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Monday, January 7, 2013

Calendar Crush

Do you use calendars? If so, what type do you use? I use an organizer, my cell phone, and every year I purchase three to four wall calendars from (note: this is not a sponsored post. I just really like them, have used them for years and they have a huge selection to choose from. they also ship internationally).

I have a huge calendar crush and wanted to show you the one's I picked out this year. Every year I choose a different theme. This year I was on a chocolate and cupcake kick! hahaha In the past, I've selected everything from Monet, ballet, vintage advertisements, inspirational, to humorous calendars. There's just something nice about looking at a pretty calendar. Tell me your thoughts. Below is what I selected for 2013.

2013 Chocolate Vertical Wall Calendar
I'm using this one for blogging. It's a long vertical calendar, where I can write down blogging topics for the week/month. I loved the funny little sayings. Check out my new mouse pad. It has coffee and donuts on it. I purchased it on Etsy. Think it was the last one though, because I don't see anymore. However I did find other items with that print (1, 2, 3)

2013 Keep Calm and Carry On Wall Calendar
Nearly everyone has seen these sayings. I love them to pieces. Do you know the history behind the saying? 
Click HERE to read. It's very interesting!

2013 Cupcakes Wall Calendar
This one is by my desk! I know... dangerous. hahaha
My goal is to LOOK at sweets and NOT EAT THEM. hahaha
All of these and MORE can be found at

And speaking of Saving The Date! I've had the premiere of Downton Abbey Season 3 on my calendar for over a year! Totally ducking and dodging comments about it on the web. Matthew and Mary's wedding was so beautiful! I especially loved her veil. Did a little research. It was a vintage veil, anchored to a 45-carat floral diamond tiara, valued at $200,000 from UK jeweler Bentley & Skinner.(source

Shirley MacLaine and Maggie Smith are awesomely funny together! HaHaHa Edith is getting on my nerves. Let her marry that older man. Love is Love! LOL And FREE Mr. Bates! Gosh he is holding his own while in jail.

Ohhh, and has a Downton Abbey Calendar too! LOL Have a great day everybody!


  1. Happy Monday Kim! Ooooh these calendars are cute, sweet and fab to look at year round. I am a calendar fan too. Every year I browse through so many until I finally pick the one that I know is going to inspire me day in/out. It usually revolves around Fashion, Travel or a nice quotes calendar. Hope you had a great weekend sweets!



  2. Wow, with that many calendars I'm sure you never miss a date ;-) I have one wall calendar and a fabulous leather-bound diary which was a present from the designer. Oh yes, and a work diary - I guess it helps that I work for a publisher who produces not only books but also calendars ;-) Have a lovely week xo

  3. Isn't the veil just beautiful! I just finished watching season 3 over the holidays, I didn't realize it hadn't aired in the US yet! ;-)

  4. I have to say, it`s been a few years since I`ve had a wall calendar - I use my cell phone calendar and agenda obsessively, though - but seeing all of the fabulous ones you picked out, I think I may want to change that. I`m such a sucker for anything with pretty pictures and these definitely fit the bill. I especially love the Keep Calm calendar... I think it`s fun how something so very serious has, with t passage of enough time, turned into something wonderful, whimsical and fun :)

  5. Now I finally know the history of "Keep Calm and..." wow *-*
    Cute calenders are a big weakness of mine...

  6. Those sweet calendars are so you, Kim! Lovely idea!
    I don't usually have paper calendars around - it's all on my iphone/ipad and PC, but I have a soft spot for diaries and get one if I spot something I really like. This year a friend of mine gave me a paper calendar, though. It was 365 days of SHOES! :) Needless to say, I use it. :)

    Have a beautiful day!

  7. Kim, I love your calendars! I love them too and really need to pick up a few {maybe I should look around while I'm here in London}. I'm someone who can never have enough. Love your mousepad btw. Hoping you are off to a happy new week!

    xo Mary Jo

  8. These calendars are super cute but not good if you want to stay away from all that sweet stuff. Makes me long for sweets even more than already :-)

  9. I love calendars and stuff like that. I actually haven't bought one yet for this year, haha. I know, it's not my usual. I do think I will get one soon and a pocked diary too, to help write down stuff. These are splendid ones, I like them. I'm glad you enjoyed Downton, the series is marvellous & I enjoyed it so much...can't wait for the new one, I know, you just started yours and I'm waiting for the next one, haha! It's a roller-coaster of a one, so prepare yourself :) But, I LOVED it!! Have a gorgeous week doll <3

  10. You are so organised with all of your calendars, I'm in awe!

    I'm starting to use my phone calendar a lot more, and DH and I have a shared wall calendar, but that's pretty much it. Oh except a cute little "bag a day" calendar on my desk that my mum got my for Christmas - but it's really more for looking at bags than writing down events, hehe! :)


  11. Great Post!

    Ah These calenders are so cute !

    P.S Just wanted to remind you that my giveaway is still open until the 14th for everyone to join !
    You can only say YES to this amazing Frenchonista Clutch worth $150 !!



  12. Wow. I fall in love with these creative cute calendars. These look really nice. Nice idea.

  13. I use the boring one I get through work - these are MUCH more fun! And what an easy way to glam up your workspace!

    Pearls & Paws

  14. Your new calendars are very sweet indeed! I usually go with a humorous quote calendar for work (you gotta have a little bit of fun at work) and my dry erase calendar for home. Happy Monday! Heather

  15. Your posts always make me so hungry, haha! The chocolate one is really cute. I usually use a planner instead of a wall calendar :)

    The Tiny Heart

  16. Every year I make my own calendar filled with pics from the year before. I love having a fun calendar to look at all day above my computer! That cupcake one is adorable :)

  17. I used to love calendars, but I haven't gotten one in a few years.
    The chocolate one looks pretty amazing though!
    Chic on the Cheap

  18. Kim: As much as i love the convenience of electronic/Outlook calendar, i cant live without paper calendar. It is a MUST HAVE for me at work. I have 3 calendars total. One is a yearly calendar, second shows monthly view and last is in my Microsoft Outlook, crazy i know. Mine are not as pretty as yours. The cupcake one looks so yummy!!

