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Sunday, September 3, 2017

Useful Tips for Starting a Travel Blog

Let's learn more about starting a travel blog!

Who doesn't love traveling? Seeing new places, meeting new people, experiencing new things. But although many people see traveling as a sort of entertainment, it can actually be so much more than that. Traveling is a great way of learning — and a great way for you to broaden your horizons, both literally and figuratively. One of the greatest things to do that is keeping a travel blog (that vast experience of custom essay writing shouldn’t go to waste, right?). And if you are quite new to the idea of travel blogging, here are some useful tips for you to consider.

1. First of all, if you've decided to become a travel blogger, you must know that going to a neighboring country for a week and back won't be enough. Unless your travel blog is about one very short adventure and you are going to stop writing as soon as it’s over, you’ll need to consider visiting many different places. After all, you’ll need a lot of material to be able to update your blog on a regular basis.

Useful tip: always check information you intend to use in your blog for reliability. If you travel to various destinations, make sure you describe them in detail to provide your readers with accurate information. Make sure you write name of places, landmarks and streets correctly. Check if the phone numbers or links to websites you use in your posts are correct.

2. Your readers will definitely want to see posts that are nice to look at and interesting to read. This is why you might want to add more descriptions and stories to create a full picture of what you see and experience. Give your readers a feeling that they are there with you. Writing in a blog regularly is a great way of improving your writing skills, by the way.

3. Keep a journal about your travels where you describe different aspects of your traveling experience. For example, if you really liked eating at a restaurant, write down its name and location and also a name of your meal and its ingredients. These notes may prove to be useful later on, especially if your readers start asking you about details. Informative writing makes a successful blog.

Useful tip: take photos. To help people to see what you saw, take pictures of the places you want to write about. Specifics of local cuisine, sights, traditional clothing and just spectacular views — these are the shots you should add to your stories. Always try to take as many pictures as you can and then choose the best ones, those special pictures that deserve to be displayed in your blog. Practice writing interesting descriptions for each photo you post.

4. During your travels, talk to as many people as possible. Communicating with locals may tell you more about the place you are visiting than any tourist guides.

Useful tip: film videos or various colorful events. For example, if you visited a famous dancing festival, make a video of it and add it to your story describing the event. Make sure that the video you’ve made is of good quality and isn’t too long.

5. Describe your experience and your feelings evoked by what you have seen. The way exotic flowers smell, a wonderful view at the top of a mountain, fine soft sand of tropical beaches or a sound of a waterfall — all of this will help your readers to share your experience.

Useful tip: write down addresses of all places you intend to visit.

6. Talk to other travelers. In order to fill your blog with articles about various travels, invite other authors to cooperate with you; let them write about places you’ve never been. Don’t forget to introduce these authors to your readers before posting their stories.

Useful tip: honestly describe service at hotels and restaurants to give your readers some idea of what it is like. It’s especially important if you happened to encounter some very good or some very bad service during your adventures.

7. Always answer your readers’ comments. Make sure that there is a possibility for your readers to comment on your posts.

8. Take great photos and edit them well. It’s always a good idea to invest in some good photography equipment to show the places you’ve visited in their best light. Then use packages from Greater Than Gatsby to spruce them up a little!

Useful tip: attaching a map with your traveling route might be a good idea. A couple of photos will make information more complete. Don't forget about describing weather, traditions or some special aspects of communication in this place or the other.

While better writing will certainly make your travel blog look nicer, it’s your personality that will make it really interesting. So don’t afraid to be yourself and show your readers your own feelings, views and emotions.


  1. Great post Kim! If travel blogging was a thing back when I graduated college, I may have taken a different route on things. :) It is so fantastic seeing individuals make a living off such an exciting thing to do.

  2. These are great tips, Kim:) Although I don't travel as much, I do love reading travel vicariously and all that. One thing I do like in travel blogs as well are short vids where we get to see the place "in action" and see how one interacts with the locals. I love snippets like that:)
    Anyhoo, hope you're having a lovely long weekend!

  3. I have wanted to do a post on my travelings, but I always forget or I'm lazy to put it together :D These tips are great! I'll keep it in mind when I go to Philippines and maybe this time I actually post a blog post on my vacation x


  4. Great post!I`d love to be a travel blogger, but I know I don`t have the resources for it. So I just try to incorporate a travel post every time I go on holiday, but nothing more.

    Georgiana / Beauty Nerd

  5. Useful tips. Most important is to travel, travel, travel and take lots of photos.

  6. Totally agree with everything but especially with talk with as many people as you can during your travels. I've made great friends this way, plus it's the only way to understand more about a place. Thanks for the tips x

  7. Greta tips! I agree that keeping a journal will be very useful and go a long way helping to accurately recount your experiences later on.

  8. I'd love to travel enough to have a travel blog! I love tips 2 and 3, Kim! I want to start a travel journal, just so I can remember experiences and places I visited anyways, so I definitely think it would be essential for a travel blog!

  9. Dying to be able to do more travel content. I wish I had a family member who was savvy with a camera.

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