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Monday, July 19, 2021

A Splendid Time Trying Splendid Spoon

Disclosure: I received a box of Splendid Spoon for review. I was not paid. All opinions are honest and 100% my own. 

PR Sample: Hey Everybody! I was asked if I would like to try Splendid Spoon. Of course I said YES, because trying things is what I LOVE to do. Splendid Spoon was founded in 2011. They are out of New York and are a home meal delivery service. You may be asking yourself, how is this home meal delivery service DIFFERENT from others!?! Well, I'll give you several answers to that question! Their meals are VEGAN. They're also PLANT-BASED. They're GLUTEN-FREE. The meals contain NO ADDED SUGARS, are HEART HEALTHY, PROTEIN PACKED and are UNPROCESSED. ALL MEALS ARE READY-TO-EAT (that means NO COOKING)! YOU GET TO PICK WHAT YOU WANT AND HOW OFTEN YOU WANT TO RECEIVE A BOX! Why am I shouting? I'm just a little excited. Let me share my experience!

The first thing I noticed upon receiving Splendid Spoon was the packaging. I'm a detail girl! I notice the details. Packaging and presentation are everything (to me)! The food was packaged so nicely! The box was heavy-duty, sturdy and held all its contents. The box contained dry ice, so the food remained cold. The box contained two layers of food items: soups & shots (top) and then smoothies (bottom). Everything was in tact. Nothing was crushed. Nothing spilled. No disasters! Hallelujah! There was even a typed label that outlined all the contents in the box. I also loved the outside of the box. Each panel displayed the companies name, website, social media handles, and I loved the colorful bowl and spoon. It was just a joy to look at and open. I view everything as an experience. I got excited!!!

What to try first? I started with Splendid Spoon's Recovery Shot! Splendid Spoon describes it as "an invigorating juice blend formulated to enhance exercise recovery, promote performance, & alleviate muscle soreness." It's also blood-sugar friendly. It contains a lot of different kind of juices! Watermelon Juice (helps relieve muscle soreness), cherry juice (keeps muscles in fighting condition), beets (improves blood flow and reduces inflammation) and a host of other juices. I've been exercising! I've been on my bike and walking on the treadmill. I'm not going to lie. I often feel depleted upon finishing. I tried a Recovery Shot after working out and I felt a difference (something water wasn't doing). This is not watered down Watermelon juice. This has a KICK! You can taste the ginger, beets, lemon! It's an excellent pick me up! Splendid Spoon also has DIGESTION, DETOX and WELLNESS SHOTS! Shots are also offered in BUNDLES. 

My mom, friend and I got together and had a Splendid Spoon lunch. I wanted to hear their opinions on the different food I received. They started with the Recovery Shot and loved it. My friend even said, they should make them BIGGER. He really enjoyed the Recovery Shot. To test the soups (Green Tomatillo Chili Soup), noodle (Vegan Meatballs and Marinara Noodles) and grain bowls (Kimchi Fried Quinoa Grain Bowl) I received, I prepared a salad to compliment them. Preparation was super-easy. You just keep these in the freezer. I let them defrost for several hours. Plop them in a bowl and either heat them 2-4 minutes in the microwave or heat them in a pot (add a little water). You're literally heating and eating. We all thought everything was so FRESH! They tasted delicious and were enjoyable to eat. Each bowl is 2 servings. TWO! We could only eat 1/2 of what was in our bowl. We were all full. So portion wise, you could eat 1 serving for lunch and save the other serving for dinner or the weekend (just freeze that portion). Our favorites were the Meatballs and Marinara Noodles and Kimchi Fried Quinoa Grain Bowl. Nutritional Facts are available on their website. There are 32 Soup & Grain Bowl options. There are 8 Noodle Bowl options. There are 7 Light Soup options. What's nice is YOU get to choose what you want when putting your box together.

And lastly, SMOOTHIES! Splendid Spoon offers 16 options in Smoothies. These are 16 fl oz and contain 2 servings. My favorites were the POWER GREENS and RASPBERRY CACAO SMOOTHIE! With Power Greens, what an AWESOME way to get your vegetables. It contains Kale (loaded with antioxidants and Vitamin C), Banana (packed with potassium to regulate blood sugar), Spirulina (jumpstarts endurance) and other great things. The Raspberry Cacao Smoothie has Raspberry (packs a punch of essential vitamins and minerals), Cacao (improves blood flow to your brain - boy do I need that HaHaHa), Coconut (clears skin and keeps hair shiny) and more great things. I don't always have time to juice, so this is a great way to drink healthy. So you guys, those are my thoughts about Splendid Spoon! I hope my review helps you in your shopping experience.

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