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Tuesday, August 22, 2023

Rainy Day Activities for Foster Families

As a foster carer, you might be keen to take the children in your care on exciting days out or to enjoy sunny days playing in the garden. Days in the sun can be restorative and give you all a chance to get to know each other and build memories together. Unfortunately, even in summer, there’s no guarantee of good weather, and you’ll probably have to endure plenty of rainy days. The good news is, these rainy-day activities mean you can get to know each other and build fun memories, whatever the weather.

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Baking can be the perfect way to spend a cold, wet afternoon. It’s warming, a chance to teach skills and have fun, and you’ll have something delicious to enjoy later. Cookies, cupcakes, loaf cakes, and brownies are all great things to make with kids, and even very young children can help with some basic recipes.


Crafts are another excellent rainy-day activity for foster families. Simple things like making things from your recycling pile, collages, scrapbooks, and big painting with hands and footprints can all be great fun for any age. Look online for some family craft ideas.

Board Games

A board games afternoon is a brilliant way to enjoy time together, and you can pick up games cheaply from second-hand stores and online. If you can find them, introduce the children to games you loved as a kid and try some new games together.

Movie Afternoons

Movie afternoons are fun and comforting on a rainy day. Take turns picking movies, including classics and modern options, and treat everyone to cinema snacks and drinks. On very wet days, get cosy by bringing down duvets and pillows and getting comfortable.

Den Building

Den building is fun at any age. Gather sheets and chairs to build a cosy bed and fill it with books, colouring materials, cushions, and blankets for a cosy afternoon.

Kitchen Disco

Turn some music on and enjoy dancing around your house together. Don’t be scared to let your hair down and be a little silly. The kids will love it.

Video Games

As carers, we’re often keen to get kids off screens. But don’t underestimate a good video game competition. It can be great fun, and they’ll love teaching you how to play.

Embrace the Rain

Rain doesn’t mean that you can’t go out and have fun, and long as you are wrapped up warm and all have waterproof coats and shoes, jumping in muddy puddles is perfect.

Go Swimming

Swimming is a fun family activity that the rain won’t stop you from enjoying. You’ll get wet either way.

Go to a Museum

If you are fostering in Milton Keynes, there are plenty of indoor attractions like museums that you can enjoy on a rainy day. Pack a picnic and visit some attractions you might never have been to with your foster child or take them to some of your old favourites and enjoy experiencing them from a new point of view.

Try not to see rainy days as a setback. Instead, look at them as opportunities to enjoy different things and spend quality time together.

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