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Friday, November 9, 2012

Harrod's 2012 Christmas Windows and Parade

Has the Christmas spirit hit you yet? I'm trying to juggle Thanksgiving and Christmas at the same time. Everything is so rushed! I dislike that. Well anyway! Harrod's in London is in the Christmas spirit. Last month I showed you the designer sketches of the Disney princess dresses at Harrods (click HERE). Harrod's just recently revealed their "Once Upon A Dream" Disney Princess Christmas Holiday Windows and I thought I would show you the end result. What do you think of them now? Harrod's also held their annual Christmas Parade last weekend. It included some classic costumes from years past and a pleasant mix of new such as Mickey & Minnie Mouse and the Disney Princesses. I included the video so you could see all of it. Hope you all have a great weekend!



Thrifted Shift said...

So gorgeous! I'm such a sucker for fairy tales! Plus gowns plus shopping? Heaven!

PAPS said...

It has to be Harrods or selfridges to come up with so marvelous.

Mademoiselle Poirot said...

Of course I missed the parade - I somehow always do - but I will have to go and check out the windows! Have a lovely weekend xo

Laura said...

The windows are stunning! I watched the parade live online, loved it :)

A BRIT GREEK said...

Darling you beat me to it! Great window display! Waiting to see what Harvey Nics & Selfridges does now!

Mica said...

The parade looks so fun!

Love the windows - they really tie in the dresses to the themes well! The Ariel dress is definitely my fave :)


The Dainty Dolls House said...

I adore this...love all the decorations and excitement!! I wish it could just be that and not all the mean people trying to buy everything and snatching everything from you. People should be merry and fun, but it seems to bring out the worst in everyone. I just prefer the parades and music and baking and try to stay away from all that, I do my shopping online or get there as it opens to avoid people, hahaha!! But, how can one not feel happy looking at these displays, they are wonderful :)) Have a super weekend doll, hope it's a lot of fun for you!!! xoxo

Sophie @ Direct flights to Maldives said...

Wow, that was really awesome and the colours were also very attractive.

songbird said...

mulan looks fascinating..i am not yet grooving to christmas beats..you know durga puja just got over which is a 5 day long thing,now we have diwali..then i have exams..then i can get excited for christmas and new year!

Judy C said...

Thank you so much for the fabulous photos. The windows are wonderful and I love seeing the parade. I'll never make it there and it's a joy to see Harrod's in your pics.

Ashley said...

I just pulled out my Kristen Chenoweth cd...so YES, I'm ready and excited for it!!

Little Rus said...

Thank you for all the photos, Kim! As always, I am behind on everything... :D
Will be off to London in a couple of week, so hopefully will see those windows in person.
Have a great day and wonderful weekend!

Jillian said...

Oh, I'm definitely in the holiday spirit! Which is pretty unsual for me around this time.

I love the whole "fairy tale princesses gone high fashion" vibe. Department stores always do such a lovely job on their window displays.

Katherine / Of Corgis and Cocktails said...

these are SO COOL! the windows turned out amazing - i'm glad you showed the product here. and the parade looks so perfectly holiday-y. loveee it

<3 katherine
of corgis and cocktails

Bethan Currie said...

I love this!! I saw those princess dresses online somewhere! Ariel and Tiana...
And I want the christmas pudding costume...


Always Maylee said...

I always try not to get too into Christmas until after Thanksgiving because I really do love Thanksgiving. But sometimes it's just so hard, Christmas is so... fun! :)

xo, Yi-chia
Always Maylee

Sam said...

Aw yay! I was eagerly waiting to see the real life gowns, they came out spectacular! Much like the event, so much festive fun and excitement!

MaysaAndSunshine said...

So festive and fun Kim. I have never been to a Christmas parade before, must be such fun experience to see the coustmes. I am not quite sure whether i am in the holiday spirit but i am ready to shop til i drop. Dang -bad for wallet!

Can you believe Thanksgiving is literally less than two weeks!!!!!! Crazy!!

just tututiny said...

The last 3 months of the year are my Fave cause we have Halloween, thanksgiving AND Christmas. Charlotte will add that it's her birthday too of course :) How are u my dear?

Vanessa said...

