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Saturday, October 28, 2017

Baskin Robbins Candy Bar Mashup & Trick Oreo Treat

Hey guys! I'm gearing up for Halloween :D It has finally turned colder here in New Orleans. I wanted to show you the cute little Halloween themed windows of my local Baskin Robbins ice cream store. They had a local artist paint them with Count Von Count (anybody remember him from Sesame Street ... he was the character that taught you how to count LOL), several RIP tombstones, a sinister pumpkin and the words Happy Halloween with bats on the doors. It was really cute. I wanted to try their new Candy Bar Mashup ice cream flavor. It's actually chunks of popular candy bars: SNICKERS, MILKY WAY and TWIX mixed in chocolate ice cream and swirled with Caramel Ribbon. I had them make me a sundae with Candy Bar Mashup and Trick Oreo Treat. Trick Oreo Treat came out a couple of years ago. It is orange creme-filled Oreo cookies, Baby Ruth and Butterfinger candy pieces in vanilla ice cream. They added two freshly baked dark chocolate chunk cookies and one white chunk macadamia nut cookie. It was really good. Talk about sugar overload! I was bouncing out of Baskin Robbins when I was finished. I usually don't eat mixes like this, but hey it's Halloween weekend. My favorite ice cream from BR is Chocolate Mousse Royale. It is so good! If you've never tried it, trust me you will love it. This is not sponsored. Just wanted to share. I'll have some more Halloween posts for you this week. Oh! On the 31st, Baskin Robbins is giving you $1.50 scoops all day (check your local Baskin Robbins)!



Mica T said...

Oh my goodness Kim I should not have clicked through to this post - now I want ice cream, haha! I wonder if our Baskin Robins here have the flavours? I did find one nearby us so I might have to take a drive and see! :)

Away From The Blue Blog

Miss Val's Creations said...

Yum! I don't know where we have a Baskin Robbins around us. There use to be one close by when I was in my teens. They must have downsized at some point because I haven't seen one in years.

Diva Desle said...

Ooh yummy!!!! I love Baskin Robbins so much. All these photos made my mouth water. 😁💗💗💗💗

Shira said...

yummmmm that sounds so so delicious! I am now craving ice cream!


Rowena @ rolala loves said...

It's fun when shops do specially themed creations just for holidays! The Trick Oreo Treat looks so festive!

Cee said...

Oh Kim, it has been so long since I've been to Baskin Robbin's! They closed most of their locations in Canada. The last time I remember visiting was when I was about thirteen. I stopped at the gumball machine outside a Baskin Robbin's store and got a black one, which meant I unexpectedly won a free cone. I remember it being a total sugar overload, even at the time. But I have to admit, the flavours do sound pretty appealing as I sit here eating my very healthy and sugar-free breakfast, ha ha!

Tanya Dufour said...

Yum! The ice cream sounds really good. I don't have basin robbins near me but I love that they have Halloween themed candy.

Laura - Alagoz said...

These look so cute and yummy! I want some ice cream now too :)


Ashley Sue said...

Such cute decorations! That candy bar mash up ice cream sounds amazing!! And the one you got sound even more delicious! I always have a huge sweet tooth for stuff like that!

jo said...

Omg, I miss Baskin Robbins. They closed down quite a few locations here and only kept one, but I rarely go. And you know what, I used to work there when I was a teen. I was crazy about the pralines 'n cream!

xo Jo


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