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Monday, March 7, 2022

Frank Advice For Struggling SEO Agencies

Setting up an SEO agency is something that thousands of people all over the world are doing right now. The race is on to provide businesses with services that can help them get higher in search results, and demand is huge.

However, making a success of it is more challenging that most first-time entrepreneurs realize. Mostly they know their subject well, but they don’t understand how the industry operates, or how to succeed in it.

In this post, we take a look at some frank advice for SEO agencies. Here’s what you need to know if you’re considering starting (or you’re currently running) one of these companies:

Define Your Variables

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Before you accept any money from customers, you’ll need to define your variables. You’ll need to specifically list what you’ll target, and what you won’t. By defining variables, you help to set expectations and you show your customers what it is that you’re trying to achieve. You can then get their buy-in, helping to smooth relations with clients in the future.

Don’t Promise Results In Less Than Three Months

When it comes to the speed at which brand websites rise through the ranks, it’s all to do with the nature of search algorithms, and very little to do with your efforts. While over the course of a couple of years, SEO can have a massive effect, the results are markedly more modest over the space of a couple of weeks.

Be clear in what you can offer and by when. Customers will trust you more if you’re honest with them about what’s possible to achieve.

Don’t Rely On In-House Teams

SEO agencies have an old-fashioned idea that they have to perform all of the functions of an internet marketing agency themselves. They don’t.

Ultimately, what matters is service. If you provide customers with the things that they want, they’ll continue coming back to you.

What form does service take? Well, let’s say for instance that you have expertise in keyword selection but nobody on your team can write content. Not to worry: you just go to a white label content creation company and get them to do the work for you. You can then pay them a fee, charge your clients a fee, and pocket the difference.

Be Firm With Your Clients

It might sound a little odd to be “firm” with your clients, but it’s often necessary for SEO agencies. Often, they’ll ask you to do things that go directly against Google’s policies.

Violations are serious, and Google can arbitrarily punish any website it believes is cheating. Manual reviews are even more damaging. If a Google employee discovers foul play, they may penalize sites further and even remove pages from the first several SERPs.

As an SEO agency, never waiver on your standards. If a customer asks you to do something you know you can’t, refuse outright, even if it risks losing business. Customers respect agencies that have strong standards in place.

So, there you have it: our advice for SEO agencies.

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