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Thursday, September 21, 2017

Too Faced Cosmetics Peaches And Cream Collection Review & Swatches

I reviewed the Too Faced I Want Kandee Collection earlier this week. Today, I'm reviewing the Too Faced Peaches and Cream Collection. This is a HUGE collection! What you see here is only half of it! LOL This collection also boasts primer, foundation, setting powder, and setting spray. I didn't purchase those, because they all have a MATTE formula. So I don't know how well they would work with my dry skin. The next time I go to Sephora, I will sample them and see. I'm happy to say, I love this collection. I'm really not surprised that I do, because the beginning of this year I reviewed their Sweet Peach Collection and loved it as well (the colors really complimented me). The packaging for this collection compared to the Sweet Peach one seems a lot more grown up! Yes, there is the peach design, but the cartoon peaches with smiley faces have disappeared. This just seems a lot more classier, but still cute.

supersweet(run & buy it) sweet(really good,buy it) bittersweet(ok, issues)not sweet(not good,don't buy this stuff)


Too Faced Bronzed Peach in Toasted Peach $30 - Supersweet

I've always been impressed with Too Faced Bronzers (I have all of them in my collection), but all of them were powders. With this collection, Too Faced has introduced a cream bronzer (Toasted Peach). I swear I wanted to take a bite, because it looks like milk chocolate candy. This creamy bronzer is a true milk chocolate brown that has tiny gold specks in it. It's very beautiful. I'm wearing only foundation & concealer below. I added Toasted Peach as a contour (around the perimeter of my face, nose & cheeks). I blended it with a beauty blender. I felt it really blended well with the rest of my makeup. The gold gives your skin a nice healthy glow (nothing sparkly about it). The next time I use this, I think I will use it strictly as a bronzer, because used as a contour it just blends away (which defeats the purpose). I think this would compliment many skintones, but for paler tones it may come off "muddy". The packaging is very chic! It's a metallic chocolate brown peach with gold leaf & script. This compact has a mirror and the peach scent smells so good. I love it.

Too Faced Sweetie Pie Matte Bronzer $30 - Sweet

Another bronzer? Yes! The Sweetie Pie Bronzer is the one everyone went crazy over! Who wouldn't with it's baked pie lattice crust design!?! It looks like a pie fresh out of the oven. The Sweetie Pie Bronzer is composed of three (3) different color shades. It looks like a bronzer, highlighter & blush in ONE! Many people were worried about sparkle & color all over there face. I was too! But if you look at my hand swatch of all three (3) blended together, you'll see all blend beautifully. I applied it as a blush on my cheeks below. It's very beautiful! But one swirl on the cheeks is enough. Put too much and your cheeks will look like burnt toast ;) I also tried this all over my face! The pink does not overpower the bronzer! But again, one swipe on each area of the face is enough! Use sweetie pie with a light hand and dusting. You don't need much. This compact has a mirror and the scent is peachy!

Too Faced Melting Powder Blush in Pinch My Peach $30 - Supersweet

There are six (6) shades of blushes in the Peaches and Cream Collection. I picked Pinch My Peach for it's peachy hue. This is a cream blush that turns into a powder. I was worried about that at first, but it never feels powdery. It's a beautiful shade both swatched and on my cheeks. It really gives you a fresh, youthful glow & color. I'm also interested in Spiced Peach, but wanted to see if I liked the formula of this one before I purchased another. This compact has a mirror and the blush has a wonderful freshly picked peach scent.

Too Faced Peach Frost in Happy Face $30 - Sweet

Peach Frost in Happy Face is called a highlighter, but it performs more like strobing (where you're adding LIGHT to the face).  I added this cream highlighter to the bridge of my nose, cheeks, cupids bow and chin. You can see how it added light to my face. If you want a highlighter, then I would go with one of Too Faced's Love Lights. This blended really well with my other makeup and gives off a nice effect.

Too Faced Peach Blur $30 - Bittersweet

Ok. Peach Blur is an all over finishing powder to help smooth harsh lines and imperfections. Well, it does! But it kind of does it too well! LOL All the makeup that I applied to my face up to this point was literally MINIMIZED when I applied this! Just look at my picture below! You barely see any bronzer or blush! Blur, BLURRED IT ALL OUT! HaHaHa Yes, it looks like I have soft fresh face ... but I want to see some of the makeup I applied! So, I will have to see how I can use this in the future.

Too Faced Sunday Funday (Warm Nude) Lipstick $21 - Sweet

I purchased three (3) lipsticks in the collection. All have a matte formula. I know! I was worried as well. But let me say, I absolutely love these. They're matte, but they are so creamy and easy to wear. They never caked or cracked up. They felt creamy on my lips. I was deterred when I initially swatched them on my hands, but when I wore them it was a different story. This is Sunday Funday! How cute is that name? It is a Warm Nude (light pink/beige-brown nude).

Too Faced Sex On The Peach (Spiced Mauve) Lipstick $21 - Sweet 

Next we have Sex On The Peach! How about that name? HaHaHa This is a Spiced Mauve! I've embraced mauve shades in the last couple of years. I love this one as well and can also see me pairing it with a gloss. Maybe Kylie's Gloss in Like. Maybe one of my Anastasia Beverly Hill lip glosses.

Too Faced Got Peach? (Terracotta Peach) Lipstick $21 - Sweet

My favorite out the bunch is Got Peach! It's a dark brownish orange! For me, it just brightens my complexion and lifts me up. It's a very beautiful color. The only thing like this that I have in my collection is OFRA Miami Fever. Lime Crime Penny. Beauty Bakerie Cinnamon Roll. Kylie Pumpkin. Beauty Bakerie Ginger Snap. Ok, well that's all I can think of now. LOL But they all have different finishes. Some metallic. Some matte. Some glossy.

