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Wednesday, October 24, 2018

What To Wear To A Winter Wedding

When you get invited to a wedding in the summer, choosing an outfit is easy - summer dress & heels! Winter wedding outfits are slightly harder to plan sadly as you’ll need to think about the weather, your shoe choice and much more. Staying stylish is always important and so to help you with this big decision, we have put together some tips on what you can wear to a winter wedding. Keep reading if you are expecting that dreaded winter wedding invite any day now.

Long-Sleeve Dresses
The winter is the perfect time to break out that long-sleeve dress that you haven’t had a chance to wear yet. We love flowery patterns on long-sleeve dresses so make sure to choose one that is going to make an impression. This outfit will keep you warm and look stylish at the same time so make sure to invest in a long-sleeve dress or wear one of your favourite summer ones!

As it gets closer to Christmas, more velvet is appearing in our favourite stores and we are loving it. For your next winter wedding, try some velvet as it is warm and looks amazing as it sparkles on you. You could have a velvet dress or even just warm yourself up with a velvet jacket. If you’d like to keep the velvet to a minimum, then maybe just opt for a velvet bag.

A Statement Coat
If you are going to a wedding in the winter, then you are probably going to need to bring a coat. Of course, it is really easy to make your coat the main attraction so why not invest in a nice statement coat? Try a leopard print coat or even a brightly coloured one in contrast to the darker weather. This is great for those weddings where you know that you will probably have to keep your coat on the entire day anyway.

Wear A Suit
Suits are in this season and they look amazing when they are tailored perfectly. Of course, you don’t want to wear your standard business suit to a wedding, but you’ll find plenty of bolder, fitted suits that will look amazing. Make sure to pair your suit with a nice ruffled shirt or blouse underneath to show that this is fancy and not just another day at the office. This look is very chic, and all of the celebs are donning suits over dresses this season.

Ankle Boots
Depending on the location of the winter wedding, you might find that it is way too cold to wear any open-toe shoes. Don’t worry because there is a perfect solution to this – ankle boots! The black ankle boots by Dune will look amazing with almost any winter outfit you wear to this wedding and you’ll feel comfortable and warm throughout the day.

If you head to any of your favourite clothing shops this season, you’ll see plenty of sequins on dresses, jackets and bags. This is the perfect season to wear sequins so why not wear them to the next winter wedding that you have been invited to? You’ll love hitting the dancefloor in your sparkly dress or jacket and you’ll impress everyone there.

A Jumpsuit
Another great outfit to wear to a winter wedding is a nice jumpsuit. Many of the jumpsuits that are in shops right now are very flattering and you’ll love how it makes you look. On top of this, you only need to buy one piece and it will keep you warm throughout the day. You might need a matching jacket of course but the jumpsuit will do all of the work in terms of your outfit. Some jumpsuits come with long-sleeves so stay on the lookout this season.

Our final tip for those who are looking for something to wear to a winter wedding is to try out an all-black outfit. You’ll find that in the summer, all-black outfits are generally not really worn but, in the winter, you’ll see them all over the place. Pair a nice black lace dress with some ankle boots and a black jacket and you’ll look amazing at the next winter wedding you go to.

Final Thoughts
Choosing an outfit for a winter wedding is never easy as you have a lot of different things to think about. If you want to look amazing at the next wedding you go to, you should make sure to take all of the advice that we have given you in this article on board. When you do, you’ll have the perfect outfit and you won’t be cold throughout the day. go on a shopping trip and buy yourself some amazing new winter pieces and you’ll be ready for any occasion.
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