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Saturday, July 31, 2021

Yardbird Southern Table & Bar Review | Dallas, Texas

Not Sponsored: Hey Everybody! I vacationed for a week in Dallas (Uptown), Texas this Summer. I stayed at Hotel ZaZa Dallas (it's a boutique hotel) located in (the uptown area of) Dallas, Texas. During that time, I patronized several restaurants. I would like to review them for you, just in case you're thinking about visiting Dallas, Texas. There are a LOT of restaurants to choose from in the uptown area of Dallas. It's a lovely area. No matter where you stay in the world, I would encourage you to use Google Maps (Google Map your hotel), then click on restaurants to see what restaurants are nearby your hotel (vicinity). Use apps/websites like Yelp, OpenTable, Resy and Tripadvisor to review each restaurant. Using all of these free wonderful tools really helped me :)

I LOVE Fried Chicken! So I was happy to read a recommendation of where to get fried chicken in Dallas. When I read the name Yardbird Southern Table & Bar (Dallas), I chuckled. Yardbird? I envisioned a very casual, country-feel, sit-down, have-a-good-time restaurant, that served really-good fried chicken. There website is run chicken run!!! HaHaHa  Well guess what you guys? Yardbird are all of those things, except country. HaHaHa Its very posh and sophisticated. I took a glimpse of it online before going (and I'm glad I did). See! Never judge a name! I made reservations on OpenTable and headed to Yardbird. It's a gorgeous restaurant, both inside and outside. It sits on a corner and is right next to Residences at Park District (these apartments are very ritzy!). There's also a La Madeleine Petite Market & Bakery on the other side. Again, I LOVE how Dallas makes things so easily accessible. Valet parking is available and very convenient! Its another thing I love about Dallas, they make parking and dining out so easy. At Yardbird, you can dine inside or outside. Outside, Yardbird has beautiful oversized outdoor hanging lights, swings and of course tables. The plants and shrubbery outside are also gorgeous. Inside, there's an assortment of regular tables, high-sitting chairs and tables, booths and a bar. I love the modern and sophisticated feel of the restaurant. It's also very upbeat. I had the best waiter. His name was Austin. When you remember your waiter's name, they have really made an impression. He was the absolute cutest and I loved his care, positivity, knowledge and energy. He suggested The Fried Green Tomato BLT (house-smoked pork belly, pimento cheese, frisee, smoky tomato jam, lemon vinaigrette). It was so good you guys! So good! It's something I would've never ordered for myself, but so glad I took his suggestion. We then ordered The Whole Bird, which is chicken, watermelon and waffles. I've never had spiced watermelon and wasn't sure if I would like it or not, but it tastes really good and is not overwhelming. Yardbird's belgian waffles are perfection! And The Whole Bird is served in a really cute chicken wired shaped container. We had a little hiccup here, because they first served us only half a chicken and then brought more on a plate, so I missed the picture op (whole bird served in the chicken wire container but they took a nice chunk off the final bill). So how did their chicken taste? Their chicken is seasoned really well and tastes delicious. I enjoyed it! I also had their mac n cheese and mama's mashed potatoes. DELICIOUS! I enjoyed myself. This place is very festive. I loved the vibe of the bar. Above the bar (second floor) there was a private adult birthday party with balloons and everything (you should be able to get a glimpse of it in one of my gifs below). Everyone looked like they were having FUN! That's the whole point when eating out, is to ENJOY your meal and have FUN. There's enough downtrodden things going on in the outside world. I love eating out. Its escapism for me. A time to dress up. A time to relax. Let someone else cook. Enjoy the company you're with, whether family, friend or significant other. I love eating out! Now, the prices are pretty expensive at Yardbird but now understanding the area I was in, it is not expensive for them. HaHaHa There are Yardbird Restaurants in Dallas, Miami, Las Vegas, Washington DC, Los Angeles and Singapore. I Highly Recommend Yardbird Southern Table & Bar. Hope you like it to! This concludes my Dallas Restaurant Review, but I do plan on going back to Dallas. I'll definitely add places in the future!

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