Too Faced Peachy Mattes Eye Shadow Palette $45 - Supersweet

And finally! Peachy Matte Eye Shadow. I am so proud at the job did on this Too Faced eye shadow palette! I was so worried when it said MATTE. Let's step back in time for a second! I loved the Too Faced Natural Eyes Palette, but when they came out with the Natural Matte one I hated it. When I purchased their Christmas in New York Chocolate Shop Palette I loved the metallics, but hated the mattes. Well something has changed! Because the eye shadows are super pigmented, apply well and blend effortlessly. I even like that white shade! It has pigmentation and is not chalky! I swatched everything on my hand (using smashbox primer) and also found some swatches online so you can see it compared to other skin tones. On my eyes, I used Sweet Tea (all over), Peach Cobbler in my crease, Freshly Picked in my outer v, Peach Tart as a liner on my upper lash line and Chocolate Dipped as a liner on my lower lash line. It's really so beautiful. The colors are a little different from my Urban Decay Naked Heat palette. I can probably use it in conjunction with it, since there are no shimmers in this one. I love BOTH! I'm also waiting for Tarte's highly anticipated Toasted Palette. Haven't heard anything about dates.



  1. Omg I love everything about this collection! You look amazing with all these lipstick shades but Got Peach is my fave too, such a beautiful brown orange shade!! x


  2. It sounds like Too Faced really knocked it out of the park with this collection! Aside from the blur powder, that is - those seem to be everywhere now and I genuinely don't understand why they are so popular; most of the ones I've tried don't do anything noticeable, which I guess at least isn't bad, but the way this one minimized your make-up is shocking. Definitely not a winner. All the other products look gorgeous, though.

  3. What a great collection! It's wonderful you liked so much of it Kim!

    Although it's odd that the blur powder was too good haha! I guess it's better than it not working at all, hopefully you can find a way to use it and make it work for you :)

    Hope you are having a lovely week so far :)

    Away From The Blue Blog

  4. I've seen such mixed reviews about the collection so I'm so glad they worked for you!

  5. This collection is sooo pretty Kim! Both bronzer look gorgeous! I love the blush shade you picked out too!! I would maybe try that finishing powder out after foundation and concealed, before applying blush and Bronzer so it doesn't minimize those! Maybe you'll get better results with it that way! I love the packaging to the lipsticks, and all three of those shades look so good on you! I need that Sunday funday one lol! The shade palette had such pretty colors! I liked the formula of the mattes in the semi sweet palette, so if they are similar then I think I'd love this palette too! Your eye makeup looks amazing!! I really want to try out the foundation and loose powder from this collection!' Thanks for your reviews Kim!

  6. My heart was literally beating so fast when I saw this post. The packaging is literally orgasmic to me! 😩😂😩😂 I honestly can't deal with AWESOMENESS! The bronzer and eyeshadow palette is so beautiful. The lipstick shades look wearable and lovely. You look beautiful in the pics Kim. 🍑💗🍑💗🍑💗

  7. Oh man you have me wanting this collection now! Specifically those lipsticks and that palette. I am glad most things were a hit for you! The packaging is just so adorable!

  8. This is such a helpful review!! I've been eyeing this collection since they released, as the packaging is just too cute! I actually like the sound of the Peach Blur, especially for a minimal makeup day, but I can see how frustrating it'd be if you have a full face of makeup. The Peachy Matte eyeshadow palette is just gorgeous, and I regret buying the original Peachy palette as I think I'd like this better!

    Jenny | Geeky Posh

  9. Great review.
    Thanks for sharing.

  10. I havent been interested in much from Too Faced in the past, but this new collection has so many nice things! Loved the review.

    Samantha Series

  11. I absolutely love Too Faced - they have so many amazing products and they cannot do wrong as everything I've had and used is beautiful!

    Love them!

    Layla xx

  12. The colors in this collection look like they were made for you Kim! I'm glad to hear that most of the products worked out with the exception of the Peach Blur. Funny that it actually worked too well though ;p And you're right that they did a good job of making the packaging look more sophisticated while retaining a spirit of fun.

  13. Dayum! Now, I'm lemming for that Toasted Peach, Kim!:D And that palette is TDF. I'll see if I can get my hands on those. I am loving all the shades.
    PS You look so fab in that Spiced Mauve lipstick:)

  14. This collection is gorgeous and I wanna pick it up just because of the packaging :D I specially love the eyeshadow palette <3


  15. This looks like a really fun collection! I especially like the eyeshadow selection and the crazy variety of bronzers that look subtle.

  16. This was the one collection that I was so tempted to purchase but I am still clinging on to my no-makeup ban. Haha! No kidding about Toasted Peach looking like a chocolate pudding, I would probably lick it. Hahaha!

    Shireen⎜Reflection of SanityBurberry Beauty Giveaway

  17. I see what you mean about the packaging being much more grown up than some of their other collections. Also, seeeeriously Kim I swear you've single-handedly created my Too Faced obsession over time haha. The Just Peachy matte eyeshadow palette looks SO dreamy.

    Gabrielle | A Glass Of Ice x

  18. These tones are absolutely perfect with your skin tone Kim! I wish I could wear these tones but they look funny on my super light skin. :)

  19. Kim these look so good and a supersweet review for that product indicates that you've found a winner !!!

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