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Monday, March 7, 2022

A Quick Guide To "Clean Beauty"

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Finding the right beauty product is always like you’ve hit the motherlode. Getting that perfect combination of ingredients that ensures that you can rejuvenate your look is always a welcome addition to your beauty routines. Whether it's through fixing tired skin or finding the right approach to your beauty regime. However, these days we've got to choose the right products that ensure we are staying on the right side of sustainable skincare. Now, it's not uncommon to see many brands marketing themselves in the area of “clean beauty.” But what is clean beauty?

What Is The Clean Beauty Movement?

Put simply, clean beauty refers to skin care products that are classed as free of any harmful ingredients. Many companies out there don't just use “clean beauty” as a way to promote natural ingredients on their products, but they also bring it into the brand itself. Companies like Vert Beauty focus all their values on clean beauty, among many others. But it's also important to note that clean beauty is a rejection of the conventional beauty brands and their use of ingredients that could potentially be dangerous, such as:

  • Parabens.
  • Hydroquinone.
  • Synthetic fragrances and many more.

The Growing Trend Of Clean Beauty Products

Clean beauty has risen alongside the wellness industry. More than ever, people want to know what's in their skincare products and if they can trust it. So what do we need to look at to ensure that we are buying from a company that is adhering to clean beauty standards? Here are some things you need to look at:

If The Company Is “Clean” In Its Ethics

The next time you are on the beauty aisle or browsing online, look at the products and do some research on the brands. Clean brands will focus on creating only cleaning products. A lot of traditional beauty companies have attempted to jump on the bandwagon by only recently adding these types of products.

The Ingredients And Manufacturing Process

Because there are many different regulations relating to certain products, it's important to remember that certain natural ingredients can be harmful, but also synthetic ingredients can be classed as “safe.” However, this depends on the compound and the manufacturing process. If ethylene oxide is added this can create a group of chemicals known as surfactants and can be potentially carcinogenic.

Look At The Company’s Stance On The Environment

It sounds simple but when companies are aligned with clean beauty practices, they will be more likely to showcase their attitudes towards the environment. Seeking out beauty brands that work hard to protect the earth is so important, and this means that it's not just about the ingredients, but about the packaging being gentler on the planet.

Clean beauty is a relatively new phenomenon. A lot of people don't necessarily have the finances to invest in clean beauty products. However, it's not just about ensuring that you are protecting the planet. You also need to remember that if you are investing in clean beauty, it's an investment in something that will benefit you in the long run as well.

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