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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

MAC Cosmetics Collection Tips

Do you guys remember my MAC Archies Girls blog post? I scored some nice stuff huh? Well MAC cosmetics releases themed collections like that several times a year. Past collections (since 2008) have included, Marilyn Monroe, Shop Cook, Wonder Woman, Venomous Villains and many more. MAC Archie's Girls was my 1st MAC Collection (I'm a MAC newbie) and I truly learned a lot while waiting for the collection to be released. I learned so much, I thought I would share some tips with you. Enjoy!

Tip #1 - Join Specktra! It's Free!

Specktra is a (cosmetic fans community) website composed of informative forums & threads. If you love COSMETICS and BEAUTY products, then this site is for you. They mainly talk about MAC cosmetics, but there are forums/threads for other brands such as Chanel, Urban Decay, drugstore brands, Stila, Shu Uemura, mineral makeup and MANY MORE.

If you thought you loved makeup, trust me you don't compared to the members on there. They eat, breathe and live for makeup. They follow these collections from beginning to end. They create threads for each one! They know the official names, colors, when it will launch, free shipping codes, will answer any questions you may have about a product, and give you swatches for every possible skin tone.The members even compare & contrast the colors of new collections with past ones to see if there are any dupes (copies). Once they receive their products in the mail, they showcase them on Specktra and their blogs. Again, it's truly amazing.

MAC is releasing a Baking Beauties and Rihanna collection next. There's already a thread for each one. You know I'm all over the Baking Beauties collection, because the names include chocolate eclair, devil's food, and in for a treat. Yum!

Tip #2 - Study The Collection! Know What You Want!

MAC always releases official names and descriptions of products for each collection. Closer to the release date you'll find that, fashion magazines will do features on the collection, beauty bloggers will receive samples and do posts on products and various forms of social media will promote the products. So constantly study the collection. KNOW the official names and shades of everything you want to buy. Write them down! When the collection goes LIVE and it's time to buy, there is no time to fumble around guessing the names and shades of the items you want.

For my fashion blogger buddies, it's like when Target came out with Jason Wu and Prabal Gurung collection. You paid close attention to what was in the collection. Well the same goes for makeup collections like these. Know it! Know it like you're studying for a test! Because when something sells out, you may have to resort buying it on eBay (and the prices are jacked wayyyy UP by then).

Tip #3 - Create An Account On MAC's Website

MAC Collections sell out FAST and are restocked SLOWLY! You have to know what you want and check out quickly! If not, you will get "CART JACKED"! I learned that from the Specktra girls! HaHaHa Cart jacked is when you put items in your shopping cart, but while you're looking at other items MAC takes things out, gives them to other customers who want the same things and ARE ready to check out.

When you create an account, your shipping information and credit card will be automatically stored making check out quicker and easier. If you have to input all of that information the day the collection comes out, you will end up with ONE item in your cart. HaHaHa

Tip #4 - Be A MAC Pro Member

If you're lucky enough to be one of the following (Makeup Artist, Aesthetician, Cosmetologist, Hairstylist, Fashion Stylist, Nail Technician, Costume Designer, Model, On-Air Talent/Performer, and/or Photographer), then you can become a MAC Pro Member for an annual fee. This means, you will get first dibs at the collection before ALL others and discounts. MAC PRO members were able to access the MAC Archie's Girls Collection at 4:30am, plus the items were discounted. The general public wasn't able to access the collection until around 4pm!!! So being a PRO, definitely has it's privileges.

Tip #5 - You MISSED The Collection!!! Say Whaaat?

Well hot damn! What are you gonna do? Don't fret. Do I look worried or stressed? No. Certain coveted products from the MAC Archie's Girls Collection SOLD OUT after a day or two on the MAC website. The demand was high, but MAC did a great job supplying a large amount product so all could have a chance. But if you missed the collection, either go to or check the following stores online: Macy's, Nordstrom, Selfridges, Dillards, Bloomingdales etc. and one that I cannot name (it's a secret) usually carry the collection a couple of days after MAC holds their online event (both online and at their store). Follow the thread on Specktra to find out when!

