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Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Kylie Jenner x Jordyn Woods Collection: Partner In Crime Lip Gloss & Woods Lipstick Review and Swatches

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Kylie Jenner & her best friend Jordyn Woods came out with a makeup collection. It consisted of an eyeshadow palette, highlighter palette, two lip glosses and one lipstick. I wasn't really sold on the eye shadow or highlighter palette, but I really loved one of the glosses and lipstick featured in this collection. I want to take a moment and stress (to my beauty enthusiasts), just because a company comes out with a collection ... doesn't mean you have to buy the entire collection. If you see something that you feel will not work for you ... don't buy it. I would purchase entire collections in the past, and sometimes there were certain things in the collection that just didn't work for me. So I really look and weigh each piece in a collection. I purchased Partner In Crime Gloss. It's a pinky-peach brown gloss. I thought it would be more brown from the swatches online, but I still love my pinky-peachy brown lipsticks & glosses. I sifted through my collection for dupes and I couldn't find anything in my collection that exactly matched Partner In Crime. The ones that came close were Benefit's Punch Pop in Sugar Cookie (review), Tarte's Lip Sculptor in Sass (review) and Anastasia Beverly Hills in Vintage (review). Partner In Crime is a SUPER HIGH GLOSS, but without the stick. It feels really creamy on the lips. It looks great alone and also as a topper. New packaging for this gloss. Smaller tube, but same amount as the longer tube .11 oz. Many loved the smaller tube and felt they had better control of the applicator. I like both. I really don't have a preference. This gloss has a really nice sweet candy-frosting scent. What I'm really excited about is the Woods lipstick! This is Jordyn's last name and the color is appropriate. Such a beautiful color for Fall. It's described as a matte warm deepened rose. What I like about this matte lipstick is that it doesn't FEEL or LOOK like a matte. It has a little shine to it. I really love this color. I also paired Partner In Crime & Woods together on the lips. Surprisingly they look great together. It's a very nice combination. I'm kind of sorry I didn't get 23 Gloss. It's a gold gloss topper. I think it would work well with both of these. But I can always get a gold lip topper. This was a small collection. I'm starting to see a trend, you guys. You still have big collections, but now companies are coming out with MANY QUICK COLLECTIONS! I didn't do a video for this because this collection is SOLD OUT (except for the highlighter palette). Kylie has just announced a HALLOWEEN COLLECTION. Makeup is now becoming quick & fast. Less PR packages are going out. There's less time to review a collection & wait for it to come out (let alone reviewing it after it comes out). By the time my order was shipped, the collection was SOLD OUT. Then if you want anything, you have to resort to eBay etc. I see this trend continuing. The only thing I can suggest is, if you see something you like get it. At least you'll have it. If you don't want it, you can sell it. Those are my thoughts. I love everything I purchased.

supersweet(run & buy it) sweet(really good,buy it) bittersweet(ok, issues)not sweet(not good,don't buy this stuff) 
Kylie x Jordyn Partner In Crime Gloss is Sweet
Kylie x Jordyn Woods Lipstick is Supersweet

Kylie x Jordyn Partner In Crime Gloss

Kylie x Jordyn Woods Lipstick

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