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Sunday, October 29, 2023

Halloween Party For One To Two People At Home

Halloween is approaching. What are your plans? You don't have to do things with a group or attend a party, to have a great time. How about celebrating Halloween your own way? Make it your own. Let me give you some suggestions.

 Image by Alexandr Titoy from Pixabay

Halloween Dinner

What are you going to eat? You can prepare a meal for yourself, but that takes precious time away from enjoying the holiday. Let me suggest that you place an order with your favorite restaurant, for your favorite food and have it delivered by Uber Eats, Grubhub, Doordash or ASAP. These food delivery places don't just go to fast food joints. Delicious food from high end restaurants can also be found on their menus. So whether you want sushi, Chinese, seafood, Mexican, BBQ, Thai, pizza, Greek, steak, southern, Cajun, Italian, Mediterranean, Latin, Indian, middle eastern, Caribbean, Hawaiian, African or Jamaican, the possibilities or endless. Choose something you've never tried ... something different! Don't forget dessert! Most of these food delivery places also connect with local bakeries etc. You can order ice cream, cakes, cupcakes, candy and all kinds or treats for yourself. Order as soon as you get home!

Turn Off The Lights Or Not To Turn Off The Lights ... That Is The Question!

Decide early-on, whether or not you want to hand out treats to the trick-or-treaters in your neighborhood. If you don't want to, turn off any outside lights so they will not to disturb you. If you want to pass out candy, keep outside lights on. Now, just because you want to give them a treat doesn't mean you physically have to do it yourself. Place a bowl filled with treats outside and place it on a table. Anyone that passes your house can get a treat without worrying you. 

Watch Spooky Movies

While enjoying your delicious Halloween dinner and dessert, watch your favorite Halloween movies. I've DVR'd a multitude of Halloween movies to watch. I've been watching them all month. But many now, are available ANYTIME on many streaming services. Many movies can be found on FX, TNT, SYFY, Turner Classic Movies, AMC, Hallmark, Freeform, Netflix, Disney+ and Paramount. Several years ago, I put together an extensive popular classic and vintage Halloween movie list together. Check out that list and see if you would like to watch any of those. 

Watch Fall Themed Movies ... Get Inspired!

There are a multitude of Fall and Autumn themed movies on the Hallmark Channel. If you love to decorate, you can get a lot of inspiration from watching these movies. I have gotten inspiration from seeing how they decorate various sets: home, bakery shops, festivals, weddings etc. They're usually filmed in various cities and small towns. Watching them may give you some ideas on future things you want to do, things you want to incorporate in your home or where you may want to travel next. You can also get inspired by some of the great winter wear they wear in these movies (such as pairing certain color clothes together etc.)

Dress For Halloween, But Be Comfortable

You don't have to wear a Halloween costume or put on makeup to get into the Halloween spirit. Depending on the weather, put on some black leggings with a cute Halloween T-shirt and some socks. Pair a t-shirt and shorts together. You'll be both comfortable and festive. This will definitely get you into the spirit of things.


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