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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

OPI + Urban Decay + Oz The Great and Powerful

Disney's Oz The Great and Powerful, is set to be released March 8, 2013. Guess what guys? The promotional products have already started! There are two beauty collections set to be released soon, so I wanted to cover those in today's post. Let's start with OPI! OPI is releasing a 6 Limited Edition + 1 Liquid Sand shade the beginning of March 2013. Below are the names and descriptions for each.
What Wizardry Is This? 
Liquid Sand Technology (see video below)
When Monkey's Fly!
I'm simply bananas for this gold confetti
Lights of Emerald City
White confetti adds city girl flair and style to nails
Which is Witch?
Is this silver glitter with irridescent sparkle or the other way around?
I Theodora You
This adorable, sheer pink is bewitching on you.
Glints of Glinda
Only a good witch could turn beige from meek to chic.
Don't Burst My Bubble
 Don't wake me...I'm dreaming about puffy clouds of white.

Have you tried or are you familiar with OPI's NEW Liquid Sand? It launched with the NEW OPI Mariah Carey Collection this year and they released a YouTube Video explaining how it works. I thought it was helpful in understanding the process, so I'm attaching it below.

Secondly, Urban Decay is hosting a "Win A Trip To Oz" Giveaway on their Facebook Page (Hurry! Ends Soon!) and will be releasing 2 makeup palettes for the upcoming movie.Before choosing a makeup palette, you first need to ask yourself are you a GOOD WITCH or BAD WITCH? HaHaHa The two makeup palettes and corresponding package themes are a reflection of the witch characters in the movie. Palettes come with 6 eyeshadow shades, two of which are duo shades, an eye pencil and super-saturated lip color pencil. I caught a sneaky peak of the palettes on Instagram and after a little web research I found a European Blogger who wrote about each palette in detail. For detailed pictures, written review and upcoming tutorial, click HERE for her webpage.

This is not sponsored! Just stuff I find on my own, and like to share with you :) I use to do this all the time before blogging, but now I have sweet peeps to share this information with. Anything sponsored will be noted as such.

Below is one of the longer trailers for the movie. I hope it's good. There's a lot of HYPE with this and you know how that goes sometimes. The set, cinematography and special effects look good. This movie looks very similar to Tim Burton's (2010) Alice in Wonderland only with different characters. I'm still going to see it though. LOL



  1. Oh, I do like those eye shadow palettes! Though the nail varnish is pretty great too... Will have to check out the links and trailer. Thanks for the tip. xo

  2. Oh I love the nail polishes! :)

    The sand polish I'd never heard of before, thanks for sharing the video! :) I like the idea.

  3. OooooOooooOooo...I feel an urge to do my nails now...haha these colors look neutral but classy! And then there's that glitter... :)

    Trendy Teal

  4. love opi¡¡¡


  5. Oooooooooooooo I can't wait. The colors are awesome. Thanks for posting this. I had no idea it was releasing soo soon nor did I know about the colors.

  6. love the cute blog! Amazing template!!! and I also love James Franco!!!!

  7. I love the monkey polish--anything glitter and i'm smitten :)

  8. So beautiful! I cannot wait! The polishes look like fun! I have a dangerous collection of polishes...I cannot stop getting more. I doubt I'll ever use all of them up! EEKS!

  9. im still a HUGE fan of glitter!!! the trend will never die for me

  10. I have to say, I'm a little excited for this movie, and this is a fun collection - it's unusual for opi to do one without any form of red.

    Chic on the Cheap

  11. ugh i need to get back into my nail designs.. i miss doing them those colors are so pretty!!! cant wait for them to come out!!!

  12. love the OPI nail selection! and thanks for sharing all these great videos kim :) if you enjoy my blog too, would you like to follow each other? xo jess

  13. Thanks for posting on the liquid sand! I was wondering about that!


  14. Hello dear, Your blog really awesome! Love it! <3
    Btw, wanna follow each other via GFC? Let me know ;)

  15. I liked the palette on the left side and wondering about the movie, will there be a lion and dorothy's gliittery shoes :)

  16. I love the OPI collection! I knew they were coming out with one for this vie, but this is the first time I've seen the colours and I want them all! It's so rare that OPI does a collection of just neutrals and that makes me want to snap them up even more when they do :) Would you believe I've never actually seen The Wizard of Oz? It's true. But this post has me excited about the new version :)

  17. It's all very fairy-tale-like and princess'y (not sure if there's such a word). :) x

  18. Oooh...this looks wonderful!! I love The Wizard of Oz, so this is for me, haha!! Looks fantastic. Would love to wear any of these, I like the names as well, haha!! Urban Decay is my favourite make-up as the colours are always strong enough to show up on my skin tone & they last all good!! Hope you have a wonderful day doll xx

    The Dainty Dolls House

  19. I love the wizard of oz! Those nail polish colors are so pretty, love the first one :)

  20. I am a sucker for cool nail polish and i adore the names!

  21. I didn't know this movie was coming out! The nail colors look so fun, especially those sparkly ones!

    The Tiny Heart
    JCrew Giveaway!

