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Friday, September 29, 2017

Top Winter Holiday Destinations

With summer all but a memory, people are returning to their daily activities. Some may begin to start considering their winter holiday. Actually now is the perfect time to begin planning as one can often secure the best deals. There are some possible winter holiday destinations for 2017.

Bali, Indonesia

For those who want a reminder of summer and warmer weather on their winter holiday, then perhaps Bali is an ideal place to visit.  Visit the island’s most famous temple, Tanah Lot. Located on the top of a large rock, the temple is surrounded by the ocean. Another unique place to visit is the Ubud Monkey Forest, a place of both scientific research and spirituality. Here visitors can observe Bali’s grey long-tailed Macaque monkeys.

Kaikoura, New Zealand

Take a winter holiday to New Zealand and celebrate the holidays like they do in the Southern Hemisphere-with a barbecue. Bask in the summer sun as you enjoy the variety of activities this area can offer. Hike through the rainforest and observe native flora and fauna. The Kaikoura Bay also is a great place to go if you want to observe native marine animals.


Located in Asia, Macau has become the top grossing site of gambling in the world. The casinos here are grand in size and offer the guests various games that can also be found online. The Venetian Macau is known as the world’s largest casino and is worth a visit. During the day many people visit the ruins of St. Paul’s. However, the venue is also becoming known for night tours which place the old church in a different light. You can also visit the old town that existed here before the area quickly sprang up into a gambling hot spot.

Of course this is not an exclusive list of venues that can be visited during the winter holidays. Many more exist along with these top three locations. Find one that can warm up your winter!


  1. These sound all lovely! I'm going to Philippines this winter and I can't wait for my beach vacation x


  2. I've always wanted to New Zealand! I've only heard lovely things about the country. Now, you've got me dreaming, Kim!:D
    Happy Friday!

  3. These places would be so great to visit! I would need to stay away from Macau though because I find gambling addictive. :) I probably would not want to leave Bali with its culture and beauty.

  4. These places sound so great. I love the fall but winter it right around the corner and it would be amazing to visit somewhere warm.

  5. I'd love to visit all three of those places Kim! I definitely dream of vacations in winter time when it gets super cold here!

  6. Hi Kim! My friend is from Bali and she raves about it so Bali and New Zealand are on my bucket list! I've been to Macau (pretty cool city but very small).

    xo Jo

  7. I would actually love to experience a snowy winter holiday. Would you believe me if I told you I have never touched snow? Well it's true! Hehehe😊 Bali looks like a beautiful destination to have a holiday. The pinterest pictures always take my breath away.

  8. To visit Bali during the winter is actually a dream of mine!

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