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Tuesday, August 22, 2023

7 Surefire Ways to Make Your Family Vacation Fun for Everyone

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Family vacations, at times, can be emotionally and physically draining rather than enjoyable. Many people end up taking extra holidays to recover from exhaustion during the trip. In contrast, others might face unexpected issues such as kids falling sick, tiredness, or last-minute mishaps.

How to Make Everyone Enjoy During Vacations

People usually set aside 5-10% of their annual income for trips. However, when these trips don’t end up as planned, it is bound to make them feel like they have wasted their savings.

Children, especially, are bound to get bored in places adults might have been looking forward to enjoying. But careful planning and consideration can make a family trip enjoyable for all age groups.

So, without further ado, let’s delve into seven surefire ways to get everyone involved in the vacation and go back home with memories that everyone recalls and cherishes for the years to come:

1. Maintain a Balance of Activities for All Ages

When planning a vacation, it’s important to consider who you’re traveling with. If you’re making travel plans with kids, you must incorporate their interests and likes into the trip too. For instance, if you’re going to Sevierville, Tennessee, for a trip to the Smoky Mountains, you’d have to plan something for the kids too. Since Sevierville is a tourist-loved destination that attracts millions of visitors yearly, you’ll surely find plenty of fun activities for your kids here.

While the trip cannot be solely about children’s fun and activities, you can always keep them involved by creating a mix of activities. Some should be for your fun while others for them.

Since attractions in Sevierville are abundant, you can pick from various activities for all age groups. For instance, among the most popular Sevierville Tennessee attractions is SkyLand Ranch. Spread across a 100-acre farm, SkyLand Ranch offers scenic views, exciting rides, and options for food, live entertainment, and shopping alongside miniature animals – enough activities to keep the entire family engaged. 

2. Create a Flexible Itinerary

While planning is essential, many people tend to over-schedule trips. They plan for each minute of each day to make the most out of the trip. However, leaving some room for spontaneity and downtime to relax and recharge is a must.

Flexibility allows for unexpected adventures that make the trip more memorable and fun. It also ensures that no one feels overwhelmed or tired, making them unable to truly enjoy themselves. So, pick a few stops for the trip and leave some things to plan out themselves when you’re there.

That being said, you must also leave time unplanned during the trip for family fun.

3. Have Special Family Time

Don’t forget to bring some board games on the trip for the family to enjoy together. If you’re not a fan of board games or your children are not old enough to understand these games, you can opt for picnics or movie nights.

These bonding moments are not time-wasting. Instead, they strengthen family connections and are bound to create lasting memories, even if you’re not clicking pictures. But while you’re at it, clicking pictures is also a great way to have fun and engage the family.

4. Capture Memories

Getting a couple of Polaroid cameras and a journal is an incredible way to keep teens and children involved in the trip. The children can think of fun ways and pose to get nice pictures for their memory journal.

This way, when they grow up, they can relive the memories they preserved in the journal. It might make them want to return to these places as adults and reminisce about the memories. But try to keep gadget usage minimal and encourage everyone to bask in the surroundings and sights.

5. Pack Smartly

Encourage each family member to pack their favorite items and essentials for the trip. If traveling with younger children, bring along their comfort items and familiar toys to make them feel more at ease.

Medicines and first aid kits are also a must-pack item for trips, whether you’re traveling with kids or not. If you’re hiking in the Smoky Mountains, you might get cuts and bruises that could require ointments and bandages. If you don’t keep them with you, you’ll have to purchase them from the shops. Even if these items are not expensive, it would be a hassle to find shops late in the evening or if you’re too tired to go out and about.

6. Establish Ground Rules

If you’re traveling with children, a good practice is to prepare them for the trip a few weeks ahead. Preparing them also includes setting clear rules for behavior and expectations during the trip. It could include guidelines for respect, cooperation, and safety, ensuring a harmonious experience for everyone.

But make sure you don’t sound commanding; otherwise, it will ruin the excitement of the trip for them. To make them feel involved in the process, make them a part of your discussions and planning for the trip. Allow them to speak up, too, since it will build confidence and make them feel that they are also in control.

Also, involve them in the packing process. Explain to them which things they can bring on the trip and which they must leave.

7. Be Patient and Understanding

Trips can be frustrating if things don’t go according to plan. However, this is an opportunity to learn that everything cannot be controlled, and sometimes it’s good to lose control and enjoy the moment.

However, some days might be more challenging, and you might even have to shift your itinerary to account for the weather or children falling sick. Practice patience and be willing to compromise to keep the atmosphere positive and enjoyable for everyone.


Traveling can be frustrating and unenjoyable for the family if you’re not accounting for their interests. Once you realize your children or other adults accompanying you have interests and preferences of their own, you can become patient and understanding. If you’re with children, remember they’ll grow out of the nest soon. So, make the most of your family vacation by exploring activities and places that offer fun for everyone.

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