from them. They sell jackets, bras and leggings. And you guys, THEY SHIP INTERNATIONALLY! I wanted to share with you how impressed I was with the brand. When wearing something it should make you feel and look good. I love this jacket.


Tuesday, April 6, 2021

4 Fun Theme Party Ideas for Summer

Unless you are one to shy away from social gatherings, the summer season might be your favorite time of the year. Why would it not be? From lounging by the pool to relaxing at the beach, summer gives you plenty of opportunities to break away from the usual routine of life.

That is why summer parties hold a special place for people of all ages. If you find yourself in charge of planning such an event, the sense of joy surrounding these gatherings only grows more significantly. But that is where you need to ensure that the plans you put together evoke the same sense of euphoria in your guests.

Fortunately, doing so is as easy as it gets. Here are 4 fun theme party ideas for the season to help you plan the perfect summer bash.

1. Host a Country-themed Barbecue

Planning a summer get-together is all about sunshine, food, and spending time with loved ones. Since a country-themed barbecue party fulfills all of these requirements, it is one of the most sought-after ideas for an enjoyable summer party. The best part? It does not ask you to spend a fortune on planning and executing.

Simply bring out your grill, break out your best barbecue recipes, and mix some fresh drinks. Some plaid tablecloths here, a few mason jars there, and you have all the makings for a fabulous party right in your backyard.

2. Plan a Luau by the Beach

Hawaii ranks as one of the most popular summer vacation spots around the world. That is why it makes sense to pay homage to the magnificent location by throwing a luau.

In addition to hosting the event by the beach, you can buy mens & womens Hawaiian shirts and leis as apparel choices. If you do not want to take the kitschy route with tiki decor, you can use large palm or banana leaves combined with tropical flowers instead. For food, use traditional dishes, such as kalua pork and poke, and mix up a few tropical fruit drinks.

3. Throw an 80s Themed Pool Party

When it comes to putting together magnificent summer plans, pool parties stand out as a staple, but instead of asking your guests to lounge around your pool, you should make the most out of your summer landscaping and host a ‘80s themed pool party.

This party requires you to get some 80s music, don some themed apparel, and go simple with food and drinks, such as finger foods and beer. You may accompany your poolside landscaping with some neon lights and inflatables for that extra punch. Throw in a few speakers for the music, and you have got yourself a winner.

4. Organize a Backyard Dinner

If you simply want to relax with loved ones and take a break from noisy activities, you can enjoy the warm weather through a backyard dinner. This simply requires you to put on your best summer fashion, cook dishes that you love, and cherish the company of friends and family.

To create a great ambiance, you can invest in some tealight candles, put on a few relaxing tunes, and buy a portable fire pit. As long as you put together a filling and delicious menu, you can fulfill all the prerequisites of hosting such a party. This makes it a relaxing affair for a laid-back summer evening.

Final Thoughts

By being mindful of these ideas, you and your loved ones can make the most out of the summer season. Whether your party takes place under the sun or among an evening breeze, you can enjoy the warm weather and all its pleasantries to the hilt.


Sunday, April 4, 2021

Happy Easter - Happy Resurrection Day 2021

Not Sponsored: Happy Easter Everybody! My boyfriend has also taught me to say Happy Resurrection Day! I hope you had a blessed and wonderful holiday. I enjoyed mine. I want to share with you my Easter decorations. Last year I didn't put up decorations, because the Covid-19 pandemic began and there was so much death. It just didn't seem right. We have a lot to be thankful for this year, because people are being vaccinated. My mom received her second dose last month. I will be scheduling an appointment to get my first dose soon. I started purchasing home Easter decor several years ago. So this is a compilation. These come from Grandin Road, Department 56, Pier One, Etsy, eBay, Lakeside Collection and Bath & Body Works. The cake is from We Take the Cake via Williams Sonoma. My mom, boyfriend and I gathered together. We had boiled crawfish, shrimp, potatoes, corn and sausage. We also had a strawberry shortcake from Whole Foods. We drank Moscato D'Asti and had wonderful conversation. He brought me a beautiful flower arrangement shown below. Life is good. God Bless You and I will be resuming reviews this week.


Thursday, April 1, 2021

4 Eco-Friendly Finds for Mom and Baby

Parenting is tough, especially for new moms with babies, and it can be even more demanding when a mom wants to prioritize eco-friendly finds for her baby. Going for eco-friendly products for your baby is safe for your baby and saves you time and money because most eco-friendly products last longer.

The world is quickly becoming a place where everyone is encouraged to use eco-friendly products and minimize environmental pollution. Below are some of the best eco-friendly baby finds for mom and babies.

1. Organic Diaper 

Diapers are one thing that you will use for the first few years of your baby’s life. There is an estimate that parents go through 2200 diapers on average in a baby’s first year. You need to ensure the diapers you are using are safe for your baby and friendly to the environment. Each year over 37 billion disposable diapers are disposed of in various landfills around the world. These disposable diapers increase environmental pollution. Organic diapers like bamboo diapers are biodegradable and dissolve fast when disposed of.

Organic diapers use natural products like bamboo, cotton, and hemp that ensure your baby is dry and clean without developing rashes and other infections that come with the use of non-organic diapers. They are easy to clean and do not contain any preservatives.

2. Natural Rubber Teething Rings

A teething period is challenging for both the mom and the baby. The baby experiences some discomfort which leads to constant cries and biting anything the baby may come across. Getting eco-friendly teething rubber like the natural material teething ring will soothe your baby.

A good teething rubber uses eco-friendly rubber that is non-toxic and BPA-free. It is light in weight, durable, and suitable for vegans too. The surfaces adapt to the baby’s mouth, and it also encourages teeth and sensory developments. It’s safe for the baby as it uses very low-impact food dye and doubles as a great tan excellent for your baby.

3. Sustainable Diaper Bag

There are different kinds of useful diaper bags available in the market, but most of them do not last long. When moms are shopping for diaper bags, they are attracted to the various designs and colors and overlook the bag’s sustainability. Most of these bags don’t last long and carry just a few essentials that a baby needs.

Most sustainable diapers use materials that last long and can withstand weight in one bag instead of carrying two diaper bags on a long journey to fit some extra clothes for your baby. Sustainable diaper bags mostly use materials like deadstock denim designed creatively to make the perfect sustainable diaper bag.

4. Organic Toys

Many Plastic toys are hazardous to the environment and can be dangerous if swollen or when it breaks, and it can cut your baby. Getting environmentally friendly toys is easy and affordable. There are great choices to choose from colorful squeaky toys, simple rattles, and artistic players. You are spoilt for choice. Whether you are buying a toy to keep your baby occupied, educational, or a gift to your baby’s friend, buy toys made of organic products like rubber and other non-toxic materials.

Why Use Eco-Friendly Products

As a parent, you want to use products that are harmless for yourself and your baby. Most eco-friendly products use organic materials that are safer for your baby. These products do not use harmful chemicals like phthalates, parabens, and BPA linked to health issues.

Organic products are sustainable and they break down quickly once disposed of. Babies produce a ton of waste and hence the need to use eco-friendly materials to preserve our environment. Many people argue that many organic products are expensive, but there are cheaper ways like using reusable diapers that require little washing.


There are a lot of eco-friendly items for moms and babies to choose from. Ensure the products you pick are safe for your baby and the environment. It’s good to keep our environment safe, but better to ensure your baby your safety first. Whether you are buying products for your baby or gifting your baby’s friend, purchase genuine eco-friendly products that are safe for your baby.

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