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Monday, January 10, 2022

CHANEL Spring-Summer 2022 Collection: La Pausa De Chanel

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Not Sponsored: A SUPER-HOT makeup collection at the moment is CHANEL's NEW La Pausa De Chanel Spring-Summer 2022 Collection. I fell in love with the collection as soon as I saw it. CHANEL states, "The Spring-Summer 2022 Collection – La Pausa de CHANEL celebrates the legendary villa situated among the hilltops of Roquebrune, France, that belonged to Gabrielle Chanel. It is from this place of perfect harmony, surrounded by nature and bathed in a soft and warm light, that the Makeup Creation Studio draws its inspiration." I linked the history of both Roquebrune and The La Pausa Villa for you above. It's an interesting read. The villa was initially built for 1.8 million French francs. The house was furnished in shades of white and beige. Stone was another element. There were olive and orange groves surrounding the property. I found an article online that shows glimpses of The La Pausa Villa (and here). I thought knowing the inspiration and history behind this collection would be beneficial to my readers. I think its something that is often overlooked. I love knowing the story behind things. Before even looking into the history of all of this, I felt this makeup collection had such an appealing earthiness tone. It captured my eye from the very beginning. I love earthy and natural tones. I placed an order. As soon as it comes in, I'll post swatches and write a post.

CHANEL Baume Essentiel Multi-Use Glow Stick - Ensoleille //  CHANEL Rouge Coco Baume - Dreamy White, Natural Charm, Flirty Coral, My Rose, In Love, Passion Pink, Fall For Me // CHANEL Le Vernis Nail Lacquer - Terra Rossa and Riviera // CHANEL Liquid Eyeshadow - Lumiere // CHANEL Blush Lumiere - Pechee Rosee and Brun Roussi // CHANEL Les 4 Ombres Eyeshadow Palette - Mediterranean


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