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Friday, October 12, 2012

Clueless, Closets and Cookies

The movie Clueless is 17 years old! Can you believe it? Gosh how time flies! It came out in 1995! I adored that movie and I still get a kick out of it when it comes on television. It's truly a classic. Entertainment Weekly magazine put together a special reunion issue and video which featured some of the cast members. I thought they looked really good.The reunion video is attached below.

Was I inspired by Clueless? Most definitely! I adored the character Cher, her closet and all of her fabulous clothes. I went out and bought a red plaid blazer from Talbots. They didn't have a yellow one. HaHaHa I had a stripey shirt similar to Tai and some other things. I thought I would share these classic pics of  me with you. My older readers have seen these, but I thought my newer readers would like to see them as well. Especially since we're on the Clueless subject.As if!
Speaking of closets! I just finished organizing mine. My closet is not big enough to hold two seasons, so I change it out twice a year. It use to take me several days to finish, but now I can do it in about a day or two.
I do the whole FOUR pile thing! Four? Yes, Four! Throw away. Donate. Keep. Re-sell for money on eBay. If your clothes and shoes are in good condition, you can make some extra cash by selling them. There are lots of people that shop second hand, including myself. Hmmm, what else?
Something OLD, Something NEW! To save closet space, I use hangers that will hold an entire outfit (skirt + top). I take iPhone pics of my shoes and tape them on the outside of the original box. Every season, I try on EVERYTHING! I hate it, but it really tells me what fits and what needs to GO. I just recently created two boards (Fall/Winter Outfits and Spring/Summer Outfits) on Pinterest, in which I will begin pinning any and everything I buy from now on. I thought it would help me "see" what's in my closet without ME having to take pictures of everything. hahaha I'm always looking for a simpler way :)
 and the Winner of the Miette Cookie Giveaway is
Dawn of Suitcase Vignettes Blog!
Congratulations Dawn! Look for an email from me!
Have a Great Weekend Everybody!


  1. Hard to believe that movie is that old - well the cast is still looking amazing.

    Good for you for getting your closet cleaned and organized. I need to do this!
    Chic on the Cheap

  2. I loved that movie, it's so great :) Can't believe it's been that long though, seems like yesterday..time flies. I organize my closet through the year. I don't change it from season to season, I did that once only to tear my closet up again looking for a winter thing I wanted to wear on a cool day in the spring. I just rotate my stuff and get rid of things that I don't wear any more. I take mine to Barnardos, a children's charity here or the cancer research charity. I do have some I keep for ebay as well. I hope you have a wonderful weekend doll, the closet looks fabulous :)) xx

  3. I feel so old now! That movie is 17years old? You were rocking that plaid blazer. Love your idea about taking photos and putting them on your pin boards so you know what's in your closet. Great idea! Heather

  4. I can't believe that movie is 17 yrs. old now. The fashions were so fun and I loved that the story was based on Jane Austen's Emma. You're so cute in your Clueless inspired fashions Kim! And I love what you did with your closet. I so need to re-organize mine.

    Have a fantastic weekend doll!
    Rowena @ rolala loves

  5. I can't believe it came out 17 years ago! Now I feel old! Thanks for sharing the Clueless reunion with us, it's cool to see everyone now :)

    The Tiny Heart
    Bubble Necklace Giveaway!

  6. Haha, I love this post! You were totally both Cher and Tai, judging by your plaid outfits. :) Clueless is one of the best movies IMO. It's kinda like the Mean Girls of its time.

    The first time I went to a party in the valley in soCal I did a rolling with the homies dance, lol.

  7. Such a great movie! Can't believe it's that old. And love seeing these pix of you. You were obviously inspired. So cute :)

    Have a great weekend, sweetie! xoxo

  8. I can't even believe Clueless is 17 years old!!! I think I've seen this movie about 600 times. What girl hasn't!

    xo Jackie

  9. Great post, loads of memories come to my head about the movie, great Alicia on that role.
    I would hire you to organize my closet.
    Thanks for the following and your sweet comments following you back!

  10. Oh goodness this such a classic, i remember when it came out, I had no idea it was as old as it is. I loved the suits and Cher's closet. I used to take Polaroids of my shoes, haha. Thanks for your sweet comment. Happy weekend Kim. xx/Madison

  11. You are so organised! I also need to play dress-up some time soon, for new ideas and inspiration.

    And you know what? I've never seen the movie! I only found it a few months ago and watched a few minutes... I need to get back to it.


