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Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Covergirl Flourish by Lash Blast Mascara Review and Swatches

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PR Sample: I was sent COVERGIRL's NEW Flourish by Lash Blast Mascara to review. I'll be honest, I sat on this for a couple of weeks because so many drugstore mascaras have disappointed me in the past. But I decided to open it and give it a try. Let me give you a little background. This mascara contains lush ingredients such as coconut, avocado and papaya oils. COVERGIRL states this mascara has a "creamy formula [that] coats lashes from root to tip for lash definition and length without the clumps." This mascara is ophthalmologist tested, suitable for contact wearers, and can be removed with makeup remover. The price ranges from $6.29 - $9.49 (Walgreens, ULTA, Target). This mascara is currently offered in brown, black brown, black and very black. Now, let me share my thoughts. The packaging for this mascara should look very familiar. It's similar to many other COVERGIRL mascaras (full lash bloom, clump crusher, lash blast etc). COVERGIRL has 21 volumizing and 13 waterproof mascaras. Why so many mascara's COVERGIRL? WHY? But I digress! You want to know about this one. Are you ready? Are you sitting down? I really like this mascara! Let me tell you why. It's a dry mascara. For ONCE, you don't get an excessive amount of product on your brush when you take it out its tube. I hate having to take off excess. I always have much success with dry mascaras. Second, the brush on the wand is straight and the perfect length. I can easily apply this mascara to both my upper & lower lashes with no problem. I can get into those inner corners as well. There's no struggle. Third, it coats each last from root to tip. The wand separates each lash and lengthens the lash. Four, there's no clumping...yaaay! Five, after application my lashes still feel natural & soft. No crispiness! I know you're laughing. This mascara will give you a CLEAN & NATURAL (but better) look. I'm not a big mascara person, but sometimes I just want to define my lashes without them looking like they're coated with mascara. If you want the same, you will love this mascara. Now, is this a going out on the town or evening mascara? NO. Is this for someone who wants a dramatic look? NOPE. Would this be my ONLY mascara? Nah. But this would be my EVERYDAY MASCARA. I really like it and I feel you will also. I would buy this again. Also, a little lagniappe for you. COVERGIRL has changed their logo. Did you know that? It just happened (read here). No more "easy breezy beautiful Covergirl". I Am What I Makeup is their new slogan. Just thought you would be interested :)

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  Covergirl Flouris by Lash Blast Mascara is Sweet

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