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Saturday, October 14, 2017

5 Top Tips for Wedding Dress Shopping

A wedding dress is easily the most important dress you will ever wear. It is worn on a very special day, so it is only natural that you want the dress to be just as special. Many brides actually plan their weddings around the dress of their dream; the tone or theme of the wedding and other details are designed to match the dress instead of the other way around.

Shopping for a wedding dress can be tricky, especially with a lot of misconceptions circulating. That is why we are going to discuss the top five tips for wedding dress shopping in this article.

Keep It Intimate

You will be tempted to bring as many people as you can when shopping for a wedding dress. Do you need their opinions on which dress to go for? Well, it is actually better to keep the shopping experience intimate in most cases.

Bring your mum, a close friend, perhaps your sisters, and no one else. You want the input of loved ones and really close friends. Bringing too many friends when shopping for a wedding dress, however, will only make it more difficult to decide.

Splurge and Save

A wedding dress is something worth splurging on. You don’t have to spend thousands for the perfect dress, but that doesn’t mean you have to spend the minimum amount of money either. Besides, it is much easier to save on other things such as the wedding venue now that you have sites such as helping you.

Go Timeless when Shopping Early

Now that it is more common to have a long engagement, choosing a particular style of a dress is even harder. You want to follow the latest trend, but you don’t want the dress to look out of style on the day.

There are two ways you can get around this. First, you can choose to shop for a wedding dress much closer to the actual wedding day. Alternatively, you can stick with cuts and designs that are timeless and easy to modify if needed.

Forget About Discounts

We’re back with money issues again, but this time it is about the discounts and special offers available. When shopping for the perfect wedding dress, however, it is best to set these special offers aside first.

You don’t want your decision to be influenced by the amount of money you can save. You will end up settling for a dress; that’s not something you want to do.

Get the Size Right

Remember that you will be wearing the dress for an extended period of time, so take into account factors such as comfort and the weight of the dress. Make sure the dress fits you perfectly – not too small, but not too big either – and that you can move around comfortably.

These simple tips are very easy to follow, but they are proven and will help you find the perfect wedding dress to pick up in no time. Start your search today and find your dream dress of the special day.


  1. great post!

  2. I agree about girls having a dream dress and planning their entire wedding around it. Haha.

    Joy to the World

  3. the tips sounds good enough! I wish I had someone to pass it on soon but alas it feels like each girl I know is already married

    Inside and Outside Blog

  4. The best tip you've mentioned in this post would be keeping it intimate. I can imagine how crowded it must get having to deal with everyone's opinions while choosing a wedding dress! I'm nowhere near getting married yet, but I'll keep your advice in mind for when the time comes! :)

    Gabrielle | A Glass Of Ice x

  5. Great tips Kim. I have always been an odd female in that I never dreamed of a wedding dress and wanting the typical celebration. But I do love going to weddings and admire the gowns, accessories and all the other gorgeous stuff that goes along with it. :)

  6. Great tips Kim! This makes me miss wedding dress shopping. I brought my whole freaking bridal party with me, and if I were to go back in time I would not have done that. It was so much and too many options, but i knew what I wanted so it worked out. So yes to keeping it intimate! And also yes that you don't need to spend thousands of dollars for a nice dress!

  7. These are great tips! When I got mine I just went into the store and found my dress with first try :)


  8. You remind me of when I was looking for my wedding dress! The third dress I found was the one I loved and didn't need to see anything else.

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