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Monday, October 22, 2012

Hallowe'en at Fortnum & Mason

Hello My Pretties! Are you hungry? I found some unique Halloween concoctions for your palette today. Cackle! Cackle! Cackle! Have you ever been to or heard of Fortnum & Mason in London (there are branches in Japan and some products are sold in the US through Williams Sonoma)? It was founded in 1707.

Fortnum's is a multi-tiered department store, located in central London, that's known for their worldwide gourmet and luxury food products.

They sell chocolates, cheeses, jellies & jams, wines, meats, perfume, clothing, writing pens, stationery, beauty, luggage and a plethora of other items. They're also famed for their loose leaf teas and luxury picnic hampers. It's amazing all of the items that are sold and their products are always exquisitely displayed.
The only disturbing and unflattering element about the famous store, while researching them, is that they sell foie gras. PetaUK brought this situation to light in 2010. There is a current petition now against the production and/or importation of foie gras in Europe. I've never eaten foie gras, nor have I been to Fortnum's. I would love to hear the opinions from my London/Europe bloggers regarding this situation. Before discovering that unpleasantness (I felt it was only fair I mentioned what I discovered while researching this post), I decided to take a look at Fortnum's website to see what unique Halloween goodies they were selling THIS year, and got an eyeful!
So instead of serving those cutesy cupcakes, caramel apples or popcorn balls at your next Halloween party, here's an option of a DIFFERENT kind! Tell me what you think :)
How about Edible Toffee Scorpions, Toasted Scorpions and wash it down with Scorpion Vodka!?! LOL

Yes? No? Scorpions are NOT your thing! Ok, I have just the right thing for you! 
What about BBQ Flavour Worm Crisps, Ant Lollipop, or an Exploding Toad? LOL
I kinda feel like that pumpkin right now! HaHaHa I surely hope none of my readers get ill from my post today! LOL The wonderful thing about blogging is that you learn so many different things. Food that seems "normal" to you, may not look so delicious to a person from another culture! And vice versa! As a foodie, I truly enjoy seeing the different things people eat, whether I like it or not. So my question to you today is, what is the WEIRDEST thing you've ever eaten??? I don't think my list is too weird, but here it is: crawfish, frog legs and turtle soup. HaHaHa That's about as exotic as I can get! LOL So tell me YOURS! I did my best not to write a Mundane Monday Post for you today! HaHaHa  :)


  1. Eww they are very scary candies!!!!

    I can't think of anything really bad that I've eaten - I'm a very fussy eater! Comes in handy sometimes, I can't imagine snacking on an ant lolly! haha!

  2. Some of that stuff is freaky! The weirdest thing I have ever ate is muskrat. It was in a jerky form and I didn't know what it was until after the fact! Heather

  3. Ack, that is NOT my kind of Halloween candy! I'm not an adventurous eater at fact I'm very picky :)

    The Tiny Heart
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  4. Ah, nothing like a stroll round F&M on a rainy afternoon - one of my favourite places in London to pick up some treats and gifts. Have a great week xo

  5. I always enjoy a wander around Fortnum and Mason when I'm in London and usually leave with a little something! I suppose one of the more unusual foods I've eaten was snails in France - though it was just the once! By the way, I've always been a fan of fashion illustrations so I really enjoyed your last post too. Have a great week, Kim.

  6. Yes. I'm hungry;-)
    Would love a F&M brunch now.

  7. How fun! I absolutely love Halloween - that scorpion vodka is awesome... would be so fun to have at a party!

  8. I ate alligator jerky once. I'm ashamed to say it was pretty good...

  9. LOVE! Great post!

    xo Ally

  10. Oh, I am afraid, I am very traditional when it comes to food... nothing weird has ever passed my lips. :)
    As far as foie gras goes... I understand it when some people eat it, especially French. It's a part of history and traditions, so it's one of those foods with a meaning. I don't get it when people eat it simply because it's expensive, same as when people eat caviar just because they want to show everyone that they can.
    I cannot say I agree with the production process, but hey, I am a vegetarian, so I don't eat anything of that kind anyway. ;)
    To sum up, everyone has a choice, but there's no point of going on strike against a certain historic food... Strike against McDonalds and other chains... They do a lot more harm to both planet and people making foie gras look almost innocent.



  11. I don't think I could eat an edible bug- like a scorpion. It's way too lifelike for me!!

  12. Haha, those candies are creepy yet fun, which is perfect for Halloween!

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  13. Love all the festivity and creativity here. Let's see the weirdest thing I've ever eaten? I accidently ate dog bisquits at a canine party where doggie appitizers were being served . . .

