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Thursday, January 3, 2013

Selena Gomez Glamour Magazine

Selena Gomez. I really didn't pay attention to her childhood/teenage career because one, I've seen so many child/teen stars crash & burn before adulthood and secondly I'm definitely not in her age group. HaHaHa However, I started paying attention to her in 2011 after watching the movie Monte Carlo (a movie in which three women of different ages take a trip to Paris and discover life & love... cute movie... wonderful messages).

Selena Gomez in real life, comes from humble beginnings, has appeared in numerous Disney television shows, has acted in several movies, formed a teen pop band, put together a fashion line, launched her own production company and also finds time for philanthropy work! Whew..and she's only 20 years old!

I find that commendable. Plus, she hasn't been involved in any major scandals (if I'm wrong, please let me know). I hear about her puppy love drama with Justin Bieber, but that's about it. It's nice to see a young person with goals and doing something with their life. I know she's been given lots of opportunities, but at least she takes advantage of them and puts them to good use. She's also had to endure a lot of racism (which I feel is nothing but jealousy) due to her ethnicity. She's part Mexican and Italian. She has received horrible comments and even death threats when she began dating Justin Bieber.  People nowadays can be so cruel and mean. Sometimes I feel we live in a heartless society, but that's another topic. 

When I saw her photoshoot for Glamour Magazine US (December 2012) photographed by Ellen Von Unwerth, I thought it was so pretty. They made her look girly and sexy, but NOT trashy. I feel that young society has lost so much of that. They reveal too much. You don't have to expose all of your "goodies" to be sexy. If she stays on this same path, I see the same opportunities for her as the likes of Mila Kunis (Dior or beauty spokesperson, fashion magazine covers, future movie roles, etc.).So far, I feel Selena (who was named after fallen star Selena Quintanilla) has been a positive role model for young women. We need so many more of those nowadays! What's your opinion of Selena Gomez? Have a great day everybody!



  1. Lovely photoshoot! I knew she was a disney star but I had no idea she had done so much, wow, good on her for maximising her opportunities while she still can :)

  2. I'm pretty impressed by it too, luv. I think the clothes are fantastic and the makeup on her is flawless and still age appropriate. Hope you're enjoying 2013 so far!

  3. She looks beautiful and the photoshoot is lovely ;))
    great Post <3

  4. WOW Kim, you're so right. I'm definitely too much older than her so I don't know her movies but this is such a glam photoshoot and not trashy at all. I also love how they made it a bit vintage and the red balloons look like candy apples and I really like how they match her lipstick. Thanks for sharing Kim! Happy New Year


  5. She looks lovely!! I've always liked and followed her music, but not so much her other activities. Now I want to watch that movie :)

  6. She looks lovely - then again most girls do at the age of 20 - and seems nice. I don't really know anything about her though, so thanks for the introduction :-)

    Thank you so much for your thoughtful comment on my blog. I so appreciate it when people take the time to comment in such a nice way as I know how busy everybody is nowadays.

    I hope you've had a wonderful Christmas and wish you a very happy 2013. May this year bring you laughter, love and success xo

  7. She has a phenomenon look; I really like her because she is down to earth. By the way, these photos are really hot.

  8. I love Selena Gomez & loved this photoshoot when I saw it as well :) Glad to see a young celebrity doing well!

    xo Michelle

    Fierce & Fashionable

  9. I think she's oldest watches the 'Witches of Waverley' show repeats that she was in and I quite enjoy it. It's nice to see a girl who has respect for herself and isn't going with one guy after the next *cough - Taylor Swift *cough* It's far cruel to get death threats for being with your boyfriend...people are insane, he doesn't belong to anyone but himself. I don't get that. But, she always comes across pleasant and lovely and I think we need more girls like that on tv for younger ones to see, that if they work hard, they can reach their dreams...not just get into a reality tv show or show their bodies to get famous. She's precious. I like her :) have a sweet day doll xx

  10. Haha, yeah, I really do admire Selena, which is why I'm worried for when/if she gets into a scandal...that's the problem with too many Hollywood teen stars. But so far, she's kept it classy and I love this shoot of her! Definitely a good balance of sexy and girly but not too much :)

    Trendy Teal

  11. I think she is absolutely stunning. Since both my girls have grown up watching her on TV, I have seen her grow up into a beautiful young woman. Gorgeous photo shoot! Heather

  12. I think she's so beautiful and I hope she stays on the "straight and narrow". I loved the movie Monte Carlo lol! I also love the photoshoot---sexy but not trashy nails it!

  13. She is very pretty, but I know absolutely nothing about her. I did want to watch that movie, though. Maybe that's where I am going to start. :)

  14. I remember seeing her in Barney!!

  15. I don't know really know anything about Selena Gomez personally, nor have I followed her career, but I thought the spread in Glamour was gorgeous. It was youthful, pretty and glamourous. I thought the creative directors and photographer did a wonderful job with the concept.

  16. Hi Kim!! Happy New Year. ;) This is such a sweet post. Selena is actually related to my step-dad, so I've had the pleasure of meeting her several times. She's an absolute sweetheart and very grounded. Her mom and step-dad are awesome people, and I hope that Sel continues to stay close with them and out of the Hollywood drama. She's a doll and gorgeous to boot...inside and out.