Ahhh brilliant! Thanks for posting the video too Kim, you really come up with the most fantastic posts!

I'm looking forward to getting into the Christmas spirit myself, in fact - I'm going to go looking online at gawdy Christmas jumpers right now! Woohoo snowmen and reindeer!!

Thanks for the inspiration doll, and for being just so VERY SWEET!! Lots of love coming atcha! x

Vanessa x

Sara said...

Omg, so pretty!! I love Christmas and I get into it right away! :)

Irenita said...

Really beautiful post, Kim!
I'm just sad that I won't be able to see those wonderful Harrod's Xmas windows in person. I've been lucky enough to be in London twice in december and I can say that seeing it in person is even more special :)

Have a sweet weekend!
x Irene

Mirror of Fashion said...

Oh Christmas! If my bf would let me I started decorating the house this weekend but unfortunately I have to wait until the beginning of December. Countdown!

LyddieGal said...

Christmas in the big cities with the dazzling displays is so magical. I always love to visit NYC when it's all decked out.

Chic on the Cheap

Oh to Be a Muse said...

I didn't know Harrods did this. These are pretty cool, and I really like the Ariel and Mulan windows.

jo said...

Kim, I haven't seen a parade in ages! Thank you so much for sharing. Have a great weekend, girl!

xo Jo


Juneli said...

Wow, that's amazing! Totally love the window decor and the parade really makes me feel like hitting the Disneyland soon!
Juneli from Fashionably Yours

Elle Sees said...

i got to been at harrods during the xmas season once. fabulous memories!

Real College Student of Atlanta said...

wow so beautiful!! i love the holiday season and love these photos :)

Katrina said...

Oh Kim!!! I have been to Harrods twice and to me it's like an adult Disneyland, so to add the window displays and parade is just over the top indulgence!!! I wish I could go, I would even bear the cold to be there now :)

Jacqueline said...

So amazing! Can not get over the Harrod's dresses and you are getting me so excited for Christmas!



Nina Normalo said...

OMG! I love this disney theme! It's sooo beautiful... Thank you sooo much for sharing!!!

♥, Nina

nancy @ adore to adorn said...

This is so cool to see. I wish I could see it in person! =)
I'm not trying to get into Christmas just yet since I really want to enjoy Thanksgiving first! =)

miss b said...

Wow! What a colourful post, Kim. That's a great Disney theme too. I'm hoping to visit London before Christmas - maybe just a day but still worth it to see the displays and some Christmas shopping of course!! By the way I loved the images in your last post - I'm surprised I haven't come across this magazine in Dubai. Must look out for it. Have a great weekend.

GirlieBlogger@Beauty Fashion Blog Seattle said...

Such beautiful displays. Very fantasy and extravagant. Yes, I am totally stoked about the holidays.

Casual Clothes for Less | Girlie Blog Seattle

Sheila said...

Awww so pretty!! I wish I was there in person to see those gorgeous window displays. :) I can't wait for the holidays to start!

xo - Sheila

Chic 'n Cheap Living said...

I wish I could see a closer picture of Sleeping Beauty - it is gorgeous!

Chic 'n Cheap Living

Fashionista622 said...

I loved these images. I was not aware of the beautiful theme and windows at Harrods this year. (It's been busy on this side of town too). Love the sketches & how they transferred into such amazing windows. WOWZA!
Have a great weekend love.



Clara Turbay said...

it was great i´ll be back soon!

Punctuation Mark said...

I love Xmas windows... They're so creative!

Morgan Nascimento said...

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Bhushavali - Indian Fashion n Travel Blogger! said...

I love these dreamy and fairy tale story concepts! :)
Esp. I love Valentino's, Missoni's, & Ralph & Risso's!!! Awesome pics!! :)
Came here blog hopping. Do visit my blog too sometime dear! :)

Diva In Me said...

Wow! Harrod's window display has been designer-fied! *I know there's no such word* LOL!
They're gorgeous! I've always love Marchesa and Elie Saab. Gorgeous designs.


Anonymous said...

I've seen this over and over...so happy that you post here too...oh and I thought that you're gone, because I saw that you're gone from my gfc ;)

see you soon dear

Jessica said...

so whimsical i want a room like that!!!

Fashion-isha said...

