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Monday, July 26, 2021

Bread Winners Cafe and Bakery Review | Dallas, Texas

Not Sponsored: Hey Everybody! I vacationed for a week in Dallas (Uptown), Texas this Summer. I stayed at Hotel ZaZa Dallas (it's a boutique hotel) located in (the uptown area of) Dallas, Texas. During that time, I patronized several restaurants. I would like to review them for you, just in case you're thinking about visiting Dallas, Texas. There are a LOT of restaurants to choose from in the uptown area of Dallas. It's a lovely area. No matter where you stay in the world, I would encourage you to use Google Maps (Google Map your hotel), then click on restaurants to see what restaurants are nearby your hotel (vicinity). Use apps/websites like Yelp, OpenTable, Resy and Tripadvisor to review each restaurant. Using all of these free wonderful tools really helped me :)

Bread Winners Cafe and Bakery was another restaurant that was highly recommended while visiting Uptown Dallas. So I definitely made sure to put it on my list to visit. It's a lovely building that holds many surprises (more about that in a little bit). We were pleasantly and enthusiastically greeted when we arrived. I loved the two gentlemen that greeted us. As soon as you walk through the entrance, your eyes and mouth will drop looking at all of the beautiful cakes, pies, and assortment of pastries in the display cases before you. They look so delicious! After putting my eyeballs back in their socket and stuffing my tongue back in my mouth, one of the greeters gave us a beautiful tour of the restaurant. Every room in the restaurant has its own personality (theme rooms). You can dine inside, outside and there is even an open air courtyard within the building. That is where we chose to have breakfast. I loved the cobblestone flooring, airy space, assortment of succulent plants and little birds that hopped around (yes, there are the cutest little sparrows that hop around) in the area where we had breakfast. I took pictures and we sat and sat and sat (15-20 minutes). It wasn't that busy, but no one came and took our order. So I walked through some doors to a kitchen area and mentioned to a guy that no one has taken our order. He was very nice and said I will take your order. So he did and then we waited for our food. We just had a basic breakfast (bacon, eggs, potatoes and grits). I don't know, for some reason I think I was expecting more from their food. It was ok, but nothing where I would want to go back and the grits were different than what I'm use to (that happens). I did order a plate of pancakes with strawberries. He first brought out waffles, but had to take them back because I ordered pancakes. I will say, the pancakes were VERY GOOD! Lovely place. Lovely people that work there. The food ... hmmm! Order the pancakes and something else we didn't try or consider going for dinner.

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