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Saturday, October 3, 2020

Copywriting Guide - All You Need To Know

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Copywriting is basically the utilization of words, phrases, ideas, and sentences, with the aim of promoting a business, product, or service. Therefore, as you can imagine copywriting plays an integral role in a lot of businesses. Thus, if you have an eBusiness it is essential that you are aware of how to use copywriting properly in order to benefit yourself and gain excess traffic and excess customers.

To begin with, it is important to recognize that copywriting is a means of advertising and marketing, it’s not a fancy and elaborate news piece, so remember whilst writing that you want to engage people and make them want to visit your business website, you don’t want them to be impressed by big, fancy, and long-winded words. Thus, there are various rules you should stick to in order to ensure you are engaging the reader with your copywriting and getting the message along.

Some rules to follow when producing content for your business

First and foremost, never use sentences which are too long whilst copywriting, fifteen words are enough - and no more. You don’t want to bore the reader, and no matter how interesting your sentences are if they are too long people will notice this and won’t want to read any further. In addition to this, do not worry about the length of your article, if it is really short then this is better than a long piece of copywriting which is merely excess words and consequently lacks substance. Make sure you use only positive words, in order to make the person feel positive towards what you are promoting, thus making them want to visit your business website.

Furthermore, you need to make use of keywords whilst copywriting in order to get your business higher up in the chief search engine rankings, such as Google and Yahoo. However, be careful with the utilization of keywords. By this I mean do not use them everywhere in your copywriting just for the sake of it; they need to read well and fit naturally. If you use them where inappropriate then readers will realize this and they will few your copywriting as in-genuine because they will be aware that the sole purpose of it is to try and get it up the ratings. You need to make people feel as if you are writing for them and by telling them about your eBusiness you are in fact doing them a favor, rather than yourself.

Make sure that your content is relatable and connects with the reader

When writing a piece of copywriting you need to ensure that your writing style is relatable and that the person reading it feels comfortable. Do not write in a formal style which will intimidate the reader, you need to write in a friendly and warm tone in order to make them feel safe and thus make them want to visit your business website. My advice in relation to this would be to write your copywriting piece as if you are talking to your friend and telling them all about your business, this way your copywriting will flow better and will be more conversational.

Making sure your content is SEO-friendly

It is also highly advisable to use link labels and hyperlinks throughout your copywriting as this will also increase your business website ranking in the chief search engine ratings. Nevertheless, as is the case with keywords, make sure you use link labels sparingly and do not put them in your article for the mere sake of things. The placing of your hyperlinks in your copywriting is also very important; if you are going to include your links throughout the article then you must make sure they are in relevant places. If not then you can either stick the link at the top of your article or at the bottom, in my opinion at the end of the article is usually best because you can say something like; “for more information click here ...”

Finally, this sounds obvious but you would be surprised by how many people do not do so; make sure you check over your copywriting at least three times before you submit it. If there are mistakes in your copywriting then no-one will want to visit your site because they will deem it to be as unprofessional as your copywriting is. Therefore, it is absolutely essential that your copywriting is of a high standard and that no mistakes are made; quality is everything.

Make sure your content team collaborates effectively with the entire marketing department

Your marketing team should not be a standalone department that does not consult with anyone else. They should be collaborating with the rest of your marketing team to ensure that everything is cohesive. After all, one of the most important things when it comes to branding is making sure that everything is cohesive and goes well together. You are not going to be able to ensure that this is the case if you do not integrate all of the relevant professionals. You can read more on creative team structure to ensure that you have everything set-up in the most effective way to harvest innovation and creativity. You should also make sure that you are in continual communication with your employees regarding their work environment and set-up. This will enable you to pick up on any issues or barriers that are getting in the way and having a negative impact on your branding efforts.

If you follow the advice in this article then you can rest assured that your copywriting will be successful and you will get more people coming to your business website in no time. Copywriting is a very effective method in getting more views and more potential customers, however, it must be utilized properly in order to benefit from its full effects. So make sure you use keywords and link labels throughout your copywriting and remember quality is an absolute essential so check over your work several times.

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