Another option is calling or having a good relationship with your local MAC store saleswoman/salesman. MAC stores have special launch events! Sign up and get an invite! For the MAC Archie's Girls Collection there was picture taking with a character Archie, Veronica, Betty, and you got a cute little heart shaped tin filled with candy. I didn't go, but a friend of mine gave me one. Isn't it cute?

Hope these tips helped. If you have any tips on being successful at purchasing collections, please share them below.


Rainbow Gatherer said...

I've never had a collection before but mac ones are so lovely!

xoxo_grah said...

mac cosmetics are really nice and of good quality...i love archie when I was a kid....:)


oomph. said...

great tips, kim! i will keep that website in mind as i always have questions about products i want to i know where to go for tips and advice.

mobile morsels

Unknown said...

Great tips Kim - that candy tin is adorable! I will check out Spektra :)

Rozen Saku said...

I never was into collections but now i am, I try to collect collections that are fun and give a great happy feel when using them. Great post

Cee said...

These are such helpful tips, Kim - especially the one about Spektra! I have to admit, I stay away from limited edition collections because I get very attached to my make-up and if I can't replace something when I finish it, it makes me really sad... and I end up wasting tons of time hunting for a substitute. But I'm definitely hanging onto some of your smart shopping tips for the next time there's a limited edition clothing collection at H&M - especially about cartjacking, that has happened to me way too many times, ha ha!

Mica said...

I liked the comparison to the fashion collections :) I can't imagine getting stuck on a limited edition item as I tend not so change up my makeup frequently, so I'd run out pretty fast if it was limited! For those who vary what they wear often though it is a great chance to try something new :)
Still remember 4 weeks before my wedding going to buy more Clinique stuff after mine ran out and being told they had discontinued it....I nearly cried in the store, haha. Luckily there was ebay, as I wasn't game to change my routine so close to the wedding and have a reaction or something!

Away From The Blue

Heather said...

I need to do more research with makedup - I usually just buy it on a whim! Thanks for the Spectra tip!

Pearls & Paws

Natalia | Look-A-Porter said...

Well done for getting your little beauty wishes all sorted. :)

Sam said...

Love anything MAC, the quality of their makeup is unparalleled. These were excellent tips, I've always wondered what to do if I missed a collection.

Tales of Whimsy said...

Will you believe I've never tried MAC?

Rowena @ rolala loves said...

I used to shop at MAC all the time but then I got entranced by other brands. I really must stop by their store soon because I'm sure I'm missing out on some great products. Thanks for these tips Kim!

Rowena @ rolala loves

Unknown said...

I had to laugh at the cart jacking--I love how beauty addicts are hard core, just like fashion fanatics! I thought of you yesterday because I stopped in at Sprinkles when I was in Bev Hills getting a beauty treatment :) - I always end up ordering the same thing, the black and white cupcake. Have you tried Sprinkles yet? Not sure if they have one where you live, but they seem to be spreading here in California (one in Newport, one in LA and I saw one in downtown LA yesterday too).

xo Mary Jo

Lilli said...

Hi Kim!:) I am a MAC fun too, didnt know that community:) Thanks a lot for your comment, glad I have found you too since you have really a great blog!:) Keep in touch dear, kisses! xo

Sarah Hartley said...

These are great tips. I didn't actually know that they release theme collections that often.

TheTinyHeart said...

I haven't bought any of MAC's special collections but I do wear MAC eyeshadow's my fav! Thanks for the tips!

The Tiny Heart

little luxury list said...

You have totally enabled me to check out Spektra. I love hearing recommendations from beauty junkies!

Chic 'n Cheap Living

renae said...

Such a cute post. I love MAC products but usually not able to spend that much when I can get Cover Girl with a coupon for nearly nothing. Hmmmm, I should do a post on that. Hey, thanks for the inspiration. hahahaha.

PAPS said...

Wow did not realize the Mac archie thing is a biggie.

Sara said...

How awesome! Now we know how you get all the inside info on the goods! Hahaha :P

welldressedmaker said...