  14. yes. I'm hungry.
    I can't eat exotic foods. xoxo.

  15. those are crazy! the packaging draws me in totally though - it's well designed!

    <3 katherine
    of corgis and cocktails // current giveaway

  16. i honestly can't wait till the halloween is over since my SO constantly watching gory movies on tv and a lot of bloggers showcase gory (and very realistic) makeup looks.
    i don't take things like that too well.
    i do like whimsical festive mood for the holiday. everything in moderation, you know?
    in that sense, i love this post. haha

    weirdest things i've eaten would be dried crickets. ;p
    (don't judge me, please~~)

  17. There is a place that sells turtle soup two blocks away! I had frog in France and China and it's actually pretty good. I'm not really sure about other weird things I've eaten....hmm snails but that is pretty popular in China and HK.

    I will unfortunately admit to eating foie gras. It is very rich, which of course makes given its method of production. There are many tasty things in the world so I will try to steer clear!

    Chic 'n Cheap Living

  18. Oh wow, what a lovely store and lovely display! I definitely need to visit it one day! And I have to admit, I love foie gras: I don't eat it often but it's always been a special French treat to me...I just hope you'd still be my friend after this confession, Kim :)

    xx Ivana
    Macarons and Pearls

  19. I agree with you that we get to learn so many different things from blogging. We get to know different cultures and their food habits. Although I have not yet eaten any weird food worth mentioning, yet when I went to Bangkok, Thailand, I saw many crispy fried insects including cockroaches !
    I wanted to give it a try but then I was in a foreign country at that time and I was travelling to another destination the next day, so I was worried about stomach upset:))

  20. Kim, you find the best things from across the pond. This really makes me want to decorate for Halloween!

  21. Kim I love how you re-styled your blog! As far as the weirdest thing I've ever eaten is concerned, I don't know! I'm rather picky with food, though when I was a little girl my grandma fed me frogs and birds with sour cream >> just thinking of it makes me shudder! A big big hug to my favourite blogger ever!

  22. Love the ant lollipop. I am very picky to what I eat so not tried anything too exotic. The most I have done is escargot.

  23. hhhmm I can not think of anything weird, but I had boba recently for the first time and that was a weird experience!


  24. Gosh those look creepy!
    I don't know what is considered weird nowadays! For me, eating chicken feet is not weird...and that's what I had yesterday. Haha...but my husband did not grow up with that and thought it was incredibly weird (and disgusting).


  25. Hm, is it OK to go trick or treating at a candy shop? It's not like they don't have candy, right? ;o)

  26. You're posts always make me smile Kim! I love that idea of the scorpion vodka--haha, although I'd probably be too chicken to try it. I think chocolate covered ants, and some other delicacies that I pretended to eat might be the weirdest things I've tried...I'm such a baby, and eat pretty simple things in general.

    xo Mary Jo

  27. Ooohhh I do like Fortnum & Mason, I could spend hours in there just starting at everything :-)

    I'm on the fence about the Fois Grois issue - Fortnum & Mason is a department store steeped in history and there are things that go along with that world such as hunting/shooting that I don't really agree with, but it doesn't seem to be much of an issue over here and seems to be more widely accepted.

    Where I'm from in New Zealand it certainly is an issue though lol!!

    Hope you have a great week hun!

    Vanessa x

  28. exotic foods are not my kind of thing. love your post, so funny! love the pumpkins! :-)


  29. Hi Kim, Love these pumpkins! Hmmm I'm pretty daring. I've tried rabbit soup and ducks chins.

    xo Jo

  30. Ohmygosh, can't believe those are candies, can you imagine offering them to your guests, they will think you've gone completely bonkers, lol. Pretty awesome though!

  31. my list isn't weird...typical things anyone would find at a sushi place...octopus, eel.

    i love seeing all these weird and fun halloween treats! that scorpion vodka is great!!


  32. Cute post! I watch Bizarre Foods on the food channel and the scorpion snacks remind of something that would be on there =) I'm not all that adventurous when it comes to food so I haven't eaten anything all too weird (yet!)

    Suzie Q
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  33. I'm too chicken to eat anything really weird but I love these candies for a Halloween party!
    ♡ Lexi @ Glitter, Inc.

