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Monday, March 21, 2022

Too Faced Better Than Sex Perfume Review

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Not Sponsored: I immediately fell in love with the bottle of the NEW Too Faced Better Than Sex Perfume, when it previewed the end of last year. I said to myself, WOW! The bottle is SO GORGEOUS! My face and eyes lit up with pure excitement. The top of the bottle is adorned with delicate, beautiful pink flowers, stunning gold bows and majestic lion-heads. The bottle's cap mimics an asscher cut diamond. Overall, this perfume bottle looks so REGAL! I didn't care what the perfume smelled like, I just wanted this bottle on my perfume shelf. It's definitely eye-candy to look at everyday. I find the bottle to be very FRENCH! Very PARIS! It put me on Cloud 9!!! Too Faced did a pre-sale and the perfume immediately sold out. It then took awhile for it to be restocked and for stores to stock this coveted perfume. I have finally received mine. Am I still on Cloud 9? I've had a chance to settle down and would like to share my thoughts.

To Love Or Not To Love!?! That is the question! Am I still enamored with the bottled? I love the shape of the bottle and top portion of the bottle. It's very feminine. The name plate, I'm not so in love with. The bottle displays such delicate adornment, I feel something softer could've been done with the middle portion of the bottle. I also feel, that Too Faced missed an opportunity to give this perfume another name besides Better Than Sex. I love the mascara, but I always roll my eyes when I see the name. Same thing for the perfume. I love displaying this beautiful bottle, but the word SEX emblazoned on the front of the bottle, I can do without. I've talked to other people in the past about how they felt about the name (mascara) and many said it was a turn off. I just feel (my opinion may be unpopular), Too Faced could've found a new name for this perfume. Do I like the perfume? I'm going to be honest. I expected something different. I thought the perfume was going to be soft & delicate like the beautifully decorated bottle. I didn't like the perfume at first. I said, WOW! This is STRONG! I wasn't expecting that. I still don't like it when I first spray it on. It's only when the perfume dries down, that I like it. Once it does, it's very alluring, seductive and SEXY! This is not a work or daytime fragrance. It's an evening, date night and "we're-going-to-have-a-sexy-night" scent. The TOP NOTES are: Passionfruit, Lychee, Fuzzy Peach and Luscious Citrus. The MIDDLE NOTES are: Pink Magnolia, Jasmine, Vanilla Orchid and Black Rose. The BOTTOM NOTES are: Golden Amber, Patchouli, Cedarwood and Sensual Musk. The Fragrance Family is Ambery Floral Spicy. I like the perfume, but if asked if I would purchase it for a second time, my answer would be no. It's not bad at all, but just ok. Scents are different on everyone. A lot of people love this perfume!

"The inspiration for the bottle design came from an antique Dresden lamp Jerrod owns. The bottle design marries not only traditional and modern elements - plus traditional Too Faced imagery of bows and flowers -- but also design elements of the original Better Than Sex Mascara tube. The box illustration was created by hand drawing hundreds of cross-hatched lines to mimic traditional engraving techniques."

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supersweet(run & buy it) sweet(really good,buy it) bittersweet(ok, issues)not sweet(not good,don't buy this stuff) 
  Too Faced Better Than Sex Perfume is Bittersweet


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