  19. I love calendars, but I haven't had a good one in so long. The cupcakes one is SO cute!

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  20. Oh I like the Cupcake one! I was just thinking that I never got a calendar for 2013. All else fails use computer + pictures = print free. lol

  21. I don't actually use calendars but if I did, I would want the Keep Calm and Carry On calendar for sure.

  22. I actually did just buy a calendar/planner. It's so cute! Also, I'm so ready to watch Downton tonight. I have to stream online since I don't have tv.

  23. Oh I am going to have to keep them in mind! I use a calendar at home, at work, and I keep a day planner. Too cute! I love the cupcake ones!

    GRRR!! I need to watch Downton Abby!

  24. happy first day of the week!! omg calendars i think these would make me hungry every time i saw them haha.. i need one though for 2013

  25. Kim, THANK YOU for sharing! I'm not really into calendars because I write down everything in my agenda but these are so nice! My sister is a huge fan of calendars so I know what I should get her this year for her Christmas present. The ones you chosen are too yummy to write on. haha. Have a great week!

    xo Jo

  26. Those calendars are so cute! I love the keep calm ones, they are so cute. I remember I would always get harry potter calendars every year, they are pretty awesome! :)

  27. OMG a cupcake or chocolate calendar?! I'd be tempted to eat sweets all year :) You must check out my latest post on my trip to San Francisco!


  28. I totally have a thing for calendars! I have to restrain to buy too many than I need!
    AND I've been waiting for Downton Abbey too! Can't believe it's been so long! But, if you want to speed watch, you can totally buy the DVDs from PBS already. =D

  29. OH! The cupcake one would make me SO hungry every time I looked at it. I have a corgi calendar for 2013!
    <3 katherine
    of corgis and cocktails

  30. Lovely. But they would make me hungry. :)

  31. I love using calenders! I have (let me count....) 5 hanging up in my cube right now. And I use my cell phone calender a lot to track all my appointments..dinners.. etc. :) Mine are mostly cute ones like doggies/shibas/snoopy (a random) and the rest are all given by work. I would love a cupcake one or a chocolate one.. I would staring and drooling all day long at it. haha...

    xo - Sheila

  32. oh i am terrible with actually using calendars but i do like buying them! usually mostly expired ones so i can frame the pics ;)

    steph /

  33. So I can't agree with you on the Free Bates issue (because seriously, I don't care a bit about him hahaha) but THE WEDDING! I didn't care much for Mary's dress because, eh, but the tiara was GORGEOUS. And she's just plain beautiful.
    ♥ laura
    the blog of worldly delights
    the shop of worldly delights

  34. It's so great to find another Downton fan. And I love that you're a calendar girl. I recently found a vintage maps calendar that was too pretty to pass up. Oh and before I forget again, Happy Birthday to A Very Sweet Blog!

    xx Jenee C.
    {camo meets couture}

  35. I love everything sweet! And, yes, I need a calendar desperately! I'm a visual perin and I need to see everything plotted out in front of me.

    Anyway, love your boggy blog!

    P.S. you had me at the Coach advertisement up top.


  36. I used to buy a calendar every year until I moved my life into a small, personal planner. Love the ones you picked out though, especially the cupcake calendar! :)

    & that tiara is gorgeous! Hope you had a great weekend, Kim!

  37. Kim, I'm so glad you showed all these, I definitely want to get the Keep Calm calendar although the candy ones would be tempting too. I keep hearing about Downton Abbey and need to finally watch season 1. Thanks so much for sharing


  38. I confess I am a calendar girl.
    I have 3 of them. Love jotting things down so i will not forget.

  39. This selection of calendars is so you Kim. The cupcake would make me want to just reach in and grab one all the time hehe. I use my phone and Ipod calendar which I sync with my computer so everything is backed up and we also have a wall calendar. this year we switched to The Peanuts cause I love me some Snoopy :) It even has fun little stickers to mark occasions. Before we were using Mr. Winkle calendars. Do you know him? He's this adorable little dog who dresses up in the cutest outfits.

    Rowena @ rolala loves

  40. I follow one british person on tumblr and had this whole season of downton ruined for me just through photos! I am still super excited for this season but am having trouble not blurting out future plots to everyone!


  41. Well, just about caught up on your recent posts! Had to leave a comment here as I thought I was the only one who still liked to use an actual organiser and your cupcake calendar is so cute.

  42. I haven't bought 2013 calendar, can you believe it? I keep it in the kitchen, and the otherwise amazing cupackes calendar would make me drool and reach for the cookie jar all the time and forget to note down my appointments!!

  43. i used to be all about planners...monthly, where i can see the entire month at a glance. then last year, my entries dwindled to now...i haven't even looked at it! sad!

    most of my personal appts are in my phone, work stuff on one of those big desk calendars, and a white-board calendar in the kitchen for home/kids stuff!

    here's a you ever go back and add stuff to your calendar that you ALREADY did?! I DO! haha. my friends tell me, what's the point?! but i guess i see it more as documentation of what i did!


  44. I collect calenders, Kim ! :D I like having 3 or more per makes me feel like I have a different poster for each month! This year I bought only one so far, though. I got one of hats! It has a different hat for each day of the year! :)


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