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Wednesday, January 5, 2022

How To Make Your Basement More Comfortable

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If you have a basement, don’t allow the space to go to waste. Use it as fully as you can.

Think about it. When you purchased your home, you paid for everything, including the basement. It should be a space that you can enjoy, not one that you rush into and out of as quickly as you can because you don’t like the cold.

Basements don’t have to be uncomfortable. In fact, they can be beautiful spaces, just like any other room in your home. And, because they’re so private, you can dress them up how you want. There are all sorts of styles to explore.

Check out our ideas for making your basement more comfortable below:

Turn It Into A Second Living Room

Image Source: Unsplash CC0 License

Why have one living room when you can have two? Many people like to convert their basements into second living rooms and then use them, usually later on in the evening.

If you’re currently using your basement for storage, remove all of the items cluttering it up and then imagine how you’d like to lounge in the space. Add a TV, games console, ottomans, comfortable sofas and anything else that you might have in your living room. You could even add a sideboard if you have space.

Make It A Home Gym

Transforming your basement into a home gym is another popular option. Again, because the basement is private, secluded and out of the way, it means that you can exercise in peace, without the risk of anyone coming in and disturbing what you’re doing.

What’s more, because basements lie underground, then tend to be cooler than the rest of the home – great if you’re having a sweaty workout.

Use Darker Colors

During the day, you want to be outside and expose yourself to sunlight, so you won’t be using your basement all that much.

At night, though, that’s when the room comes alive. You can actually take advantage of this by painting it black. This way, it feels like you’re looking up at the night sky. You could even add a disco ball-style light to create little star-like flecks on the ceiling and walls, reminding you of the real celestial bodies out there in the universe.

Solve Your Damp And Other Issues

Of course, if you want a truly comfortable basement, you’ll need to solve any damp and pest issues that you have right now. Nobody wants to spend time in a moldy room where they can hear the pitter-patter of tiny mouse feet all the time.

You’ll need to deal with both of these problems professionally. If you don’t, they’re likely to recur in the future. Terminix pest control treatments are a popular choice. You can also use mold removal powders, though if there is damp in your foundations, you’ll need to hire professionals to fit a membrane.

Add A Screen To Break It Up

You could also turn your basement into two rooms with the use of a screen. One area, for instance, could be for sleeping, while the other is for cooking and eating food. Just remember, if you’re cooking, you’ll need an extractor unit.

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