  12. i need to work on my closet this weekend! thanks for showing that you did it - makes me want to even more!! and i can't believe how awesome they all look - i love alicia silverstone

    <3 katherine
    of corgis and cocktails

  13. Wow, this post makes me feel a little old :) Clueless is just a great movie though and I started working on my closet yesterday, as fall finally arrived here in so cal. Hope you have a wonderful weekend Kim and enjoy your new fall/winter closet!
    xo Mary Jo

  14. Clueless is a great movie! You look
    fab in the photos Kim:) Have a lovely weekend!

  15. Wow, I feel really old, I remember when it first came out! I love the throwback pictures Kim, your lipstick in the Tai lookalike look is totally fab!

    Someday I will have a closet big enough to hold all of my clothes so I don't have to do the seasonal switch. The photos of outfits is a great idea. I may try it when I do my seasonal switch this weekend.

  16. I loved seeing images of the clueless reunion.
    And I definitely needed those closet tips. Mine is such a mess.

  17. Love this post Kim! Clueless was one of my favorites!!!
    Have a wonderful weekend :)

  18. LOVE this post!! And I absolutely LOVE Clueless! Haha, nice to see pics of your 90's style. I heard about the reunion in Entertainment. It's so sad that Brittany Murphy isn't a part of it :( RIP

    Thank you for posting this!

  19. I died a little when you said that the movie is that old, OMG .- where has time gone ?!
    I loved that movie, in fact i still do.
    I feel lucky that i get to wear all the same clothes all year long, so i do not have to change my closet around.
    Have a great weekend.

  20. Man...I feel old...haha and I want to go watch Clueless now :)

    Trendy Teal

  21. I just recently did the whole closet cleanout thing too! it feels good to actually see my closet floor again, haha.
    xo dana

  22. I cannot believe Clueless is that old, so crazy! It was on TV here the other week, such fun to watch :)

    Loved the pics of you in your clueless inspired outfits! :)

    Your wardrobe reorganisation sounds like such a good idea! I made a metal note of your tip to try everything on. It would take me a while to do, but makes sense as I won't plan to wear something only to find out it doesn't fit. Or if it has a stain! How I can wash and iron something and not notice it's stained I don't know...happened to me the other week, haha!

  23. LOOOVE LOVE LOVE the movie Clueless it was on yesterday and I stopped cleaning up sat down and watched it! It is such a classic!

    I have boards on pinterest that I use to help keep me organized too! We're some smart Betty's huh? ;-)

    Have a fab weekend Kim!

    - Marissa

  24. Aw i love this movie, I can watch it over and over again. I only saw it a few years after it was released because I guess I was too young, but the fashion still made a huge impact on me. Love your Cher inspired look, so pretty! You've done such a good job of organizing your closet! Can I bribe you (with lots of cupcakes) to come organize mine, haha.

  25. wow 17 years! I LOVED that movie (love it still). it's such a classic!! <3

    xoxo Bree
    The Urban Umbrella

  26. Ok! Clueless was and is still my favorite movie! I am so happy that you used it as an inspiration! Great job on your closet organization!!!


  27. NO WAY is that movie that old! So crazy! I love these photos of you, Kim!!!! AND you are so industrious getting your closet all organized. Good for you! Have a beautiful weekend.
    ♥ laura
    the blog of worldly delights
    the shop of worldly delights

  28. funny how that movie doesn't seem that old! i loved cher and her amazing closet. i kind of wish i had a plaid blazer now!

    when i have time, i try on things in my closet. recently, i was shocked at home many things didn't zip up...eek!

    Enter to Win a Complete Anti-Aging System

  29. Hi! I stumbled upon your blog and I loooove your layout. Hihi. I think I'll spend the rest of the day reading your previous posts and I promise I won't spam you with my comments. Can't wait for your next food post.

  30. i cant believe its 17 yrs!!

  31. Heey, you're soo cute :)
    would you like to follow each other? let me know pls

    xx BBella

    Let me know if you like to follow each other! Would be nice :-)

    X Annewil

  33. Great blog! Come to make a small tour on mine kiss :)

  34. it really matches with the title..yes, you've a very sweet blog dear... ;)


  35. I loved Clueless! Can't believe it has been so long :)

  36. I just couldn't not leave a message about your blog. What a wonderful design! Everything is so pretty! In love <3


  37. Truly a very sweet blog....I totally enjoyed your latest posts!!!


  38. I used to watched Clueless All the time!! I love this post! Brings back memories. :)

    xo - Sheila

  39. this is such an amazing post, there is so much inspiration, love the pics!
    Hope you're having a great weekend!
    thanks for sharing!

    if you like we can follow each other on bloglovin :)
    let me know!

