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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The Disney Princesses at Harrods

Hold onto your glass slippers and tiaras! Something magical is taking place this Christmas at Harrod's Department Store. They've collaborated with Disney and every window at Harrod's will be transformed into a princess theme this holiday season. If you're in London, definitely take your little one. Harrods even has a Disney pop-up boutique within the famous department store. Each window will showcase a different Disney princess wearing gorgeous designer gowns. Harrod's enlisted top designers to re-envision the gowns worn by the original princesses. Fashion designers and powerhouses Marchesa, Elie Saab, Donatella Versace, Valentino, Escada, Missoni, Roberto Cavalli, Jenny Packham, Oscar de la Renta, and Ralph & Russo have created "new" and "updated" looks for our beloved princesses. The dreamy sketches are below, and the attached video shows these designs come to life. Do you have a favorite?

Cinderella - Donatella Versace
Harrods - "'You shall go to the ball', in a stunning contemporary interpretation complete with golden layers, a tiara, a bold statement-necklace and of course, glass slippers – emblazoned with the iconic Versace medusa motif."
Ariel - The Little Mermaid - Marchesa
Harrods - "A chic and elegant deep blue silk evening gown has been beautifully crafted to combine luxurious draped fabrics, which perfectly embody modern feminine style – capturing Ariel’s adventurous under-the-sea spirit." 

Aurora - Sleeping Beauty - Elie Saab
Harrods - "Encapsulating the natural grace and innocence of Aurora, this beautiful gown in pale pink is embellished with scattered exquisite beading."

Belle - Beauty and The Beast - Valentino
Harrods - "A fantasy-like dress in silk chiffon with a sheer hooded cape and layers of exquisite pleats, is accessorised with bespoke signature studded flats and a silver flower bag."

Jasmine - Aladdin - Escada
Harrods - "An exotic fuchsia silk chiffon gown encompasses the fiery beauty of Jasmine, complete with an extravagant golden flower belt."

Mulan - Missoni
Harrods - "A land of silk and jade has inspired this oriental kimono-style dazzling creation, that features bold turquoise shades and red detailing."

Pocahontas - Roberto Cavalli
Harrods - "Featuring soft, golden and natural earthy colours, this gown incorporates prints evocative of dream catchers with pearl detailing. The lightness of a feather and the wings of a butterfly, it is perfect for a princess in love with freedom."

Rapunzel - Jenny Packham
Harrods - "A magical dress in pale grey adorned with incredible beading that should never be locked away."

Tiana - The Princess and The Frog - Ralph & Russo
Harrods - "A dream come true, this mint evening gown with a sweetheart neckline and mesh overlay, features scattered crystals that cascade into a layered tulle skirt."

Snow White -Oscar de la Renta
Harrods - "'Someday your prince will come…' This silk gown is divine with intricate embroidery across the bodice and a floor-sweeping cape in signature red."



Style Journey said...

Oh my! This is so cool! Cinderella is still my favorite :)

Mica said...

Such beautiful dresses! I like the sketches too. Sleeping beauty's dress looks the loveliest in the video, but Ariel was always my favourite Disney princess! :)


Whoa, gorgeous stuff! Trust Cavalli to do a brilliant job :)

Margaux said...

Jasmine was always my favorite but I'm not crazy a bout her outfit by Escada. My favorite is probably Tatiana's - I love the light seafoam color!


Rowena @ rolala loves said...

Leave it to Harrods to do something so wonderfully magical. I so want to be there and see this in person. Aurora and Rapunzel's gowns are my favorites. They look like they'll be stunning!

Happy Tuesday Kim!
Rowena @ rolala loves
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Vett Vandiver said...

your new and improved site is AMAZING!!! seriously so beautiful! <3

NOLA Cleophatra said...

I always love to see the designers sketches and how they actually turn out. I loved the Sleeping Beauty dress the best with Cinderella's second - in the video that is.

Alexa said...

OMG Love the Ariel one! These are all so awesome though!

Natalia | Look-A-Porter said...

I am feeling another trip to London.... :) I will have to have those in person - love the drawings and movie so much. Thank you for sharing the news!


AS if I didn't have the itch to get back to London this fall enough! I love London in the fall/winter. Especially at holiday time. Think I need to plan one STAT! :) xoxo

Carole Poirot said...

Ah, will have to pop round to Harrods and have take a peek - I don't really go there often enough anyway ;-) xo

Katherine said...

i want hte sleeping beauty and snow white one! the snow white one is SO pretty. i love these - what a fun collab. i love disney and fashion.

<3 katherine

Unknown said...

This is so amazing!! I love Disney and I love fashion so obviously I love this!!! Thanks for sharing!!

PS. I'd love it if you could visit my blog and follow me if you like it!! :)


Jo said...

