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Saturday, October 21, 2023

Essay Writing for Beginners: Tips for a Strong Start


The new school year brings many assignments. Students have to write numerous essays on diverse topics. In this article, we will give some tips on writing an essay. Also, we will point out what parts a good essay must contain. Writing papers won’t be so difficult when you follow these steps. Buckle up, we will show you how to create some seriously good papers!

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Steps you should follow

Understand your assignment clearly

Read your assignment carefully and be sure you understood it closely. Pay attention to every single detail the task requires. That could be word count, using statistics, research resources, and other requirements. It would be a shame to get a low grade because you didn’t read the assignment minutely.

Come up with the catchy title

Try to come up with a title that explains the topic clearly, but also sounds interesting and engaging. Don’t forget that headline arouses readers’ interest and encourages them to read the rest of the work. You should choose the title that summarizes the essay. Consider asking a question if you want to make your tone less formal.

Do a deep research

Writing a good essay requires deep research of the given topic. Check all the recommended resources and explore the specified topic from all angles. For example, you should discuss abortion in your paper. To get inspired, read some essay examples online. Discover abortion essays on EduBirdie and learn more about this certain topic. Papers like these will help you dig deep into the subject you should write about.

Take notes while read

During research, you will face a plethora of information. If you don’t take notes, you can easily get confused. It is important to keep track of sources because you should cite quotes and highlight the authors.

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Choose relevant pieces of information

As we said, you will have vast information. It is essential to choose only crucial and relevant ones. That will help you bring up concrete ideas related exclusively to the topic you are dealing with.

Create a thesis

You should create a strong thesis that you will develop throughout the entire essay. That thesis should be wide enough and allow you to talk about it. But also not so broad that you can’t be precise.

Write the first draft

The first draft entails putting on the page everything you want to say. Check all your notes and make sure you entered them all. This version doesn’t have to be perfect. You will have time to shape up and style your sentences in the final version.

Revise and edit

There is plenty of software that will make your paper perfect. In the first place, you should read it aloud and see how it sounds. Make corrections if you need to. Then you should use Grammarly to check all grammar mistakes and typos. This software also identifies correctly spelled words that are used in the wrong context. The next step is the Hemingway App. This website highlights lengthy, complex sentences and common errors. It helps you make your text easy to read and understand.

You should know that plagiarism has serious consequences. So, in the end, you should use Check plagiarism. The program will find and mark sentences that are taken from someone else’s work. Then you can easily change disputed parts and continue to work on your masterpiece.

Parts of the essay you shouldn’t disregard


The first paragraph reveals what will be discussed in the main part of the essay. You should create an interesting introduction. Try to say something that will grab your reader’s attention. After all, they should be excited to read more. Some writers begin their thesis with a quote. Choose something compelling that a well-known writer or scientist said. That quote should match your topic and engage your reader to see the rest of the essay.

In the introduction, you bring up the thesis statement. It would be great if you includ the short outline of your paper. That way, readers will know what to expect in the following lines. Highlight the key points of your work which you will explain in detail in the body paragraph.


This is the most significant part of your essay. It is reserved for an elaboration of the main topic. This is the time to develop your ideas and bring all the points you mentioned in the introduction. The body should include at least three paragraphs. Each paragraph should develop a different idea. However, those ideas should be connected to each other. Also, they should be related to the main thesis statement.

A good paragraph has approximately 80 words. Readers can easily process this amount of words without a pause. If your idea needs more than 80 words, divide it into smaller paragraphs. That way, you will keep your reader’s attention.

When there is a vast amount of information, it is difficult to stick to the topic. Yet, you should. Choose the main ideas and stick to them. Avoid going off track and writing off-topic things. In such a manner, your essay keeps its consistency.


You use the last paragraph to conclude your thoughts presented in the main part of the essay. You shouldn’t bring new ideas to this section. Try to summarize your main points and reveal how they back up your thesis statements. Close the analysis with a few clear sentences that will wrap up your essay into a coherent whole.


Writing an essay requires your full focus. Make sure you understand the assignment closely. Create an engaging headline. Take notes while you do research and enjoy writing. In simple words, follow these steps next time you have to create an essay. Completing this kind of task will be a piece of cake for you!

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