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Thursday, October 4, 2012

Fall Wreath Shopping at Michael's Arts & Crafts Store

I Need A Fall Wreath! 
In yesterday's post I showed you the pumpkins, mulch and mums I purchased from Home Depot. Well, my next stop (that same day) was Michael's Arts & Craft Store! I needed a wreath to complete my outside Fall decor look.

Well, I got a little sidetracked you guys! HaHaHa If you've ever been in an arts & craft store, you know there's always someTHING(S) that peeks your interest.

Keep in mind, I went in the store for a WREATH. LOL Take a look at all the other fun things that stumbled across my path.

What do you think of the front of my house? Looks like Fall? 
Come back tomorrow to see the FINAL store I visited that day! Trust me you don't want to miss it! 
If you miss it, I'll just have to break out my SPELL book. HaHaHa Just kidding! 
You'll get a really good laugh. See you tomorrow and Have a Great Thursday everyone :)


Style Journey said...

OH my gosh, I started cracking up when "things started to turn a little dark" That picture when Queen Elizabeth changes is creepy, lol! Michael's and JoAnn's is seriously dangerous. Your front entry looks perfect for fall! Heather

NOLA Cleophatra said...

Nice job. Cute cute wreath! Yay fall!


Ooh, it definitely looks like Fall -- beautiful! Did you see the wreath in my post here? http://bikbikroro.blogspot.sg/2012/09/the-aviarist.html I thought it had a very nice rustic look, and practical too :)

fluff and fripperies said...

The front of your house looks absolutely amazing Kim! I love that you've gone to so much effort to celebrate the changing seasons! xo

TheTinyHeart said...

Your house is perfectly decorated for fall! Your wreath came out so cute, Kim!

The Tiny Heart
Chicnova Giveaway!

Anne said...

It looks fabulous Kim! Love your wreath:)

The Dainty Dolls House said...

Love the front door, it is beautiful! That Elizabeth picture was awesome, I would buy that for any time of the year, haha!! So cool :) Precious post, loved it!! xx

Lorena said...

Sometimes it is difficult to stay on track when you have so many beautiful stuff tempting you !
I love how your house turned out and I love fall - i wish we had fall here.

nancy @ adore to adorn said...

SO lovely! I love fall. I also love going into Michael's...it's such a tricky thing with me...I go in for one thing and spend an hour there and still haven't gotten to the thing I was supposed to get!

jo said...

Haha! Love your wreath! Bet you gonna make one for Christmas too. Happy Thursday!

xo Jo


Little Rus said...

Aaaaaaahhhhh, love your entrance so much!!! xxx

Coco said...

You have great taste sweetie! I might steal your house outfit ....lots of love and read you tomorrow!ps.you look spectacular in the picture:smooth skin, coloured lips,pretty pretty :-xxxxxx

Ivana said...

Kim, this is so funny, you always seem to be looking for the perfect wreath :) I remember you hunting for the spring one :)
Anyhow, I love your pictures so much, they are the perfect fall inspiration! Hope you are well!

xx Ivana
Macarons and Pearls

Elle Sees said...

that's why I get a lot of my nail tutorial ideas is from Michaels, believe it or not

Rowena @ rolala loves said...

Your wreath looks great on your door Kim! And it looks like you had alot of fun shopping for it too haha :)

Rowena @ rolala loves

oomph. said...

i remember you looking for a wreath last year (or maybe it was for christmas?). your door/doorstep looks wonderful! i haven't even begun to look for holiday things, but i know it is fast apporaching!

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Jessica said...

omg owls i love owls haha.. ugh oooo i see you blushing girl hope hes the one hehe

Rebeca Muñoz López said...

