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Friday, November 30, 2012

Tiffany & Co. 2012 Holiday Ad Campaign

It's Friday. What shall we talk about today? We can talk about Kate Middleton's new hairstyle. We can talk about Kendall Jenner as Miss Vogue. We can talk about Halle Berry, her ex, and her current beau's knock down drag out Thanksgiving brawl. If you would like to give your thoughts on any of these, feel free to. But you know what? I rather look at pretty jewels. hahaha

Let's talk Tiffany. What is it about a Tiffany & Co. blue box? The famous blue box is now adorned with red ribbon for the holiday season. I thought that was a very nice touch. Jeweler Tiffany & Co has been in existence for 175 years. Can you believe that? I mean that's my age x ohhhhhhh I shall not say! hahaha Well you guys, they just recently launched a Tumblr account and below are some pictures from their Holiday 2012 Ad Campaign. I love their holiday ad campaigns. They're always so dreamy and romantic. They also put together a video, "The Dream Maker", commemorating their 175 year existence. The video talks about the founder, the importance of having dreamers in life, where they get their gems, and the craftsmanship that goes into making their jewelry (for some pieces it takes nearly a year to make).

Have you ever received, gifted (or bought for yourself) the famous "blue" box? I haven't (yet). They do have several cute mugs (click here and here)? hahaha I wonder if they come in a blue box? hahaha

Does it matter where your jewels come from? I think as long as jewelry makes you feel good, it doesn't matter where it comes from. But I wouldn't mind buying at least ONE item from Tiffany's just to have the box and shopping bag! hahaha What are your thoughts regarding Tiffany & Co? Have a great weekend everybody! Check back Monday! There's a company that wants to give one of YOU a gift card.



Cee said...

Oh my! I've never been the world's biggest Tiffany fan - I'm more of a Cartier girl ;) - but I cannot deny the appeal of the blue box. And the bow mugs could not possibly be any cuter! Forget diamonds, I would love to add one of those to my collection. Although, if I could have the mug and diamonds, that would probably be ideal :D

Mademoiselle Poirot said...

Yes, I wouldn't mind something in a little blue box, but ultimately, it's the thought that counts and a piece of jewellery which has been lovingly chosen will always be beautiful not matter where its from (well, nearly...) Have a lovely weekend xo

Rainbow Gatherer said...

these pics are adorable!

miss b said...

Those red bows look wonderful - a simple idea but so effective. I don't have any Tiffany pieces but would be more than happy with one of those gorgeous mugs - cute. Have a lovely weekend, Kim.

GirlieBlogger@Beauty Fashion Blog Seattle said...

** Sign ** Tiffany's - always gorgeous.
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Sam said...

I even forgot to look at the jewelry, I was so busy admiring the gorgeous gowns! Wow, 175 years of that famous Tiffany sparkle - amazing achievement!

Heather said...

Be still my heart... Tiffany :) I've actually never been there- except for in my dreams :)

Pearls & Paws

Style Journey said...

They recently opened a Tiffany & Co at one of our local malls. I am scared to go in there because I am sure I will walk out with drool,lol! The blue box is iconic, so who wouldn't want something from there? Have a great weekend! Heather

Mica said...

Such cute photos! I'm so attracted to the little blue box - I think it's a girl thing, haha!

My first piece of Tiffany was a gift from my sister who bought it as a surprise for me on 5th avenue NY. So perfect and I never take it off! Well apart from the time I broke it and had to give it to Tiffany to repair...haha. I'm clumsy :P


Mira said...

I love Tiffany´s. Sadly I´ve never received the famous blue box <3


Megan said...

Ok, so I had no idea Kate Middleton had new hair so I googled it and I must say it looks almost exactly the same! Though it does look better with a little volume around her face. I bet everyone is running to their stylist now asking for the "Kate Middleton". Have a great weekend, Kim :)

TheTinyHeart said...

I had a Tiffany's bracelet and it broke after a few months! Honestly their stuff is really overpriced for the quality and I'd rather get my jewelry elsewhere.

The Tiny Heart
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Lorena said...

I love Tiffany... over 10 years ago I walked into their NY store and our love relationship started ;)
I have a gift certificate from it that I NEED to use.

MaysaAndSunshine said...

I love the packaging but not a fan of Tiffany's. For the high price tags, i dont think their quality is worth the hype. If i had the money, Catier or Bulgari here i come!! (Like 50 years from now...ha). Have a great weekend Kim. Dang tomorrow is already the beginning of December!!!

Laura Go said...

ooooh the famous blue box. I love ogling at Tiffany pieces, but I really am not much of a fine jewelry kind of gal. BUT that doesn't mean I can't ogle! :) Have a beautiful weekend, Kim!
♥ laura
the blog of worldly delights
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Always Maylee said...

Ah yes, the blue box. I have received a few of these in the past (my husband is very good to me) and it always makes my heart flutter a bit. However, you are right about where your jewelry comes from. As long as it makes you feel good or has a great story behind it, then that's all that matters! :)

xo, Yi-chia
Always Maylee

Sarah Stright said...

