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Tuesday, February 26, 2019

6 Activities To Do With The Whole Family This Weekend

It’s not always easy to think of things that will keep everyone entertained over the weekend, the little ones might get tired being dragged around museums and theme parks and then older ones might get bored if you just stick to soft play and the local park. So, what can you do to make the most of both worlds?

Well, here you’ll find some super simple ideas that will keep everyone busy this weekend – and it’ll keep your bank account happy too!

Get Stuck Into Something Arty
Everyone loves a bit of make and do, even us grownups! You could start with something really basic like printing off some online colouring pages – see the range of inks from printerinks here – or you could head out and restock that arts and crafts box with everything they’ll need to create and build from their imagination. Paper, coloured card, felt, stickers, poster paints, washi tape, glue, pom poms, string, googly eyes, glitter – and anything else you can think of. It’ll certainly keep them all entertained if the weather is a little out of sorts.

Let The Kids Make A Photo Album
If you’ve refilled your printer, why not let the kids run wild by taking photographs on your phone, printing them off and then sticking them into an album. They can write captions with the photos or even create a story. Or if there are some nice family pictures stored on your device, they could print those off too and decorate a wall space in their bedroom.

Bike Ride
Bikes, scooters, trikes – whatever means of transport your little ones have, make the most of it during the sunny weather and head off on a bike ride. Plan ahead and find a route that is car free and quite flat (especially if you have smaller ones), you could end the trip with a lovely picnic at a beauty spot. Just remember that they’ll have to ride their bikes back again – so make sure it’s not too long! If you're interested in scooters Fuzion has a great selection of scooters and aftermarket wheels.

A Home Spa
Girls, boys, mum, or dad – there’s no reason why everyone can’t get involved in this one! Get the kids to run their own day spa, let them soak your feet in a bowl of warm water, then let them paint your toenails. They could give you a little face massage and apply some makeup (if you’re feeling brave) and you could take it in turns styling each other’s hair. Sorry dad! You’ll have to grin and bear this one!

Garden Camping
Spring is well and truly here so why not make the most of the warmer weather? Set up a tent in the back garden and treat the kids to hot chocolates and a bit of star gazing. It might be a little too cool to sleep out there, but when you come inside you can treat everyone to a nice hot meal instead.

Movie Night/Afternoon
Who doesn’t love a movie night? Get lots of bean bags, cushions, pillows and throws and make an evening of it. Don’t forget the popcorn!
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