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Sunday, March 27, 2022

PEZ Easter PEEPS Candy & Dispenser

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Not Sponsored: Easter is only 21 days away you guys! I was in Walgreens a couple of weeks ago, picking up some things. I walked in their candy aisle to get some jelly beans for my mom, when I saw the PEZ Candy Easter display. Their display always puts a SMILE on my face, because it brings back such wonderful childhood memories. I loved PEZ as a child and beyond. It was always fun looking at what characters the company would come up for the holidays and/or what brand they would collaborate with. I wish I would've kept some of my dispensers from the past, because they are truly collectors items. Some people's PEZ dispenser collections are absolutely amazing! I love that PEZ has collaborated with the popular Easter candy Peeps! Now, I must be honest and tell you I don't eat Peeps marshmallow candy, but I LOVE using them for decoration and looking at them. I love Peeps bunnies and chicks. So PEZ came out with PEZ Peeps Candy & Dispenser (purchase here and here). They come in pink, yellow, purple and blue. I still have to get the blue one, to complete my collection. I think they're so cute. My little PEZ collection is super small, but it seems HOLIDAYS are my theme! I have a snowman, gingerbread man, white rabbit, brown rabbit and now peeps! I collect things that truly mean something to me. It may invoke a memory, pleasure or treasure from the past or something I currently love. I'm so glad PEZ collaborated with them. The company truly is a treasure and brings joy to all ages.


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