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Friday, October 30, 2020

11 Unique Things That Will Make Your Wedding Day More Meaningful

You’d like to think that no matter what you decide to do your wedding day will be meaningful, and for many, this will absolutely be the case. However, for some, sticking to the same wedding template as everybody else just won’t cut it. It can feel stilted, inauthentic, and just no fun for the couple involved. The outcome will be the same, but they will usually be left wondering if they could have done anything different to make it more exciting and personal to them as a couple. If you’re in the process of planning your wedding, below, you’ll find 11 unique things that will make your wedding day more meaningful. Take a look and see what you can do to make your wedding day mean more to you as a couple:

1. Getting Rid of the Traditions That You Don’t Vibe With 

There are all kinds of traditions involved in typical wedding days. Wearing a white dress, not seeing each other until you’re at the altar, having your father give you away, and more. The good news is, in 2020, you don’t need to stick to tradition at all. Get rid of as many traditions that you don’t vibe with as you like. You should only do the things that feel important and meaningful to you. This will make your day far more special and personal to you as a couple. It should feel less cluttered, too, and you might just save some time and money in the process!

2. Wearing An Outfit That You Love

Make sure you wear an outfit you love on your wedding day. It doesn’t have to be white - it doesn’t even have to be a dress! Many people feel under pressure to pick out a formal wedding dress in one of the many shades of white or cream, but there’s no need for you to do this at all. You could wear a prom dress, an evening gown, or even a suit. What matters is that you love it and you feel great in it. Forget what other people think - if they want to talk about it, that’s their problem!

3. Get Your Loved Ones Involved

See if you can get your loved ones involved and make the day even more special. You probably already have people making speeches, but remember, you can always ask somebody else to make a speech - somebody who is important to you but not necessarily always part of wedding tradition. You could also ask your loved ones to suggest songs and ideas for entertainment. Ask them to help you decorate. Find as many ways as you can to get them involved in your special day.

4. Involve Your Pets

Why not involve your pets in your big day? It isn't unheard of if your pet is your baby! You could have your little dog at the ceremony before going off to a sitter for the evening. You can get some great pictures with them, and in the end, you’ll likely be glad you had them there.

Photo by Emir Kaan Okutan from Pexels

5. Get Married Somewhere That Means Something To You

Choose a venue that means something to you. Maybe you could get married outside at a festival themed wedding, or even in the pub you first met. You can still pick a landmark wedding venue for an iconic setting for the day ahead. As long as it’s both you and your partner’s dream venue, it’ll make your day meaningful.

6. Give Guests Cameras To Take Pictures From Their Perspective

You can leave disposable cameras at the tables that your guests can turn in and you can have developed at a later date. This can give guests something to do, and you’ll be able to see your wedding day from many different perspectives! 

7. Introduce Your Wedding Party

Introducing your wedding party can be a nice touch if you have lots of guests attending where many of them don't know one another. Consider having a table with your guest book, pictures of each member of your wedding party and stories about how you all know one another and unique facts about them. Make everybody involved feel special and make your other guests feel like they know them!

8. Give Everyone A Special Memento To Take Home

You can have standard favors, but why not have something special? For instance, you could have a portrait artist go around tables and create little works of art while your guests eat, drink, or chat. Take a look at an artist whose style you love and your guests will have something super special to cherish and look back at after your day is over.

9. Get The Kids Involved

If there are some special kids in your life, whether your own or somebody else's, see if you can get them involved. Ask them to sing a song, play an instrument, or recite a poem. Of course, don’t spring this on them on the day. Give them a chance to decide what they want to do and practice first!

10. Give Unique Gifts To Your Wedding Party

When it comes to giving gifts to your wedding party, make them unique. Give monogrammed items, flasks, jewellery, or similar items that you know they will cherish. Let them know how much they mean to you and how grateful you are that they have been by your side through all of this.

11. Encourage Guests To Record A Video Note

Encourage your guests to record video notes for you to look back on and smile - like a virtual guest book! If you have a videographer then you can ask them to record notes from people you love. You may even want to hire a photo/video booth where people can take pictures and have them printed, as well as create video notes for you. If you have a wedding website, then they can be uploaded here afterwards for everybody to see!

How are you going to make your wedding day more meaningful? Leave a comment!

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