  17. What a gorgeous photo shoot! I love the one of her and the balloons!

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  18. i actually really like her. i hope she doesn't go down the trashy disney road others have gone down in the past! my kids love to watch old episodes of wizards of waverly place, and i have to admit, i sometimes watch it with them!

  19. She still looks so young to me! I am not up on young celebrities (or celebrities at all) but I love how fun these photos are

    <3 katherine
    of corgis and cocktails

  20. I think Selena is really cute and I love this glam/vintage photoshoot! It's nice that you never hear anything bad about her like so many young starlets who fall prey to drugs.

    The Tiny Heart

  21. I just learned about her too (we have just a tiny age difference, ha!) She seems well grounded and is gorgeous!

    Chic 'n Cheap Living

  22. I admit that I don't know much about what Selena Gomez did to become famous, I do admire the way she carries herself as a young star and I think she photographs just beautifully, as this editorial clearly shows. So much emphasis is put on sexiness for young women, I find it really bizarre - being sexy is the last thing on my mind when I get dressed and maybe, with more young women like Selena in the public eye, more young women will start to feel the same way. Here`s hoping :)

  23. These are really amazing photos of her! I'm love the makeup and styling to bits! Especially that close up shot of her, just stunning!

    Fang Ting

  24. I remember seeing an add for that movie and wanting to watch it! Now I gotta, thanks for the reminder.

    I like her, I think she is pretty and smart. It is really nice to see a young girl doing something other than getting DUI's.

  25. She has a sweet baby face look, i like her cute little nose. Public figures these days simply dont bring anything to the table as far as being good role models to the youth, but glad to hear she doesnt need scandals to make her famous. Lovely photoshoot. Wish i had her body..ha.

  26. She's stunning and she seems pretty down to earth and grounded :). I like her and that photo shoot is lovely! xx

    Almost Delightful

  27. Kim I love these photos! I dont order or read ANY fashion magazine so its always nice to see the best of the best on other people's blogs. I agree with you that she does look sexy, fun and age appropriate! Oh and thanks for the comment, I did get some great gifts but I will admit that I did exchange a couple of things for the candle and chanel! I ended up with TONS of makeup for xmas so some of it had to go back to the store.


  28. I love Selena Gomez, this shooting is stunning! She's so great!

    XX, Gwen

  29. She definitely seems so adorable and sweet. Love this photo shoot too!
    Happy 2013!

  30. shes adorable!!! i love that she has yet to turn into a lindsay or wats her face seems like all the disney peeps grow up to b trash Shes so cute and i love her and jb together!! this shoot is amazing

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  32. Oh Selena Gomez. She looks super pretty in these shots, actually, and like you said, not trashy at all!
    ♥ laura
    the blog of worldly delights

    the shop of worldly delights

  33. I loved this photo shoot. I agree with you she seems to have a good head on her shoulders. I hope we see more of her in films. She seems like such a good role model, and is growing into adulthood with a grace we don't see much these days.

  34. absolutely love that shoot!

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  35. Selena is really coming into her own. I never payed attention to her as a teeny bopper on Disney but now her style choices and fashion sense is really matured and elegant. She looks amazing here

  36. Those are beautiful photos! I love Selena Gomez, she is beautiful and inspiring!

  37. She is TOO cute and she is rocking that red lipstick.

  38. Is it wrong that I've seen "Monte Carlo" and kind of liked it? ;o) The pictorial of Selena is the most "grown up" I've seen her look - she looks great!

  39. Hi Kim! I love Selena and "Jelena". Lol. I love her since she sang "Love you like a love song". She is so fashionable too!

    xo Jo

  40. she looks very cute and sweet! love the new grown up style

  41. totally a jelena fan myself :) love her red lip in these shots!

    Mili from call me, Maeby

  42. she looks amazing in these photos! i only know of her because of my daughter, but i do think she's still maintained her good and positive image.

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  43. I actually really like Selena Gomez. I find her to be very down to Earth and sweet. I think she has also done a great job at not letting the whole fame thing get to her head. She looks goooorgeous in these photos. Like you said, you don't need to show a lot of skin to look sexy.

  44. I personally love her and I feel the same way as you do about her. She has a long way to go and I think she is more than just pretty. I wish her all the best :)

    Heel in Mint

  45. She looks absolutely stunning! Particularly love the last photo, it's so adorable!

    xoxo Bree
    The Urban Umbrella

  46. Selena made some really cool fashion choices last year!

    Your blog looks really cute ;)

    Would you like to play the role of a stylist?

    The link below will tell you what to do!

  47. Kim,

    I agree! Selena has proven (up to now) to be quite a serious actress, singer and little business entrepreneur. This photo shoot has to be one of her best she looks gorgeous! The Biebs is one lucky young man. :)

    Great post my dear! Have a great weekend. XOXO


  48. I think Selena Gomez has lots of acting potential. Her singing career....well I won't say too much on that. But I like that she's grown away from Disney and is doing her own thing (reminds me of Hilary Duff). I forgot she was covering Glamour, I would of bought it, oh well. But I absolutely LOVE this photo spread of her. She's gorgeous as always and I love her style.



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