Tiffany never ceases to amaze me- and make me want EVERYTHING.

Real College Student of Atlanta said...

very cool photos!! <3

Rowena @ rolala loves said...

That iconic blue box has brought joy to so many! I once bought a co-worker a Tiffany's crystal beer mug for a Secret Santa swap. It was funny to watch everyone ooh and ahh when he took out the box. And it was under $20! I personally have an infinity necklace from Tiffany and my engagement ring is modeled after their Lucida setting. Off to check out their Tumblr.

Have a fantastic weekend dear Kim!
Rowena @ rolala loves

Coco said...

I have never received the famous blue box, but I'm not complaining :-)
The campaign photoshoot is so romantic and sophisticated, just perfect.
(While I'm typing - trying to type -my girlie keeps pointing her little naughty fingers at the screen and saying "mi piace quello!" >>> she's in love with your sweet Christmas blog decor :-)))

Fashionista622 said...

What a perfect post for a Friday wooohooo! Kim, I love me some Tiffany. I have received a few gifts from there from my hubby and sister. I have also bought gifts from there for others. There is something quite powerful about that little blue box that makes my heart race. LOL
LOVE That Tiffany MUG baby girl. Have a great weekend.


Oh to Be a Muse said...

Ad campaigns this time of year are so cute, aren't they? I love the Tiffany box on a mug...that's great.

Gina said...

Thanks for sharing about this lovely mug! It's a must have for me now. I love Tiffany's.



LoveT. said...

Amazing Jewellery!

Have a great Weekend ,kisses<3

Juju at Tales of Whimsy.com said...

I lived in NYC once for 6 months. I use to love periodically visiting Tiffany's.

And seriously how cute is the blue box mug?

Sheila said...

I love Tiffanys! Not just the jewelry but their color in general. haha.. I get excited when I receive their catalog in the mail. :) Gorgeous photos! I love that mug!! Wish I can get it. ;)

xo - Sheila


My parents did a tradition for the daughters to get a necklace or earrings for our 18th & 21st birthday and I still remember being so excited everytime I'd see Tiffany's colours. It's really an iconic brand. I want that cup! xo :-) Happy weekend Kim!

Well... said...

Ah man, I dream of a day when I could receive that infamous "blue" box...Tiffany's has such gorgeous jewels!
Anyway, can I just say a big thank you? Kim, your comments make my day! Haha, your last one especially made me smile so big. Thank you for your thoughtful comments and encouragement. :)

Trendy Teal

Bree TheUrbanUmbrella said...

I've never purchased anything from Tiffany!!! =( Always have wanted to though, perhaps one day!
Douzton Kroes looks so gorgeous in that first photo, my goodness <3

xoxo Bree
The Urban Umbrella

Laura said...

Love Tiffany, especially at Christmas! I want one of those Mugs :)

Outside Looking In said...

I got a Tiffany's box once in my life and inside was a clock from my employer as a Christmas gift. I was so disappointed lol! I love these ads and would love another chance for a blue box! Not loving the DoC's new hair. Have a great weekend!

A BRIT GREEK said...

Gosh that was one week of news wasn't it? I wouldn't mind a little blue, no make that a big blue box this Christmas!!! Ha ha! I am also rather impressed with the ad campaign.
Have a sweet weekend!

Clara Turbay said...

adorable ideas.

Jo said...

I personally feel the red ribbons and Tiffany blue do not really complement well. I'm absolutely falling in love with the Tiffany mugs! I love the illustration of the first and the elegance of the second. I'm so wanting them now!

I personally have 4 blue boxes. The simplest and most affordable heart pendant with chain from the then-bf, the engagement ring and the heart tag choker from the now-hubby and the heart tag earrings from friends.

The elephants are very gentle but when they start to walk, it can take some time getting used to their heavy steps. We were graceful only coz we were wearing dresses. Lol.

Anonymous said...

I have always just wanted one of those classic Tiff's boxes...as an ode to Audrey :)

<3 Cambria

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Parasol Dreams said...

I've heard of Tiffany & Co. but never actually heard of said blue box! And you're right. I think the red ribbon is a nice touch. It definitely catches your eye. And I love the mug with cities and stuff on it. So fab and chic!! :))

Jennifer Fabulous said...

Sometimes I wish I could walk right into your blog. Like, straight into the screen. Because your blog is so fabulous and delicious and girly. It's like my dream world.

Jenee C. said...

That little blue box is so much more than the content that's inside. I remember gazing at their advertisements when I was a little girl and now that I think about it, in a way it kind of paved the way for later my romantic notions. I'm surprised (in a good way) that they now have tumblr :)

xx Jenee C.
{camo meets couture}

Ivana said...

Oh Kim, you've just stolen my heart with this post! Tiffany blue is one of my favorite colors, and that little box is such a huge symbol of love to me! I got a Tiffany bracelet for my 26th birthday, and I'm dreaming of the little blue box for my engagement (which, since I'm single, is a song of far future lol)

xx Ivana
Macarons and Pearls

Elle Sees said...

i love the pictures and the blue!

Shabby, Chic, & Cheap said...