Hey Kim, that's why I want a daughter. Hehe. Beautiful creations!

xo Jo

Lindsay Lee said...

I will never get too old for Disney princesses. I love this!

Diamonds&Pearls-Shandi said...

Oh, so beautiful. I'm glad I have a daughter to share my Disney Princess obsession with. lol.
I'm loving the updated looks, gorgeous.

Popcorn, Pugs & Peonies said...

This sounds amazing. If I lived in the area, I would love to swing by.


Channing in The City said...

I SO wish I had a Harrods to see this in person. I think Bergdorf Goodman is doing something similar but these images are much more like the original princess. Belle is still my favorite :)

Julie (Little Pink Rain Boots) said...

Oh, I wish I lived in London. I adore this. I was scrolling the sketches going "This is my favorite. No, this one's better" haha. I think Sleeping beauty's is my favorite, but the color of Jasmine's in the video is stunning.

Jacqueline said...

omg thank you for sharing this, this totally made my day! I love disney princesses! i loved that video!


Anonymous said...

valentinooo is the best!! ;)


Sam said...

I was so excited to hear about this, can't wait to see the final pieces, the drawings alone are pretty amazing. I can't get past the Elie Saab of course and Versace seems to be doing an exceptional Cinderella!

two birds said...

my daughter would absolutely love this....i wish we could be there to see it in person!

Shabby, Chic, & Cheap said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE this! I still watch Disney movies to this day! I love all the princesses :)

BTW tried to add your button to my blog and it didn't work.

Content Director - Strong Female Leaders said...

My daughter would LOVE this, and so would I. Gorgeous princess gowns.

By the way, is that a new header I see? How fab!

Girlie Blog Seattle | Cheap Makeup Reviews

Unknown said...

This is so cute!

The Hipster Owl's Bookshelf said...

Oh my freaking goodness!! :D

How splendiferous is that!! :D (That word totally

My fav is def the sleeping beauty one. All that pink and roses make me go :) !! sigh..

LOVED THIS POST! Thank you sooo much for sharing it with us. you always have such awesome things in your blog :)

LongIslandWeddingOfficiant said...

What a fantastical post! I really love a little mermaid dress:-)
hugs from New York,
Ask Erena

Thrifted Shift said...

This video was awesome! I just watched it twice!

Maja said...

I love complete concept on the first place , but my favorite is Sleeping beauty :)

Shop N' Chomp said...

Omg that Sleeping Beauty one! <3 it!!

little luxury list said...

SOOO cool! I think I may have pinned this, but love the detail on each of these modern images!

Chic 'n Cheap Living

MOSAMUSE said...

this is beautiful! the designers did a great job! i love Disney characters!! did you see the new Latina princess?

Emily {Isnt That Charming} said...

What a fun post! Love all of these princesses :)
Isn’t That Charming.

Head to Toe Chic said...

LOVE this!! Disney movies are my favorite and these dresses are gorgeous.


Unknown said...

LOVE this post! Wow I am so loving Aurora's dress, that is gorgeous <33333

xoxo Bree
The Urban Umbrella

Sheila said...

Gorgeous!!!! I love all the princesses, they're beautiful. :)

xo - Sheila

erica marie said...

I've always love the disney princesses...the sketches were beautiful but seeing them in the video was something else...completely stunning. Totally in love with Princess Aurora, Ariels, and Rapunzel's dress.

xo erica

Anne said...

I think everyone loves a bit of Disney!! My girls would love to visit Harrods for a shopping trip:)

Coco said...

Aurora and Tiana's restyling are my favourites.Tell my little princess who just got Aurora's old-style dress and is scattering glitter all over my living room!!How is your ceiling's reconstruction going?One day I will ask your secret source of all this cool glam-sweet information:-)

Unknown said...

I love it. You have great blog! <3

Would You like to follow each other?

Unknown said...

omg this is so cool!!! wish I was in london!

xo Jackie

Jennifer Fabulous said...

OH MY GOD. You have no idea how much I'm freaking out right now. I've been anticipating this post by seeing teasers of it on instagram and it's every bit as fabulous as I hoped!

I love all these designs, but I think my favorite is Cinderella or Sleeping Beauty. And that video is freaking MAGICAL.

anyaadores said...

OMG are you kidding me - my princesses (and the queen =ME) would adore that. We have just visited Londonia, but I think a Xmas visit might be on the cards. Awesomeness indeed,

Nails My Dreams said...

Whoa! Those dresses look awesome! I want them. lol.

Miu said...

So cool!

The Dainty Dolls House said...

Amazing...can't even pick a favourite, all of them look wonderful!I'm such a big Disney princess fan too :) So nice to see them still going on even though I'm much older now :))

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