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Monday, September 4, 2017

Best Ways to Develop Your Essay Writing Skills

Learn how to write quickly and effectively by using some proven methods. 
Don’t worry about talent: 90% of good writing skills are the result of practice.

Is It Possible to Learn to Write Essays?

This question is rather controversial. Writing itself is not an easy work, which assumes that a writer should have certain creative abilities, imagination, and ability to reflect, formulate and defend his or her point of view. You also need some specific skills to create your own original texts. In essay writing, creative abilities are not needed, while skills and practice are critical. Actually, essay writing skills can be developed by learning.

Brush up your English skills as thoroughly as you can

Language is a framework of every single text. If your skills in English grammar and punctuation are not good enough – improve them ASAP, because not a single good text in the world has ever been written in poor English. Spelling errors are a successful writer’s taboo, and poor vocabulary is unacceptable. If you have some problems with everything mentioned above - an online spell checker should become your new best friend.

Write regularly and never procrastinate

All kinds of sport need regular exercise. All kinds of writing need constant practice. Carve out at least half an hour a day for exercises in writing and you will never regret about this. If you are a college student, the closer you are to your thesis submission, the more critical it is for you to write regularly. You can write about everything you want, but the best approach would be to stick to your thesis or essay topic. Learn to write critically, which means to express your thoughts clearly and to make conclusions that belong to you, not to other people. Besides, ask your teacher to make you familiar with the terminology and abbreviations, which you will need to complete your essay.

Practice will make you confident in what you are writing about and will sharpen your writing style. Confidence does miracles when it comes to writing essays. On the contrary, procrastination leads to damaged nerves and poor sleep before the submission.

Do a good research before writing

Whatever you’re writing about – never forget about reading and analyzing all possible sources that will help you to compose your essay or other written work. Go to and see the examples of how good an essay should be written.

Mind the structure of your essay

The structure of your future essay should be determined by some specific requirements. Every author's thought on the problem should be presented in the form of a thesis, and every idea has to be supported by reliable arguments.

Arguments are social life phenomena or situations, as well as scientific evidence and references to the scientists' opinions.

Thus, a good essay acquires a ring structure (the number of theses and arguments depends on the topic, the chosen plan, the logic of thoughts). An average essay consists of:
• Introduction
• First thesis, supported by arguments
• Second thesis, supported by arguments
• Third thesis, supported by arguments
• Conclusion

This structure may vary a lot, but introduction and conclusion are crucial for any kind of essay.

This is not a full list of what you should do in order to become a good essay writer, but we hope it helps you in some way. If some of your questions remain unanswered, look for these answers on


  1. This is such a great post, especially since so many of us are writing these days (blogging), it's imperative that we are using proper vocabulary and punctuation; it creates a sense of trust from the reader and validation. Thanks for sharing, beautiful, and I hope you're having a great holiday weekend so far! It's been a while since I've visited, mommy life has me all tied up, but I'm glad to be back!


  2. I think writing often can really help one develop their writing skills. I was a communications/journalism major in college and I had a media class that where I wrote different types of genres from reportage to even a play that helped me develop my skills and helped my essays so much.

  3. These are great tips! I am no writer but did have a great professor my first year of college in a writing class. I was amazed at what I learned and it really helped me through my schooling years!

  4. Essays were always challenging for me growing up but as I was forced to do them more and more and into college, and after taking classes on writing it got easier. Thanks for sharing these tips!

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