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Saturday, September 16, 2017

Top 10 Long-Haul Business Class From the USA to Europe

Privileges of flying as an elite class guest instead of its cheaper option are undisputed. If you still have doubts, find a business class deal and enjoy the world of comfort and pleasure throughout the entire trip as soon as you enter an airport. However, advanced class products offered by miscellaneous air companies are not cast in the same mold. So, if you expect an air trip from Boston or Texas to Berlin or Barcelona, you are provided with multiple opportunities to choose from.

It is not easy to find the best solution since each route and air carrier has its own peculiarities. Nevertheless, your searches can be reduced to the ten best solutions for your air trip. Let’s find out what companies are preferable to get to Europe with the top-notch level of comfort.

United Airlines

Polaris is the name of the premium class product offered by UA. The best solution with an accustomed 1-2-1 seat arrangement is available on B777-300ER, B787-10, and A350-1000. This American air carrier is highly praised by customers and holds a reputation of a decent premium class product.


This company from Germany does not opt for traditional herringbone configuration of seats. It means that customers taking window seats are released from the opportunity to have a direct access to the aisle. Nevertheless, general outfit of the cabin is beyond words.

Turkish Airlines

The best European air carrier boasts of the best reviews of its premium class services among its continental competitors. As a bonus, customers get seats equipped with massage function and delicious food choice.

All Nippon Airways

This air carrier is not as famous as the previous representatives of air transportation industry are. Nevertheless, ANA premium class is advanced and highly rated by customers.


Recently, the Finnish company upgraded its top class services and caught up with the leading companies in terms of comfort. Configurable seats, advanced IFE and top-notch dishes on board are the hallmarks of the company.

American Airlines

The updated design of business class provided by AA is a great solution for transatlantic travel. The trump card of the company is the improved privacy and incredible dining experience.

British Airways

This famous company remains in the game played by top global air carriers. Thus, if you need to cross Atlantic by air, it is a decent solution to make it on the board of the BA aircraft.

Virgin Atlantic

This is another representative of Her Majesty’s air transportation industry. Moreover, VA is a preferable solution when it refers to transatlantic routes. The company offers better options in almost any aspect of the air travel compared to its British rival.

Air France

No rating associated with European flights can do without France and its major air carrier. The old-fashioned business class is history. Now, customers can enjoy the updated benefits like seats convertible into the bed, contemporary IFE, and restaurant menus.


This company holds the title of the best air transporter of the globe. Obviously, its premium product from the USA to Europe has to be mentioned. It has all chances to become the best even this particular category.


  1. Business class sure makes a difference Kim! Still, need to try some of these airlines.

    xo Jo

  2. British Airways and Virgin Atlantic remain my faves when it comes to flying BC. I've heard such amazing things about Emirates and look forward to trying them out.

  3. Flying for business class is definitely a nice luxury for long haul transatlantic flights. We were upgraded the last time we flew to Europe and it made the flight so much more enjoyable.

  4. I've tried the Business class at British Airways and it's the best. I enjoyed the sleeper seats, the food and drinks are all superb and so comfortable. Everyone should fly like that. I wish.

  5. I love flying with Turkish airlines! They always have so good food and everyone on bored is so nice x


  6. I usually fly coach but have had the opportunity to try Business Class with KLM and Lufthansa and OMG it was like heaven ! However if I'm paying I rather spend that money on something else at my destination.

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