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Friday, October 30, 2020

Anxiety: Does It Get Worse in Your 40’s?

Life is stressful and hectic at the best of times but recent economic and global health turbulence has only served to accentuate feelings of anxiety for many of us, but does that level of anxiety worsen with age?

Plenty of us regularly buy CBD online as a way of helping to alleviate anxiety disorders, amongst other things, and it prompts the question as to whether your coping mechanism comes under greater pressure when you hit the so-called midlife point.

Here is a look at some observations relating to the topic of anxiety when you hit your fourth decade.

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A more mature perspective on life

One of the first points to make is that the general perception tends to be that maturity would help you to gain a wider perspective on life and, therefore, make it easier to cope with what life throws at you from time to time.

However, the alternative view is that as a result of health problems on the horizon that come with the aging process and changes to our life, such as divorce, redundancy, and other obstacles that can come your way, there is growing evidence that anxiety may increase with age.

The general perception has always been that anxiety levels were more likely to decline with age as a result of emotional maturity and financial security that comes with paying off your mortgage, for example.

Mental health experts are now altering their view in this respect and depression coupled with an increase in cases of Alzheimer’s means that anxiety disorders are now taken more seriously than before.

The challenge of physical changes

Another point to consider is the physical changes that occur in your 40’s and beyond can have a detrimental impact on your anxiety levels.

A good example of this would when women go through menopause.

Menopausal anxiety is extremely common but it can be very debilitating to find that your mood levels have changed as a result of this landmark point of physical change in your life.

Hormonal imbalances are to blame and if you already suffer from bouts of depression or anxiety, the onset of menopause will only serve to heighten these feelings for a certain amount of time.

These symptoms can be addressed through a variety of options including medical help and therapeutic options. This is one typical scenario where CBD has become very popular because it is known to help reduce anxiety levels.

Identify the triggers

You can often trace the source of your anxiety back to a specific trigger, which is often a period of significant change in your life.

If you are forced to seek a new source of employment in your 40’s, for instance, that can be more stressful than if you are younger and feel that time is more on your side.

Family relationships can also trigger a change in your anxiety levels, especially when your children leave home to start their own adult journey away from the nest.

As you can see, there are plenty of reasons to suggest that your anxiety levels could increase in your 40’s but it is also the case that there are plenty of viable solutions to help put your mind back into a good place.

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