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Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Birthday Girl

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Not Sponsored: Today is my birthday! It's also Wednesday. I thought it would be befitting to wear pink ;) I purchased this cute pink-ribbed hoodie & jogger pants set from Nordstrom. It's so soft & comfortable. I love the ruffled detail around the wrist & waist. It comes in pink, grey & black. Do you like my makeup? Find out what it is Friday. I'm finally finding pink makeup that compliments my skin-tone. It only took 7 years, but I'm finally getting it! LOL BTW, I'm 47 years young (like that reversal) When I first started blogging, I never wanted to reveal my age because everyone was so much younger than me. But for whatever reason, I now feel comfortable saying it. Maybe I'm more comfortable with myself then I was years ago. I've changed a lot. I remember a time when I wouldn't walk out the door without makeup. Now I'm comfortable bare-faced or made up. I remember a time when I would wait for a holiday to celebrate. Now I celebrate everyday. I treat myself & do something for myself everyday. Don't wait. Never wait. Take care of yourself. You have a purpose. Keep that sparkle in your eyes. You're a light, that needs to shine. Shine bright!

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