  34. I love Halloween, it's my birthday (close enough) and so Jer and I always celebrate on Halloween - I LOVE costumes!

    As for your question, the weirdest thing I've ever ate would be Jellyfish.... It was chewy.
    The weirdest thing Jeremy has ever ate (in my opinion) is Seal - he was in nunavut, and it was served raw as a delicacy... Whoa right?

    xoxo Bree
    The Urban Umbrella

  35. Boy these are some unique Halloween treats! Scorpions are definitely not my cup of tea. That said, I am Chinese so I've eaten some pretty unusual things like birds nest (which is a delicacy), sea cucumber, pigs ears & chicken feet amongst other things.

    Hope I didn't gross you out Kim :)
    Rowena @ rolala loves
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  36. i dont think i can handle these bugs! lol
    halloween really creeps me out.. but everyone else LOVES IT ... im a wimp lol

  37. O wow, I love shop displays like that, with all sorts of edible goodies under glass covers. The weirdest thing I've ever eaten? Well, I'm largely vegetarian; does bubble tea count lol

  38. Wow look at those! They're quite unique. As far as most unusual thing Ive eaten, I think I have to go with turtle soup too :)

    Hope your week is off to a great start! xoxo

  39. Love them .. I've been to Fortnum & Mason, it's very popular. I used to go with my cousins just going around to look! Hope you had a great Monday Kim. The worm crisps, haha. great for a Halloween party! :)

  40. hey kim, really wish we celebrated halloween as much as you guys! the holiday often comes and goes without me noticing much, unfortunately, but i love all the creative goodies that i've been seeing everywhere including here.

    as for weirdest thing i've ever eaten, how does a bowl of fresh snake blood and crocodile gall bladder sound? i know it sounds really gross, but chinese people think these things cure asthma.. not really, lol.

    steph /

  41. This is great!!! :D I love Fortnum and Mason !

    OH! Don' forget to check my Anna Dello Russo at H&M GIVEAWAY :).

  42. Oh gosh, the scorpion stuff freaks me out!! I think the weirdest thing I've ever eaten is goose intestine... and I was tricked into thinking they were noodles! Bah!

  43. YUK those things wouldn't go anywhere near my mouth ha ha :) Oddest thing I have ever eaten - HMM I don't do weird foods - grosses me out = I'm a wimp :)
    Happy Tuesday my friend,

  44. BBQ worm crisps! Sign me up! What fun treats for Halloween :)

    Pearls & Paws

  45. The scorpion vodka and other stuff were really creepy and I think they would freak out the others too. I love the concept and I think I’ll add some of these at my party too.

  46. scorpion vodka and bbq worm crisps? whoa with the madness lady! hmmmm...what's the weirdest thing I've ever eaten? pig ears, chitlins? The chitlins I'll forever pass on (the smell alone is wretched) but those crispy pig ears were freaking amazing! p.s.
    Thanks for always coming by to check our our blog. You are da BEST!

  47. No thanks to eating the bugs, but I would gladly provide them for my guests to enjoy:) The pumpkin carving is amazing.

    Weirdest thing I have ever eaten....I guess I am not very adventurous. Bugs freak me out.

  48. lol Some of those things are CREAPY!! O.o

    I haven't really eaten anything too exotic. Well, except that in Mexico we have several dishes where we eat cactus. :) (The spines are removed obviously!!)

    Have a great week, pretty girl! :)

  49. I'm laughing here at the thoughts of an exploding toad in my mouth!! We did get frogs legs on a trip to France once:)

  50. I am afraid of bugs too much to even think about eating one. I have never eaten anything crazy, call me boring but I watched too much Fear Factor back in the day and that sealed the deal for me. Did you ever have a gnat fly into your mouth? Something that small can taste completely gross, imagine a crunchy bug. HaHa. Have a great day Kim! dawn suitcase vignettes

  51. I love trying weird foods! I've had octopus salad at a fancy brunch place once and then I've had alligator on a stick at a state fair. I ate kangaroo at a French restaurant during an anniversary dinner another time. Hehe.

  52. Ewwww. lol. I don't think I can eat any BBQ flavored chips in the future. Those worm crisps just keep popping inside my mind.

  53. I would happily tell them to lock my butt in the shop and leave me be ;) Hahahaha!! Amazing place!! Though, having said that, I would not be touching any of the foie gras or other bugs, haha!! I wish I could make a pumpkin that looked as cool as these ones, but my luck some idiot would come and smash it, maybe just an inside pumpkin really :)) xx


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