Jajajaja very funny Queen Elizabeth


Katherine / Of Corgis and Cocktails said...

your house looks so adorable and welcoming with all the fall colors! i love it. and the micheals photos made me giggle - i can imagine you running around and taking them! :D

<3 katherine
of corgis and cocktails

Nee said...

thanks for the comment Kim:) woww i love house decoration:) haha i always end up buying totally different things than i planned to:D ohh yeaah halloween is near:) but where i live it isn't a very big event... too bad! lots of love xx

Sam said...

Such a cute store, I love all these quirky types of things...you've decorate your front porch so vibrantly and beautifully! It looks very welcoming :)
Happy Friday Kim Doll!

Chic 'n Cheap Living said...

I LOVE Michael's and am so bummed it hasn't expanded abroad! That scarecrow picture is too cute!

Chic 'n Cheap Living

Anonymous said...

You are CRAFT WHIZ!!! What's up with that Queen Elizabeth thing, lol?!

<3 Cambria

Head to Toe Chic said...

I love your fall wreath!! I need to check out those owls for my mother-in-law!


Samantha said...


You're such a good seasonal decorator! LOVE the end result! And that pic of the little scarecrow flirting is too cute girl! You're such a doll!

xo, sam
**Style of Sam**

PAPS said...

Oh for sure it looks like fall. Fall is my favorite season and we dont have it here. Sad:(. Also I love Micheals. My daughter and I both go crazy when we go to this store as we both love art and craft. Last year we bought so many halloween decorations from there too.

La Dolce Vita said...

The decor in front of your house is looking absolutely fabulous and neat ! Beautiful DIY indeed! Thank you for sharing the photographs and products from the art and craft store.
You are looking very sweet in that photograph. I love your smile.
Thanks for your lovely feedback in my blog.
Have a wonderful day !

Carmen said...

OMG too cute! Your lipstick is nice! I love decorating for fall then holiday.Sadly my decorating has been postponed until after my trip; I'm scraping up all my chips. I do not like the cold but I can't wait to put up a Christmas tree and wreath. The smell of pine makes me happy!

Jessica Jane said...

That is the most dangerous store on earth! I can't get enough!

Thanks for being apart of my giveaway!

XOXO, Jessica

Diva In Me said...

WOW!!! I like your taste and deco! I wouldn't mind to just stand in front of your house and just stare =D
Even though, we don't celebrate Halloween here, looking at your deco makes me feel like going to shop for Halloween stuff too! LOL!


miss b said...

What a fun post, Kim. Your wreath is gorgeous and the front door with all the orange contrasting with the black door looks so stylish. I suppose to copy (borrow!) your design I would really have to paint my door black to get the full effect(ha ha!) Maybe a little drastic!! Thanks for popping by my blog - always good to hear from you and you say the nicest things!!

Heather said...

Don't get me started on that store! They have been getting most of my paycheck lately :)


Megan said...

I've been wanting to make a fall wreath! It came out adorable, love the finished product :)

Always Maylee said...

I need a fall wreath too actually, I was just thinking about this the other day!

xo, Yi-chia
Always Maylee

amy b.s. said...

i was just thinking that I needed to add a little fall decor to my home!

Nelah said...

Your front decor screams Fall, Kim. Shame on me my house looks EXACTLY the same all year round..be it Spring..Summer or Fall. I am a lazy person when it comes to decorating as my husband says. I just hate having to put everything up after but i guess i should just enjoy it instead. I love Michael's!!! I used to go there a lot before a little one was born and bought more than i needed..haha.

Mica said...

Love your decorations, they look great the orange really pops against your black door! :)


two birds said...

your house looks great! i could spend hours (and lots of money) at michaels! i have never really gotten into halloween decorating other than jack-o-lanterns, but i might need to!

Jessy Nyiri said...

Wow...I really love the decoration of the front of your house and haha I love your humor!!

P.S. Your blog is the best!

Fashionista622 said...

The entryway looks fantastic Kim! Great job! I'm a big big fan of fall decorating and halloween is one of my FAVE holidays!

woohoooo bring out the pumpkin spice. :)


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