I don't have a MAC retailer around my area, so I haven't been keeping tabs with collections, but I was super excited about the Wonder Woman collection when it came out years ago. The stuff I wanted ended up being sold out super quickly, so I just gave up. Later on when I went on a trip to Seattle, I found ALL the shades I wanted in a small MAC store!
♥ laura
the blog of worldly delights
the shop of worldly delights

Jacqueline said...

I went the day after the Marilyn Monroe collection was released to get a gift for my sister and they literally had three products left. I luckily got the one I wanted for her but I was shocked!


The Dragonfruit said...

One day I'll invest in makeup as much as I do Its bad since all I do are my eyes, and I just stick with drugstore liquid eyeliner and mascara and call it good! But when I do get into makeup, I'm going with MAC :)

Trendy Teal

CaninesCouture said...

Love the name of that, Baking Beauties. Too cute! It makes me hungry, though...and doesn't necessarily move me to buy more makeup. ;)


Jules of Canines & Couture

Unknown said...

Gosh it took me awhile to come back around to MAC. At 18 I was working two jobs and one of them was at a MAC store which was CRAZY. The madness over the collections was unreal! I just love all the fun packaging though and I like the mac isnt as expensive as some of the other designer makeup brands! Arent you stoked for the baking beauties collection? Oh and good job on finding specktra! Love that site so so much!


Sakuranko said...

Oh really interesting seeall that collections. Sweetie Now I´m following you i hope your follow me back.


Coco said...

Thank you for sharing these tips!! I'm not a collection-aholic but I enjoyed reading your advice! Big hugs! xx Coco

Corinne said...

you are too adorable in that betty shirt! this is so good to know! (i totally missed out on the marilyn monroe collection & was so upset about it)
xx Corinne

Oh to Be a Muse said...

Thanks for letting me know about Specktra. I had never heard of that site before and it sounds really good for girls into beauty products.

Stylishly in love said...

Great post.

If you get a sec, check out my latest post 'Cool and Casual'.


Unknown said...

Nice blog you have here I follow.

Anonymous said...

This collection is so fun!! I love the bright colors! That shade is gorg on you!

Unknown said...

Ah! This is such an amazing post! Thanks for sharing =D I LOVE Mac Cosmetics!
Twitter: Sensiblestylist

Rebeca Muñoz López said...

I wanted some of this collection, but here did not arrive this collection
:( nice post Kim!!
Kisses and thanks for to visit my blog, dear!

Lorena said...

Ok, i like make up BUT NOT THAT much :)
I like to wear my make up to the last drop, so this kind of keeps me on track and helps me just buy what i need.

Jo said...

Kimmy, what an informative post! Love! I never knew Mac had all those collection. I love your Betty's shirt and of course, your lip color. Have a delightful week, girl!

xo Jo

S said...

great post kim. annnnnd when all else fails there's always ebay (sigh)


steph /

Julie (Little Pink Rain Boots) said...

I adore Mac they have the cutest themed collections. Great tips. Specktra can become very addictive to browse.
Your shirt is too cute by the way, is your make up from the collection? I like the color of your lipstick/gloss.

Sybil said...

these are amazing tips!! i totally agree with knowing what you want right away and just getting it the first day! :D things sell out so fast!!

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Rebecca said...

Fantastic! Thanks so much for the great MAC shopping tips! The have some fabulous collections!


LyddieGal said...

I've never bought MAC makeup, but it must be amazing to have such die hard fans!
Chic on the Cheap

aki! said...

I remember when Mac had their disney villains collection. Man, I wanted that one so bad!

7% Solution​

Francesca said...

Great tips! That Archie collection looks adorable! :)

Katherine said...

Still, so cute. Is it weird I have never used Mac cosmetics? I am addicted to Benefit myself.

miss b said...

Some great little tips here, Kim and I'll definitely check out Spektra - sounds interesting!

The Dainty Dolls House said...

These are super tips...I do love the Archies...such a childhood thing I was in love with :)) You look gorgeous!! xx

Unknown said...

Kim you look so cute! Love Betty and Veronica.. My granny used to read me the comics when i was a little girl! :)


Jens C. Kruse said...


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