Wow there is so much eye candy here! Thanks for sharing these fabulous photos!

Sabrina Musco said...

beautiful pics!!!!kiss!!!!1
Freaky Friday

Freaky Friday Facebook Fan Page

Sonshu said...

OMG...That is so dream like Kim! It is indeed so pretty! Love fairytales so this was definitely 'awwwww' and 'omg I want that' for me :P Harrods does this? So pretty and lucky you guys are! :P


Paula RL said...

Hi lovely! I've just discovered your blog and it's awesome!
I think it's a huge example for me to follow, and a great inspiration!
For that I'm gonna follow you on GFC and I'd love if you do the same, so we could stay in contact and I keep learning about you!

XOXO, Collage Minimalista

when BABI speaks said...

I'm such a big fan of fairy tales! great post Kim! I'm absolutely inspired! have a great week! :-)


Carla said...

Oh wow, this is a spectacular post!! wish i could see these in person!!! May need to take a trip to England soon! Love your blog! Wanna follow each other? Come by and let me know :) xoxo


Head to Toe Chic said...

That parade looks so fun!!


Deana said...

Great post! I love Christmas and would absolutely LOVE to see Harrods at Christmas! Lucky You!


L e n a said...

eeeeh~ disney princesses!
ariel is my favorite by far!
actually, the display has some dark quality which makes it more attractive. ;)

Pati//LIVE TO DO said...

I love your blog!<3
would you like to follow each other?:)
Kiss :**



This is my favourite part of the season because of all of the stunning and unique installations and displays. I saw Selfridges last season. I won't be able to see these this time, but how wonderful are they! I agree with Irenita in person it's a magical feeling. Wishing you a great week lovely. xx

LoveT. said...

Wow ,what a amazing Post! Love the Snow White ♡ :)


Lisa - respect the shoes said...

I haven't come to grips with turkey day coming up so quickly yet - I'm so not ready for Christmas! I am already feeling like I'm going to be so behind this year and things haven't even started!

Sam said...

Thanks for your visit...wishing you a joy filled week ahead!

Audrey Allure said...

Amazing photos & stunning displays! I still can't believe it's already November and the holiday season is so soon!


Beautiful! Yes, all the shops have put up their decorations; we can definitely feel that festive spirit. I do wish Christmas was a little less commercialised though!

Garden Offices UK said...

I have missed this Parade. But my mom said it was the best Parade ever. I wish I could participate for an event at least one time. I love the color combination and it was so glamorous.

Mighty B said...

I absolutely love the designs for the Disney Princesses! Tiana is probably my favorite out of this set.

I don't even want to start thinking of Christmas. Although, I will admit it's my favorite time of the year. Let's get through Thanksgiving first. I am looking forward to the Macy's Day Parade though.


Stephanie G said...

so beautiful kim, these remind me of when i was a kid - sadly in sydney the window dressings are nowhere near as spectacular, plus it's probably going to be 40c! really miss southern hemisphere christmases ;)

steph / absolutely-fuzzy.com

oomph. said...

starting to feel the spirit. i just busted out the first christmas CD this weekend! i know i'll feel overwhelmed real soon, though!!


MOSAMUSE said...

wow!! these r actually magical! so beautiful!! sorry about the multiple posts of the same comment on the post above... i think my browser got stuck. :( sorry


Bionica said...

wow this is beautiful!!!
I love it all
the designs are so unique
the displays, the parade =)


Damp Proofing Companies said...

Look at those Disney princesses! Gorgeous!

Jenee C. said...

Simply WOW! Wish I could be there to see it in person.
Getting excited, I do love christmas.

xx Jenee C.
{camo meets couture}

Anya adores ☆ said...

Man - I so wish I'd been there with the girls to have seen this parade (and for me of course)
so cool and the dresses are insane, :)

Coco said...

This is spectacular Kim!How I wish I had been there!Possibly dressed like Tiana!I've been humming Christmas carols for the past few days, but haven't got round to decorating the Christmas tree yet.After seeing what you put up for Halloween,I can't wait to see your home decor for Christmas.a big big hug candy bar!xoxoxo Coco

Juju at Tales of Whimsy.com said...

Sounds like when I finally visit London it should be in the winter.

Anonymous said...

Love this!

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