  40. Hey Kimmy, I only watched Clueless once and that was ages ago! Maybe I should watch it again but it's in VHS tape. Lol! Love your closet! I guess it's time to organize mine too. Have a great weekend!

    xo Jo

  41. I want to see that movie!!!^^


  42. i can't believe it's been that long! ah old memories. ;)
    i can see you've been looking sweet all your life, Kim!

  43. I love this movie and I'm glad I can watch it on Netflix, lol. I can't beleive the movie is already 15 years old, it came out when I was 15!

  44. Yep! I'm doing all sorts of closet reorganization today!

  45. you look fabulous in those photos..especially the plaid jacket..i so need to do the whole organising thing with my wardrobe..

  46. I remember my borther buying me the movie on VHS for Christmas, it was my fave movie of all time!
    'Rollin' with the homies....' Ha ha!

    Still can't believe it's been 17yrs - wow! Brilliant post Kim, loved every bite of this!

  47. i LOVE that movie~ Alicia Silverstone is such a darling in this movie~ I loved all her outfits~


  48. Holy crap I officially feel old!! I remember my sister taking a VHS & recording this movie when it first premiered on TV! So funny you mention it, it was just on the other day & I can still recite it (must have seen it a billion times-- pretty sure Cher is the reason why I've always wanted a gigantic color-coded closet!!) I definitely have to pick up that entertainment weekly issue, too good to pass up! & my goodness, I wish my closet was as organized as yours. So jealous!!
    xx Corinne

  49. I so need to watch Clueless...still haven't! But it came up in my Netflix suggestions, so it's at the top of my list :)

    <3 Cambria

  50. I use to love Clueless! 17 years, man I feel old!

  51. Great pics of you. Your wardrobe looks so tidy now. I kept putting off doing mine but I now have a big bag for the charity shop - it's in the car now! You have reminded me that I still don't have photos on all my shoe boxes - so I haven't finished after all!

  52. this is one of my favorite movies. . . but I didn't realize it came out when i was 5 years old! Jeeze. crazy to think about- i'm definitely inspired by "high end" grunge like in this movie.


  53. OMG I was obsessed with that movie. OBSESSED!!

    Like, I even had a Clueless themed 13th birthday party and only admitted entrance to those dressed as Cher or Dionne (or even Amber, let's be real, haha). I love, love, love that you dressed like Clueless too!! I love your Cher inspired outfits. They are PERFECT!

    I cannot believe it has been 17 years. That's insane. I think I've seen the movie a couple hundred times. I used to watch it every single day for like three years. My lord.

    My former editor at the newspaper's husband was best friends with Paul Rudd throughout middle school, high school, and college. And they STILL hang out. Like, every time Paul comes back to town Michelle and her husband hang out with him the entire time. And her husband has high school photos of Paul up on Facebook. I'm so jealous I could cry. :P

    Everyone in that ET cover shoot looks like they haven't aged one day, except Christian. Awww lol.

  54. Absolutely LOVE Clueless! I need to watch it next weekend :)

    Fierce & Fashionable

  55. You're right - they still look so good, particularly Stacey Dash

  56. i am cleaning out my closets this week!! i started last night, but barely made a dent. i am inspired, though...

  57. Will you love me any less if I tell you I have never watched Clueless??Seriously,how come have I never even heard of it??I'm definitely going to watch it soon! Kimmy, look at your style, glam and shining since your teenage. How have you kept that glowing zero wrinkle skin up to now? When you write posts like this one or the travelling tips one I am in awe of your organisational skills...I'm rather tidy myself but you are at the top ranks doll!Have a lovely week :-xxxxx

  58. Kim, I love this post. You are such a riot. When I saw how you compared yourself to those girls, you were serious about this movie. You are the best! You shopped at Talbots? You really are a diva!! lol. You did a great job with this. Thank you so much for the giveaway. dawn suitcase vignettes xo

  59. I can't believe it's been 17 years!! where has the time gone? this is one of the best movies ever.

    xx. Hybrid Hunter

    follow each other?

  60. I heard about this reunion! So awesome. I loved (and still love) Clueless. One of those movies I can watch over and over.

  61. I feel so old now! That Zune out whn I was senior in HS

  62. Came! Sorry, I use speech to text and sometimes it interprets my voice strangely.

  63. 17 years! that would be about right because I remember being so into this film when I was in elementary school! watched it 4 times in a row!!!

    My fav character was the best friend but I cannot remember her name..I read somewhere she was 25 or even older when the film was made---and she really looked as young as her part....and on that cover with Alicia she still looks 18-isn't it crazy! some people really have good genes!


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