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Thursday, March 17, 2022

4 Simple Dental Procedures That Will Make You Smile From Ear To Ear

Smiling is one of the most natural and human things in the world. Yet, many people think twice before they smile, often because they are unhappy or ashamed with their teeth. Fortunately, most oral health problems can be fixed quickly and simply these days. Indeed, you can find some of the most common solutions that can restore your smile, below.

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Professional cleaning

The first dental procedure that will have you smiling from ear to ear is a simple cleaning. Tooth cleaning takes place at your dentist's office and is usually done by a dental hygienist. They use specialized, sterilized tools to remove plaque and staining to help your teeth look smoother, cleaner, and brighter too.

Professional dental cleanings don’t tend to take long either, and for many, they are included in the price of a check-up to their dentist.


Most people are aware of the benefits that braces can provide, and how they can improve their smile. However, many are still put off this dental treatment because of the discomfort, and embarrassment over the way that traditional train track braces look.

Fortunately, it is now possible to get straighter teeth, without using train track braces at all. This development in dentistry is due to a treatment known as Invisalign. Invisalign are plastic retainers made from clear materials that are almost undetectable when worn on the teeth. They work on stage, each retainer gently moving teeth until the patient is ready for the next one.

Another major benefit of Invisalign is that it can be removed for photos, sports, and even eating. Something that not only makes them more comfortable but also minimizes any additional risk to the health of your teeth.


Another popular treatment that improves the smile is veneers. These are thin covers made from porcelain that are fixed over the teeth to give them a natural, but whiter, and more uniform look.

In addition to veneers, there are also products like Lumineers which work similarly but are even thinner than the traditional variety. Indeed, there are quite a few additional advantages of lumineers versus veneers, which you can read more about online. In particular, they are lauded for their longevity while only requiring two visits to your dentist with virtually no pain at all.


Last of all, one of the most simple dental treatments that can revolutionize your smile is professional whitening. Indeed, whitening is so simple that your dentist will make you a custom tray, and some solution, allowing you to complete the treatment in your own home.

Whitening is great for all kinds of people but epically those who are happy with their teeth apart from the color. After all, some folks have naturally more yellow teeth, and others experience staining because of the food and drink they consume. However, with a professional whitening solution, applied in the correct way you can expect the witness of your teeth to lighten up to 2-3 shades. Then your new shiny white teeth will have you smiling ear to ear in no time.

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