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Thursday, July 8, 2021

The Importance Of Having A Family Dentist

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Let’s face it, our teeth are very important. When you consider the punishment our molars receive during a lifetime, it is no surprise that dental issues occur. Dentists recommend that you have an oral examination twice a year, which gives the medical professional an opportunity to check that all is well. Our dental history should be stored by our family dentist and as time passes, the dentist would build up a detailed history and that helps them with diagnosis. 


If you recently arrived at your current home, one of the first things to do is register the family with a local dentist. Much like a doctor, the dentist will not treat someone who is not registered at their clinic. There are obvious benefits to having all the family registered at the same clinic. You can all have a check-up on the same day, perhaps Saturday or Sunday. Most family dentists also have very child-friendly amenities, making it a fun day out! Some people are so connected with their dentist that they stay even when relocating to another area, preferring to drive a couple of hours rather than changing dentist. Woodlea Dental (an Australian dentist in Cobblebank) say that it is not unusual for patients to continue seeing the clinic even though they moved several years ago.

Patient History

The more a dentist knows about their patient, the more effective the treatment will be. The sooner you register the family with an established dentist Robina, Gold Coast or your city has available, the better. From that day on, the clinic will build up dental data of your family history. This is especially important for your children and if they require any treatment, the dentist has all the dental records and can make an informed decision about the best treatment.

Role Model

If you ask the adult who always has regular dental examinations, they will probably tell you the routine began when they were a child, which is why you should make sure that your family follows an oral examination schedule every 3-6 months. If you and your partner are good role models, this will reflect on the kids. They will automatically visit their dentist at least twice a year. Children pay more attention to what adults do than what they say and when they experience a child-friendly dentist, any fears are soon dissolved.

Dental Education

Image Source: Freepik

If your family dentist is friendly, he or she will be happy to educate you and your family about good oral hygiene and how to minimize risk of tooth decay. If your kids enjoy their time at the dental clinic, they will never have any issues about having dental treatment and this life-long feeling will ensure that their children will also develop good oral hygiene habits.

In conclusion, registering your family with a child-friendly dental clinic is a very good idea. With one dental practice taking care of all the family, good oral health is assured. If you would like to find a family dentist in your area, search with Google and make an appointment to register the whole family and you can look forward to many fun visits while everyone has their dental check-up.

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