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Wednesday, January 12, 2022

One Size Ultimate Blurring Setting Powder Review

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Not Sponsored: I was really impressed with the sample I received of One Size Secure The Blur Face Primer. So much so, I ended up buying the full-size. It really does an excellent job at blurring. I just recently received a sample of One Size Ultimate Blurring Setting Powder with my Sephora order. It's described as "a superfine, 14-hour blurring setting powder with a soft-matte finish to set complexion, for an everyday set to a buildable bake. This smoothing, weightless powder has a soft-focus effect that blurs pores and texture while controlling excess oil and shine. As it sets and extends the wear of skincare and base products, you'll always be photo ready with this no flashback, no white cast formula!" This setting powder comes in translucent and dark/deep. So, I put it to the test. I applied my makeup and then applied this setting powder with my Beautyblender makeup sponge. My initial thought was, this powder is heavier than the Laura Mercier translucent powder I normally use. WELL, I DIDN'T READ THE DIRECTIONS YOU GUYS! To me, yes this powder is heavier than Laura Mercier (reviewed here), but IT'S HOW YOU APPLY IT that is important. The directions state, USE A POWDER BRUSH to dust this on your face. If you want to BAKE, use a PUFF/MAKEUP SPONGE etc. So, I should've used a makeup brush to apply this powder. FYI, I didn't use very much of this powder on my Beautyblender, and it still was too heavy. I like my BEFORE picture, better than my AFTER picture. I think another reason why this didn't work for me, is because I have dry skin. The heaviness of this powder, makes it look even drier. So if you have dry skin, get a sample of this and try it. Is it a bad setting powder? NO. I just think its for skin types other than dry and heavy duty "baking" which I don't do. I still give it a SWEET rating, because it will work for others. I prefer Laura Mercier. When wearing her setting powder, my makeup still shows. It doesn't feel as covered. 

supersweet(run & buy it) sweet(really good,buy it) bittersweet(ok, issues)not sweet(not good,don't buy this stuff) 
   Patrick Starr One Size Ultimate Blurring Setting Powder is Sweet

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