  22. OHH how exciting - fab film, and these nail-varnishes has me swooning:) Brilliant,
    Hope you are well and warm sweet Kim, here it is freezing - but sunny. Have a splendid day sweets,

  23. Ooooh, I can't wait for this to come out! I've always loved the Wizard of Oz, so I'm excited to see what they did with the story.

  24. I'm a big fan of The Wizard of Oz and the broadway musical, Wicked, is one of my all time favorites. So I'm really hoping this new movie is awesome. Although I was not a fan of Alice in Wonderland!

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  25. Those Good witch/ bad witch palettes look so pretty! I am pretty much in love with everything that company comes out with though, so that's no surprise! Thanks for sharing some fun new collections!
    xo Hannah

  26. I'm so excited for the release of this movie! Thanks for sharing all this loveliness Kim xo

  27. OMG OMG the nail polish! I was just told that light nail polish is great for stubby nails like mine, and now there are Oz themed ones?!!! DO WANT.

  28. It's interesting how movies have entire collections now. I do like the What Wizardry Is This polish a lot.

  29. oh my gawrsh! I don't ususally go crazy over nail polish collections, but the colors for Oz are BEAUTIFUL! And with so much glitter. I'm a sucker for glitter. ;)
    ♥ laura
    the blog of worldly delights

    the shop of worldly delights

  30. Bad witch--I mean good witch! That's funny! I want the liquid sand--can't wait to see these in stores (i better get out more lol!) Great post!

  31. Ooh yay yay, OPI is my brand (because it doesn't have the baaaaaaad toxic things in it) and I think I'm due for some glitter on the tips! And I always love a movie with good special effects, fun! Thanks, Kim ... you're always calling my attention to things I hadn't even noticed yet! (how do you do that, btw? lol) :) xoxoxoxo (thanks for stopping by to see me this Wednesday, sweetpea)!

    SANDY M Illustration

  32. That is so awesome!! I love the OPI collection!

  33. The names of these polishes are too adorable...I am liking Which is Witch, the shadow palette also looks great..Thanks for sharing the trailer, this is the first I've seen of the movie...looks very thrilling!

  34. the peeps at OPI are so creative!! I love the names for these polishes!! I can't wait for the movie to come out!!!!! I love myself some Oz! :)

  35. liquid sand looks very interesting! and wow the oz collection is amazing, some really good neutrals and i just googled a swatch of emerald city - totally getting one! it's a bit harder to find for me in australia tho, the mail forwarder i use won't ship nail polishes to me from the US :/

    steph /

  36. I didn't even realize that Disney were releasing another film so thank you for bringing it to my attention :). I'll probably go and see it when it's out. I like the look of Glints of Glinda, looks like a perfect work colour :) xx

    Almost Delightful

  37. I SO want to see that movie and the cast looks great!

    Chic 'n Cheap Living

  38. Nice nail polish! I'm too sure about the movie to go along with them, though. I've never seen the entire Wizard of Oz, or read the book, but it does seem like they are taking a lot of liberties with this movie. Also, as you mentioned, many of the scenes and the general plot are very similar to many other movies that have been coming out for the last few years.

  39. so excited about this movie & these polishes!

    xo Jackie

  40. I like the eye shadow palette and the nail polishes. All look awesome. I wish I could have them.

  41. Hello and what is all this amazingness? Lovely colours and so dreamy too! Never heard of the making of this movie (Where have I been???) but where is the glittery red or wicked green shade? We're talking about Oz here no?
    Ooh tricky question even for me in the morning! Ha!
    I've only been to a few runway shows and I have to admit the styling is very much for (and representative of) the collections mood, so when I see it in print, styled and mixed with different brands, the actual piece comes to life for me there!


  42. Looking forward to the movie. I don't LOVE the colors, but the liquid sand does look interesting.

  43. hoping this will all be avail. at sephora...still have my gift cards to spend!!


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