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Sunday, January 9, 2022

Prepare For A Cold Snap With These Tips

You might be in the middle of winter already, but the cold snaps always seem to come in waves right toward the middle and end. There are some unseasonably warm temperatures in some parts of the country but that doesn't mean that you shouldn't be prepared for a snap to happen.

Cold snaps come in and can really take your breath away, both inside and outside of the house. If you would wrap up warm with a coat and scarf when you’re outside, then you need to know which propane company you would use to keep your home warm on the inside. Preparing for freezing temperatures takes some time and if you start early, you’ll be ready to take on the challenge of making sure that your house is ready for the cold. Let’s take a look at the tips you need to make sure you’re ready.

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1. Start with the gutters. Gutters can be the biggest problem that you have when you are trying to prepare for a cold snap. When the cold weather hits, any water in the gutters can freeze, which can then crack the guttering and even block more water from flowing through it. Dirt and debris building up in the guttering can also stop the flow of any water and further dirt coming through. The weight of the snow and ice can also cause a roof collapse.

2. Remember heat tape. You can add heat tape in the home in areas that are prone to freezing, and this should help you to prevent any water lines from freezing in the cold air. This will help to keep the warm air moving and warming the water lines.

3. Seal your windows and doors. Go around all of the windows and doors and make sure that there is no room for cold air to leak out. Weatherstripping and insulation around the windows can help to eliminate the drafts that will cause the energy bills to climb. That’s the thing: when the heat is leaking from the house, you’re paying for that!

4. Don't forget your car. So many people forget that while they’re preparing their homes for a cold snap, their cars also need to be considered. Making sure to keep at least half of a tank of gas in the car at all times will help to reduce the risk of ice forming through the fuel lines. Pushing a car in the snow is not the one, so make sure that you have shelter for your car like the garage - even if that means a decluttering!

5. Bring the plants in. It’s always nice to bring nature into the house, but in the cold, bring the porch plants into the main hallway so that you can stay on top of keeping them safe. Store plants indoors while the outside temperatures are dropping so that you can keep them from dying.

6. Layer up. Add throws to chairs and blankets wherever you can so that no matter when you sit down, you can get warm when you want to.

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