Drooool! I heart Tiffany's

Stephanie G said...

oh kim the blue mug is killing me! i want one!! thanks for the heads up on their tumblr account..

i love T&Co.. have received a few blue boxes from my ex boyfriends (lucky me!!) but also have bought a few for myself - their frank gehry pieces are amazing! nothing wrong with a little self-love ;)

steph / absolutely-fuzzy.com

Sonshu said...

Love the gowns, so princess like :D
Just read all your posts and caught up. Loved the one with the cupcakes and the cutest phone cover I've ever seen :D

Lisa - respect the shoes said...

The Tiffany mug is simple and classic - I adore that!

MOSAMUSE said...

i have to say... i love this campaign. but what im really in love with are their windows!! i find myself stopping at the same windows every week. so beautiful!


Hanna & Christel said...

really beautiful pics, they all look amazing!


ps. we are now having a wonderful Kenzaa give-away!

Jacqueline said...

I saw these ads in Vogue and was totally blown away! The jewelry is so stunning!



Diva In Me said...

My 1st one from Tiffany & Co. are the charms and a bracelet from my wonderful bf. I think their products are gorgeous and the box is definitely something. Although, like every other products, you pay for the quality. Their silver charms still tarnish like every other silver. I guess unless you pay many times more for platinum, then it's a whole different story =)


Ms. Dainty Doll said...

It's wonderful..although I prefer the white bows to the red with that shade of blue. But, you wouldn't hear me say no to it, haha!! Love those dresses in the picture...I rather have one of those than the blue box, I know I'm crazy!! hahaha!! Just wonderful. I hope you had a great weekend doll & your week will be bliss xx

The Dainty Dolls House

LoveT. said...

Cute Mug ♡
Love your Post ,great Work!

kisses :)

Mighty B said...

OMG, I want that mug! Haha! I've been saving for my next big purchase but it looks like I'll have to squeeze in something from Tiffanys. I love their products and just the box alone is a treat. I'm saving for a necklace, I think. I almost painted my room the Tiffany blue once, I went with pink instead.


La Dolce Vita said...

I am definitely loving the mugs- both of them ! In our country , we mostly wear gold jewelry and in my wedding, I self designed my own jewelry !! I have heard of the famous Tiffany & Co. and their jewels and the ones displayed here are truly works of art. Thank you for sharing this post with us,
wishing you a lovely day !

Corinne said...

I absolutely LOVE the Tiffany & Co. holiday ads-- particularly the engagement type ones. They make me just melt :D
My boyfriend actually bought my promise ring from Tiffany's back when we were in high school, so that could also be why I'm a softy for T&Co :DD
Sorry for getting back to comment so late, life has been crazy!
xx Corinne

Audrey Allure said...

Beautiful collection & love the mugs!

Katherine / Of Corgis and Cocktails said...

you really have to love Tiffany! Their photography in these ads are SO pretty

<3 katherine
of corgis and cocktails

Miss Laia said...

I bought for myself a beautiful heart bracelet on my last trip to New Yorl, Tiffany's makes you feel like Audrey Hepburn walking as a romantic princess all dress up like in a movie, as you said sometimes you deserve a present like that.
You made me feel romantic today Kim, loved the post.

two birds said...

what a gorgeous campaign! i love that tiffany blue mug and those model shots are gorgeous!

Sarah said...

I have to admit, I've never bought anything from Tiffany & Co before mainly because I don't really wear much jewellery, but I love the look of the boxes, and the mugs are adorable! xx

Almost Delightful

Miss Laia said...

I bought for myself a beautiful heart bracelet on my last trip to New Yorl, Tiffany's makes you feel like Audrey Hepburn walking as a romantic princess all dress up like in a movie, as you said sometimes you deserve a present like that.
You made me feel romantic today Kim, loved the post.

Jillian said...

I'm not terribly big on jewelry, but Tiffany's has a special something. Maybe it's status? I got a ring from Tiffany's, given to me by an ex-boyfriend. I kept that blue box for years. I still wear the ring (doesn't mean anything, I just really like it!).

Jessica Jane said...

They always have the best adds! I'm actually having a Breakfast at Tiffany's themed bridal shower and your post pose me super excited for it!

Lyosha said...

thanks for sharing! the compain looks totally stunning! love Tiffany (so as each lady does?)

Inside and Outside Blog
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Deeb said...

Wow, lovely photos! <3

Btw, I'm hosting a Firmoo Giveaway on my blog, maybe you would like to participate. Chances to win are pretty high: http://deebiku.blogspot.ro/2012/12/international-firmoo-giveaway.html

oomph. said...

i have received a ring (which, now that i'm thinking about it...where is it??!!) and playing cards! yup, playing cards. and they did come in a blue box....so i bet those mugs do, to!! i guess it really doesn't matter where the jewels come from, but how can you not want that little blue box!!

Anonymous said...

I have been looking for dress credits for this ad campaign, can anyone help me?

I love Tiffany's and always walk through whenever I'm in the neighborhood just to ogle the art pieces. They do have lovely stationery upstairs that makes for a lovely hostess gift, and who doesn't love to receive that iconic blue bag?

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