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Sunday, October 29, 2023

Types Of Clothes To Wear, That Will Always Make You Look Good

We've all been there! You're not feeling or looking your best on a particular day. There's something you want to camouflage, hide or disguise. As a beauty enthusiast, we all know concealer is the trick to hiding blemishes on your face, but what about your body? There's not a magic wand for your body. Well, there is ... but surgery is not cheap (nor do I promote it). What's a person to do!?! Well, there are some simple things that you can wear, that will always make you look good. They're classic! I learned a lot of these from my years blogging. Let me share them with you.

Image by Hoan Pham from Pixabay

1. Monochrome (Monochromatic) from head to toe

What does monochromatic mean? Monochromatic is defined as containing or using only one color.  Wearing one color from head to toe will make you look uniform, neat, polished and put together. Not only that, but dressing in one color can make you look taller, slimmer and streamline your appearance. So whether you choose a strong pop of color, such as pink, purple, blue, yellow or a neutral such as white or gray, try staying in the same color family.

2. Wear all black

This ideology comes straight from New York! Wearing all black ALWAYS looks good! I have invested in a number of black dresses, tops, trousers, skirts, shoes and accessories. When shopping and in doubt, BUY IT IN BLACK! Black makes everything look better (even if its cheap). Black doesn't have to be boring. Play with various textures and materials. Pair a black knit sweater with leather leggings.

3. Wide leg pants

I want you to repeat after me! Wide leg pants won't make you look wider!!! HaHaHa There's such a misconception with wide leg pants. If you don't oversize in your size, they will not make you look bigger. If you're busty, have a plump rump, wide leg pants can help even those things out. I just purchased some in navy, black and gray. I'm a neutral girl. 

4. Wear a dress, instead of a skirt & top

Skirts and tops are nice, but they can split your body into sections. To avoid this, you should really watch the material you buy these pieces of clothing in. A dress is a lot simpler. You can step into a dress or put it over your head. It will give you uniformity, whether its solid in color or a print.

5. Do not tuck

Tucking your top/shirt/blouse can be a catastrophe, if you have a (ahem) plump stomach. I have a roll or two in my middle area. I stopped tucking years ago. HaHaHa I wear a lot of cotton tops. I simply wear them over my pants. They stop short (not long) and look really nice.

6. Wear tights or trouser socks

If you wear a dress (and its cold), consider wearing tights in the same color. Same thing for trouser pants. Wear the same color trouser socks. Your goal is uniformity! Stay in the same color family. For anyone that is on their feet a lot or if you have to drive a distance, consider wearing compression tights or knee-hi's. I just started doing this, and my legs feel so much better. You can find them on Amazon for cheap. Consult with your doctor as to what level of compression you should buy.

7. Invest in shapewear

What you wear underneath (intimates/foundations) can make a difference in how your clothes will look on you. They are not cheap! They are an investment! But your body will look so much better. Invest in good supporting bras and brief panties. Invest in a really good bodysuit, mid-thighs/shorts and even footless capris. You need shapewear sometimes when you wear dresses or pants. Shapewear keeps your body together. You won't get out of whack! You won't look lumpy and bumpy underneath your clothing.

8. Wear 3/4 or long sleeves 

Are your arms not ready for short-sleeved or sleeveless tops yet? Consider buying tops that are 3/4 or have long sleeves. I wear long sleeves, even during the Summer months. The material is thin. I have no problem. Most of my tops are either 3/4 or long sleeve tops. They give me the coverage that I need and you always look perfect.

9. A great suit

You should have a couple of great pant and skirt suits in your closet. You may be saying, Kim I work from home! You still need them. A funeral, christening, baptism, meeting etc. could come up and you will need a nice suit or dress. They're just good to have in your closet.


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