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Saturday, January 26, 2013

Alice Englert: Vanity Fair Vanities

Did you know Vanity Fair Magazine has a "second" cover? I didn't. I just found out yesterday and thought I would share it with you. For 20 years, the first page of Vanity Fair's Vanities section is considered to be the magazine's second cover. This page is meant to showcase emerging artists (actors, actresses, etc.). Artists who are just starting their career and are up & coming in their profession. I think it's awesome of them to feature rising stars!

I found all of this out, because of the blue & white dress you see here! HaHaHa I thought it was so cute and wanted to know who the designer was. It's by Oscar de la Renta and the yellow heels are by Christian Louboutin.

The young lady wearing it, is Alice Englert. She's 18 years old, was born in Sydney, Australia and is the daughter of Oscar winning writer director Jane Campion. She's in a movie called Beautiful Creatures (based on the acclaimed novel) that's to open on Valentine's Day. The trailer for the movie looks ok. As usual, I bet the book is better.

I'm mentioning all of this, to never know where a dress may take you! HaHaHa By searching for this dress, I learned about a section of a magazine, book, upcoming actress and movie.

Credits:Vanity Fair
Designers: Light Blue Dress (Chanel), Pink Dress (Lanvin) Top & Skirt (Calvin Klein Collection)


  1. Happy Weekend doll!! Your post distracted me from cooking & cleaning, haha :)) I wouldn't mind ALL of these dresses, they are fabulous. Hadn't seen this shoot before, it's gorgeous. That last picture is marvellous, so pretty, yet strong too, I love it!! I also love your new (well new to me) message for comments & how the 'follow me's' comments will be deleted, I think a lot of people are getting to feeling like that. It gets tiresome! I hope you are having a gorgeous weekend & having fun :)) It's a wet one here for us, so I've just been busy doing the cleaning I put off from yesterday, haha :)) Take care doll xoxo

  2. i had no idea..these dresses all look gorgeous!

  3. Hi Kim, love your sense of style--that dress is so you. I think Oscar d can do no wrong, I would love to be photographed in one of his dresses! Love all her looks! And I did not know that about the first page, I will have to start paying attention to that now. I have been down with the flu again, so sorry I haven't been by much this week. Hope you are happy and healthy and having a great weekend!
    xoxo Mary Jo

  4. Aaawwww! The blue white dress is soo gorgeous.. Could imagine to wear it to a summer party or even to Oktoberfest :D
    Thanks for this great and fun post! :*

    ♥, Nina

  5. Oh wow! She's gorgeous, and I can see why you followed to road of the blue gingham dress! LOL!

    Happy Weekend Kim!

    xo, sam

  6. love the first one so girly and cute!!

  7. The blue dress is my favorite :)

  8. Oh wow I actually didn't know the vanities feature was considered the second cover. That's pretty awesome. That space has showcased some fabulous talent over the past two decades for sure. I still remember when I saw Anne Hathaway's and Bryce Dallas Howard's. :)

  9. Crazy how much you can find out when you investigate! Aha, I can see why that photo would cause that though - its a gorgeous little number, and I love how they mixed yellow heels with it.
    Also...thanks so much for the comment again Kim. I love reading your thoughtful input. Ha, and goodness, that boy really was a waste of your time! I'm amazed you got through that class. Thankfully I'm not in any classes with P, but our campus is SO small, so I'll be seeing him around...sigh. Ah well, every girl's gotta go through it, I guess its just my turn.
    Anyway, all of that to say THANKS! :)

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  10. Swweeet blog! I see you have a passion for blogging, I've been following. I hope you can check out my site: and follow to keep in touch. I just made a new post titled "HEISGREATERTHANI". Hope to hear from you soon and following. Thanks for your time and God Bless :)

    Steven B.

  11. I love how much new information you can find when you go looking! :)

    Really like that dress, I can see why you went to find more about it :)

  12. I had actually heard that they had a second cover! Lovely photos, I think she looks beautiful!

    xoxo Bree
    The Urban Umbrella

  13. love the last outfit!

  14. Love her outfits, specially the last one, cute girl.
    Style Id Net

  15. I want to see Beautiful Creatures, it looks really interesting. And that pictorial is so pretty!

  16. Love the post Kim! WOW I had no idea about the second cover. Girlfriend this was very informative. Love these dresses with that retro vibe. Hope you are having a fab weekend babes.



  17. I did not know about that! You learned something new every day. :D But gosh, these dresses are stunning. I love the retro styles here. Espeially that light blue one!

  18. I guess in every occasion, there's always something to learn huh? (like my anger and patience) =P
    I like the baby blue dress that she wore too. The 2nd picture in this post.
    P.S. The last post with Oscar De La Renta was awesome!! I love to see all the her designs. So significantly beautiful.

  19. I really like your blog ;D, Alice is amazing...
    xoxo :*

  20. Alice looks promising in beauty. Love the dresses.

  21. i agree with you kim :) i also experience that as i browse over the internet it's both amusing and helpful :))

  22. What a gorgeous gal and only a baby too? Seriously awesome dresses to be shot in too, me jeals? Nah!

  23. I can see why you were drawn to this blue and yellow combo in the photo! what a great dress... I'd love to wear it all summer long to picnics! HOpe you are having a lovely Sunday!


  24. That blue dress is marvellous! I didn't know about the second cover either. Wow, have been seeing sweet Alice up online a lot lately! Lucky girl! Thanks for sharing this Kim! xx

  25. I had no idea there was a second cover!! That's really interesting - and I love that they focus on emerging people to watch.
    Isn’t That Charming.

  26. I really love the blue dress, its so cute!

  27. INCREDIBLE photos...this little model is one of the prettiest girls I've seen, and the fashion is gorgeous. Wish I could wear those dresses!

    <3 Cambria

  28. She's so pretty! And wow, so young! I never knew there was a second cover either.. I learn so much from you! Hope you had a great weekend, Kim!

  29. I didn't know that about Vanity Fair! You always know the coolest stuff.
    I'm in love with her dress, it's so full and fun. Hope you had a great weekend.

  30. thanks for sharing this, kim...i didn't know about the second cover either. i do think the dress is adorable :)

    mobile morsels

  31. I had no idea about the second cover, but love the outfit! Yellow heels for me please!

    Chic 'n Cheap Living

  32. I learn something new today! Haha thanks Kim! That blue and white dress is so cute! Totally your style! I've been seeing commercial for this movie all over the place. I didn't know it was based on a book. Guess I learned something else ;)

    Rowena @ rolala loves

  33. I adore the gingham print, I have been obsessed with it since the runway show and love how fresh it is! And I have always loved the Vanities page, so glamorous!
    P.S. That skirt sold out the next day! I am going to start buying things out of fear!!!



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