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Thursday, August 17, 2023

3 Creative Real Estate Marketing Tips

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The real estate business is lucrative; it must be done well if you intend to start one. Considering that it’s expected to have a market volume of $729 trillion in five years, it’s even more compelling to consider venturing into the industry. It’s a competitive market, and you might go around in circles until you get the hang of attracting buyers and sellers. Successful real estate businesses say traditional marketing strategies help greatly, but the secret to remaining relevant is thinking outside the box. This discussion delves into three creative marketing tips that will come in handy.

1. Virtual reality home tours

It’s a busy world, and, likely, clients don’t have the time to conduct physical home tours. Even when they do, it may be rushed through, increasing the risks of missing critical problem areas. It wouldn’t augur well for your real estate business if that happens - so what innovative solutions can you adopt? Virtual reality home tours have added a touch of finesse to real estate businesses, and yours can benefit from it too. It’s an immersive experience that allows potential buyers to ‘walk through’ listed homes. The advantage virtual reality home tours offer is that they can be done as often as the interested party wants. Even better, people don’t need to pay money for these virtual tours compared to physical tours. That adds convenience to your business operations, and potential clients will likely see your establishment as such. Real estate industry reports indicate that people spend more time exploring potential homes using virtual reality than when it’s done in person. With this in mind, it helps adapt your business to changing technologies and enjoy the benefits.

2. Be creative with images and pictures

Have you considered how to present real estate pictures on your website or other platforms? Professional real estate pictures are appealing and likely to attract more buyers to your business. It’s a niche in real estate photography where companies like Phixer have found their footing, and you can leverage that to build business relevance. These companies use cutting-edge AI-powered visualization tools to enhance all images sent to them. As a real estate business looking to expand your reach, these realistic renders of properties will do you a lot of good. Today’s real estate buyer wants to visualize a property’s potential, and your business can spark their imagination by doing that. You must realize that your sector is competitive, so you must do whatever you can to have an edge over others in the same space. Remember that you’re selling more than bricks and mortar. Real estate businesses like yours sell lifestyles and dreams, so make the experience memorable for your existing and future clients.

3. Embrace interactive content on all your online platforms

Now more than ever, buyers want more from the real estate businesses they transact with. They want a central platform where they can be entertained, educated, and informed. It might seem too far-fetched for a real estate business to do all three because your job is to sell properties. The secret, however, is to merge education, entertainment, and information into your online interactive content.

Take a cursory look at your competitors’ websites and mentally note what you see. What added value do they have there? Are there only pictures and long texts? Fortunately, you can go further to include a mortgage calculator, interactive neighborhood maps, fun quizzes, and other valuable tools. The more interactive your content is, the more interested your real estate business will be to potential clients.

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